Friday, January 2, 2015

Sub Zero Nighttime Photo Shoot

Some of my favorite pictures have been taken at night. I love that there is no shadows from the sun. 

I also like that because of the dark background, the people stand out more. The flash fills in all the shadows that may come from over head and I love that I don't have to fight with gray skies if the day is overcast. 
Most of our "night" photo shoots are in the summer as it is warm out. 

I have never done a winter night time photo shoot. Mostly because it is cold. We have taken pictures of the "lights" parade when the girls have been in the parade but it wasn't an actual "photo shoot."
I especially haven't done a photo shoot in the snow at night. In my mind, I am thinking why would anyone want to do that? 

Princess Five wanted to take some pictures with one of her best friends. She wanted to do it in the snow. She wanted to do it before dark but it was so gray out that I suggested doing it after dark. 
It was SOOOO cold. My fingers were frozen to the point I couldn't feel them within minutes.

I had to run in and get gloves. I was wearing Ugg boots so I was comfortable that way but even with a coat on, I was cold. 

The girls had cold feet as they were wearing more dress boots than warm boots. 

They tried throwing snow in the air for a fun picture but with the bit of wind in the air, it threw it back into their faces and hair. I think the pictures of their hair with white are a bit funny as they look like they have powder in their hair.
The jackets also were coated. The snow was VERY fine and it snowed for hours without much buildup as the flakes were so fine. 

I think my favorite pictures are of them "blowing" the snow. You can see how fine the snow is in those pictures as they created a cloud with not that much air. 
I forgot that we were going to make snow angels after the sparkler pictures but you will just have to take this fun picture of the kid with a balloon as our final photo shoot picture instead.

If you are going to try this at home, I suggest having a hot drink at the ready and wearing gloves and a warm coat BEFORE you leave the house. :-)

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