Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hot Spots - Leopard Spotted Hair

Princess Four came home from college to get her car inspected, registered and take licensing test she needed to get done. We wanted to highlight her hair again over the holidays but didn't get around to it so I told her I would do it before she went back to school.

Here is a link to my highlighting her hair a year or so ago. 

Having done her hair before and having highlighted my hair for 25 years or so, I thought it would be easy. 

I put a cap on and pulled the hair through the cap and put on the same bleach solution that I use when I color my hair. I didn't buy a new highlighting kit like I usually do as the hair color I use for mine does a great job and takes it to the color I wanted her highlights to be.

I am not sure why her hair reacted so differently to the solution I use but after an hour and the hair still hadn't lightened much, I pulled out a hair dryer to heat the solution hoping it would work quicker. 

What it did was cause the bleaching solution to liquify and drip through the holes in the cap causing bleach spots on her hair. 

I have never seen that before and called a girlfriend that is a hair dresser and she said they are called "Hot Spots" and it happens when the holes in the cap get large and the bleach drips down.

Poor Princess Four! I rushed to the store and purchased 2 boxes of hair color in her color. I put the color on her hair. The boxed color said "DO NOT LEAVE COLOR ON FOR MORE THAN 20 MINUTES!" That is a quote with caps! So, I leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse it out and now she has orange stripes and spots rather than the yellow/orange spots! 

She now looks like a tiger! I was so upset, by now it is midnight! She has to get up early and take a big test and head back to college. I told her I would dye it again in the morning after her test and she had to wear her hair up for the test anyway. 

By the time she gets home, gets done what she needs to do, it is afternoon. I purchase two more hair dye kits of a different kind hoping they would work better and put it on her hair for an HOUR! 

After rinsing it off, her hair is ginger! The spots are fainter but I couldn't believe how strong her hair is and how hard it was to get it to take hair dye. Crazy. In a few weeks, I am guessing she will have to redye it again as it lightens in the sun.

At least she could live with the ginger / Auburn hair color but I am going to try a darker color when it lightens up again as she won't want those spots showing as it grows out. I think we may highlight it using the same kit brand as last time after dying it a bit darker so that the spots are clearly covered. 
I have to apologize to Princess as in all the years I have been cutting their hair and doing my own, I have never had an issue like that. I really do like the red color on her even though it isn't a drastic change from her color, it just highlights red. Her roommates did notice when she walked in but she said they all really liked it so I hope they weren't just being nice because I really do like it. 

I think she is beautiful no matter the hair color but with her blue eyes, the red is really pretty.  

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