Thursday, January 8, 2015 Redirected my Blog off Blogger

Today, my blog was redirected to "" and it didn't matter what page you tried to view, my entire blog was taken to this site. Here is a link to the fix it page on Google that helped us find the problem.

I personally spent hours trying to figure this out by viewing different websites and learned a few things in the process. In the end, it was probably a good thing as I learned something but the stress along with one of my human barometer headaches made the day VERY long. 

I have to send a HUGE shout out to my friend Jay who is amazing at everything he does. He fixed the problem in about 1/2 hour. 

He has also fixed my falling fence in this post.

He helped me fix my garage door opener gear here.   
He helped me with a web page problem here.
Showed us our favorite French Toast recipe here. 

And, there are several times he came down and helped me put in a new garage door opener, helped me fix my hot water heater drain on my trailer and helped me reseal my trailer windows when I was doing that a year or so ago. 

How blessed I am to have Jay in my life. Here is a post with him pictured as he served in the armed forces.

Here is a post sharing how I met him online. Go figure that something good came out of online dating! 

I also have to send a HUGE thank you to my friend Sara (she is the one who got me to start this blog,) and her husband who spent an hour on the phone with me trying to figure the problem out and sent me to a security page for help securing my computer and accounts that have been attacked and hacked regularly by "someone."  

In the end, it was Jay copying the entire script of html and doing a search. He found the exact wording on a post of today from people who also have Blogger accounts who were also being forwarded to and in the end, it was the counter widget. 

I guess the widget page is no longer around and is not supported so everyone with that counter widget from three or so years ago, now are being directed to that coastal page. 

So to fix the problem, go into your blogger admin or composer page. If you go to your blog and you can't get into it because it goes right to the forwarded page, you can do two things. 

One, is go to blogger and sign in and don't view your page but just go into the "write a post" page and get to your template control. 

The other way to get in is to use a cookie from your posting by typing in "Blogger" into your browser bar and then some pages will appear below the bar, go down to one that has "blogger:(your post name here) create a post" and click on that. It should take you to the control page where you compose posts. Once there, follow the directions below.

Click on "template" then, once you are on that page, click on "Edit HTML" from there, go to your widget where your counter is. My counter was at the bottom so it was on line 1300 something. 

You will see in the html here, there was a web page that it is directing you to the no longer working page. My friend Jay just deleted the below script from the widget script after saving the entire script in a word file or on a notepad in case he needed to replace it if anything went weird after he removed it. 

(I copied the script here and when I published it, the following "avandia recall" showed up. When I opened my page, there was some weird music that played for a second as well. I am guessing the html script won't post on here. So, you can enlarge the picture above to view the script or use the link at the top of the page to where we got the script off and use that to remove the script using the steps I shared. Good luck.)

He deleted the script and saved the "changes" and I still have the counter that is working and my blog no longer goes to that weird page. So, just deleting the above script worked great. If you "remove" the widget, it doesn't remove the script from your page and you will continue to have the problem. This was the only way any of the people on the "fix" page got the problem to stop.

I hope that me posting this will help you figure out your problem in some way. Thanks to KobusNL for his input on the other page for helping several of us figure out the problem. I did post a "thank you" to him on that thread, after all, "The secret is Gratitude!"Check out tomorrow where I will share something I learned today!


  1. thanks for not only your good words in behalf of Jay, but the steps to repair; family members will be trying this out over the week to recover "metals-history'

  2. Thank you, so much, for taking the time to post your experience with coastaldecors hacking/hijacking your site. They had done the same thing to my blog, which was a chronicle and a communication center for my brother, who was sick with and ultimately died of esophageal cancer. The subsequent tributes and memorials are here, too, and so many comments from his many friends. I was sick to think it was lost. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

    1. I am glad you found it helpful. I am grateful for those who helped me figure out what happened as well. Thanks for sharing your gratitude with me!