Thursday, January 29, 2015

Home Made French Fries and Fry Sauce

Princess Five and I have been really enjoying making homemade fries lately. I used to make them years ago with the older girls but lost the thought for a few years in the middle there.

I found this nifty little chopper slicer/dicer tool a month or so ago. I used to just cut the fries up using a knife but then there were some larger and some thinner. This tool helped me make them all a uniform size. 
I have used coconut oil to fry them in the past but lately, I have been having a problem with fats so I have been using olive oil. 

I have seen little choppers like this one but what I love about this one is that it has a plastic holder so the items you cut are contained and sealed until you are ready to use them.
Either way you choose to cut the potato it really doesn't matter. 

Make sure whatever type of oil you are are using is heated well enough to fry them well. If the oil isn't hot enough, it will "boil" them rather than fry them. 

You don't need to peel the potatoes but need to scrub them well if you don't.

NEVER leave the hot oil unattended as the potatoes can burn and catch on fire. When I was a teen, my brother was making french fries with his friends and got distracted and started our kitchen on fire. 

IF THE FRIES or ANY Grease STARTS ON FIRE, DON'T POUR WATER ON IT!!!! EVER!!!! Here is a link to a short video which shows what happens if you do put water on a grease fire.

I put water on the fire in our kitchen and was blessed that I had turned. It started things clear across the kitchen on fire. I then used a towel to pound out the mini fires in the kitchen. 

Since then, I never "deep fry" anything. I use just enough oil to cover what I am cooking or frying. 

When you are putting the fries in the oil, don't put the potatoes in the pan with your hand as any residue water on the potatoes can cause the oil to pop and cause small burns on your hands. 

Use tongs to put the potatoes into the oil to keep it from splattering.

Watch the fries and use tongs to flip them over once they are golden.  Keep an eye on them as they will go from golden to burnt in a few minutes.
When they are golden, I put them on a plate lined with about five paper towels on the bottom and then dab them with a few more paper towels from the top.

After dabbing off the excess grease, put some salt on them and flip them and salt again.
One thing to keep the oil from smoking, make sure you get all the little pieces out as they will continue to darken and then start smoking. It can cause your house to fill with smoke within a minute or two. 

To make the fry sauce, I use one part barbecue sauce and two parts mayonnaise. 

Stir them together and enjoy. You can also add some Tabasco or other hot sauce if you like it to have a kick. Experiment to find your own "special recipe" and if your friends enjoy it, you can give them a bottle for the holidays or other special occasions. 

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