Monday, February 29, 2016

Combining Two Earrings for One Fabulous Result -Earrings For Prom

I posted in my last post about how I was able to shorten Princess Five's necklace for prom in an easy way that looks good as well. 

Princess Five wanted some earrings to match and we had several pair but she didn't like any with the necklace that she liked. She wanted the earrings to have a large crystal at the bottom of the earring to match the necklace that has a larger single crystal at the bottom. 
We had one that had long triangular crystals at the top that were small and then had the larger round crystal at the bottom. She liked the crystal at the bottom but not the triangular smaller crystals at the top. 
We had another set of crystal earrings that had more simple tops but had a cluster of three crystals hanging on the bottom and then a larger silver circle with three little diamonds at the bottom of the circle. 

She thought that if I took off the silver circle and diamonds, the maybe she would like the rest of the second set of earrings. I took off the circle and then had her try them on. 

After trying them on, she decided that she didn't like the cluster and wanted the single larger crystal at the bottom from the first pair of earrings and the top more matching from the second pair of earrings all put together into one earring.
The pin like finding that goes into the center of the crystal looks like a small sewing pin but is much thinner and is easily bent. The one on the first pair was gold but the second pair of earrings is silver. 

This meant that I needed to get a silver finding and put it in the center of the larger crystal and then loop it through the little hoop on the bottom of the second pair of earrings. 

Once it is through the hoop, I then used pliers to create a loop that allowed it to dangle from the tops of the second earrings. 

This created a pair of earrings that matched the necklace that she wanted to wear with her dress and then I was able to use the extra crystals from the clusters and make a bracelet for her to wear matching the set! 
Princess Five is getting excited for prom as I finished her dress today, her jacket the day before and will iron it in the next few days as I can. 

Tonight we worked on some hair designs that may work. She looks so beautiful in the dress that I am getting excited as well!

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