Friday, January 23, 2015

There's a Hole in My Playground Dear Liza, Dear Liza

When I looked out my kitchen window this afternoon, I saw the wood that I have been cutting for days by the playground area and a huge pile of dirt. I put the wood there but the dirt wasn't there last night when I finished working in the yard at ten p.m.  
I went out to see this hole which was quite deep. Obviously, it would have to be deep in order to leave that much dirt but what I can't figure out is how they dug the hole so fast and so deep. I figure they must have had some type of tool as you can see there is a weird hole but how did they get it to the area as there is wood piled all over out there? 

We have hard clay dirt and it is winter so digging in this hard dirt isn't easy. Even a small hole takes some time. Truly it was a shocker to see that.

I knew something was coming as for about a week now, there have been little colored flags and different colors of paint in my yard. I have yellow lines of paint and three or four yellow flags in the front yard. 

In the back yard, I have several clusters of red flags mostly along the back fence as well as paint and then from the house to the back corner, I have florescent orange and red lines and red flags. 

When I had the guy come cut the tree, he said it was the phone company saying they were putting in a new phone line along the back fence. My neighbors front yard also has yellow flags and lines and yesterday, another neighbor came to my back yard while I was working to visit and he said his back yard is marked up and the phone guys told him that water has been getting into their phone lines so they are putting in a new line. 

It would sure be nice if they didn't have to remove any of my landscaping to replace the lines. I am a bit surprised that they haven't sent out a letter or put up a notice on the door or anything. I did see a phone company truck in front of my neighbors house about a week ago but really thought that before doing work in people's yard that they would notify us somehow. 

I also saw a guy walking out of either my backyard or my other neighbors about a week ago but he had on a hard hat so I figured he was working for a utility and didn't worry about it but he was rushing half walking/running out of the backyards. He didn't stop to chat or tell me what he was doing. Probably not my best move as he could have been a robber for all I know. Thinking back, he was probably the "graffiti" expert making designs on my grass with paint.

I probably could call the phone company and ask what they are up to but in all reality, I don't know that my phone service could be much worse. It is always crackling and I have thought over and over of just getting rid of the house phone all together as no one calls it unless they can't get me on the cell. 

It is nearly $100 a month for phone and internet and my guess is I could find the internet cheaper but not as fast as we don't have lots of options in our area. My internet is quite slow and it goes out during storms but I guess if water has been getting in, storms would be the time water would get in the lines. 

I wonder if my internet will be faster with the new lines.... One can always dream. . .

Perhaps I will make a few calls today and actually find out what is going on in my yard and neighborhood.

In my defense, I was very busy yesterday, helping with the food bank and the past week trying to get the tree clippings cleaned up from my yard. 

I couldn't help myself with the title, every time I looked at the hole, the song, "There's a hole in my bucket" came to my mind and it just seemed to fit today's post.

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