Thursday, May 12, 2016

Colorful Girls Choice Dance - Crayon Theme

Princess Five is starting the busy season of school. I always hate May (I actually love the weather in May) because of the end of year assemblies and other busy things going on. 
You can see from some of my posts of the last few years in May, it is always busy.  
Here is a post from 2010.   
Here is one from 2012.
Here is one from 2014.

Here is one in May where I am so busy I find something I didn't blog about at Christmas time and post about it in May of 2015. That is so funny! 

In between my mothers funeral and Princess Fours graduation, I had a day where Princess Five had a girls choice dance that she has been planning for some time.  

I was SO grateful that it wasn't on the week of my mom's funeral or house clean out! I had nothing to do with the planning and my sweet friend knew I was tired and trying to catch up on sleep so she took over my cooking responsibility and even bought the stuff I was supposed to purchase.

My job however was to get some cute pictures. The other girls moms were both at the house cooking and they did such a cute job decorating and making it fun. 

They ate out of mason jars, they colored with crayons on the table cloth. They got the shirts printed to look like crayon colors with each couple having a different color of shirt.

They were going to make macaroni noodle necklaces and "fruit loops" necklaces but they didn't have time. There was another couple that was to join them but the guy had a soccer game and they didn't arrive until after the pictures but I couldn't wait as it was getting dark. 

I am SO glad that my friend hosted all the kids as my house wasn't in a good place bringing home all the stuff from my mom's and I wasn't in a good place not having slept much in nearly 2 weeks along with the emotional stress of dealing with family distributing assets and my mom's funeral, I had really had it. 

Thank you my dear friend as you know who you are, for making my daughters date so fun, allowing them to watch movies in your basement until 2 a.m. and buying and cooking all the food that I should have purchase! 
And, lastly, thank for being patient that it took me a few weeks to share all the pictures I did take! I LOVE YOU and am VERY grateful for your in my life!

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