Friday, February 26, 2016

Shortening a Necklace Without Removing Beads

Princess Five was looking for jewelry for prom. Since her dress is a lighter green color, she didn't want to wear a dark necklace or pearls. The jacket I am making for her to wear with the dress is a light grey color so we tried some grey pearls but they were heavy looking. 

We tried some diamond type necklaces but they weren't light or flowery enough for the beaded pattern on the dress so we thought we would try crystals. 

We both liked the necklace shown above but didn't like how long it hung down by the dress. I lifted it up and we liked how it looked more like a choker on the neckline. 

I didn't want to cut the necklace and have to remove crystals. I wondered if I could just have the crystals  hang down the back but since the center crystal is attached and not loose, it made the part hanging down off center so the crystal wouldn't hang in the center of her neck. 

I then had the thought to just clip the one side to the necklace like the other side. I attached a jump ring to one side and then added another clip to that and was able to clip both ends to the necklace between beads and it then made the back look decorative and even with an "up-do" it will look beautiful from the backside. 

Yahoo for quick and easy fixes!   

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