Friday, January 16, 2015

Candy Trail - Not Just Candy Anymore

In the past, I shared how I have always made a candy trail from where the girls sleep to where Santa or the Easter Bunny leave their presents.

This wasn't something anyone in my family did or tradition with anyone I knew. I think it stems back to when Princess One was about Four and Princess Two was about two years old. I heard Princess One get up and run into the living room where their gifts were. I told her we couldn't look at the gifts until her sister woke up and that she would have to wait for a few minutes.

The next thing I hear is Princess Two being dragged off her bed onto the trundle bed which we had pulled out in case she fell off the big bed. Then, I hear her hit the floor and the next thing I see is Princess One DRAGGING Princess Two out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I was trying so hard not to laugh.

As soon as Princess Two sees the candy in the living room, she jumps up and I couldn't contain either of them.

I guess somewhere in my mind something clicked making me want to give them that incentive or excitement about the gifts in the other room.

Since then, I have always made a trail of candy from where they sleep to where the gifts are left. One year, they were at their fathers and he was bringing them home Easter morning. I made a trail from the front curb into the back yard where they were getting a trampoline. They knew something big was coming when they saw that trail.

A few years ago, a video store in our town shut down. All the videos were $1 or $2. I bought a ton and finally this year, I was able to get rid of the last of those videos as I would put a few more out each holiday. I used the cheap DVD's to make the trail with the candy the past few years. Here is my first post on this with lots of old pictures 2010. Here is our line up for Easter 2011. Christmas 2011 line up.

Because they were mostly getting videos, games and candy for Christmas, I thought I would make the trail out of the games and candy as we played the "video" game for a Christmas Eve activity. Click here to see the post about our "Video" bingo type game.

I lined all the games and candy bags up in a trail from the basement sleeping rooms up to the living room where most of the holiday stuff was.

You can see in the "line-up" picture that there are games on the floor, piano etc. I thought I had already posted about our games and candy distribution but haven't so I will share that next post.

It was such a fun year as with everyone getting games, candy, and dvd's, I didn't have to remember who has what show or game already. It was so easy to just purchase popular movies, games and candy as I knew they would get to pick what they didn't have eventually. I think I am going to do it again this Easter. I will have to figure something else out in the future but I am sure I am creative enough to figure that out.

I have to say that the "Candy" trail has been a hit as the girls get excited and since I added movies and other things, they get excited knowing they will get some of them. I think it is a tradition I would continue. I have shared with the girls how I would do away with some ways we do things now that they are starting their families but other things I would suggest keeping. The Candy Trail is one of those things I would for sure KEEP.

Happy Trails to you!

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