Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Making a Flag For a Reunion, Camp, or Other Use

Princess Five is involved in 4-H through a friend. Princess Three and Five have friends that are siblings and they have a parent that works for the local 4-H office. 
They plan all the events and have included my girls which they loved. Princess Three ended up getting a college scholarship from 4-H due to service. 

Princess Five will have some stiff competition for that scholarship as there are many student in her grade involved so she has been working hard on doing leadership in 4-H hoping to get a scholarship but in reality, she just loves it!  

She goes to almost all the camps but something which she LOVED doing last year and has signed up again to do this year is be a Junior leader at a camp for fifth grade students that is several days at a nearby college campus. 

They give the teens a group of children and give them a theme and let them do all the activities, plan games, make flags, door hangers, handouts, etc. 

She had so much fun doing it last year that she applied to do it again this year. Funny that she was white tigers last year and ended up with white sharks this year. Each group gets a color and I think they pick the animal.

Last year she made the handouts and this year, she chose to make the flag and let her partner do the handouts. 

So, I thought I would blog about how to make a flag for camping etc. Make it about 3 feet tall and four feet wide. Make a fold on the left side over about 2 1/4 inches but you will need to fold the raw edge in and stitch it so that the edge doesn't fray. So, make the "pocket" portion about 2 1/4 inches as that isn't including the folded over edge. 

Make sure to stitch the top of the fold/pocket so that the flag pole has somewhere to stop. If you leave it open, the flag will just fall to the bottom of the pole. 

You will also need to hem the right side with a small folded over (rolled) hem so it won't fray while in the wind.

We used vinyl cut with a "Cricket" vinyl cutter however, she free handed drawing the shark fin and water from an image she found online. If you don't have access to vinyl, you can do the same thing with felt. Cut out the letters and designs you want and use fusible webbing that irons the felt onto the flag. 

She was worried the vinyl would peel of so she just used some Elmer glue on the edges of the vinyl to hold it down similar to modge podge. She used some sparkle glue on the shark to make it look wet and shimmery but you could also edge the vinyl with the glitter glue as well. 

When choosing fabric, don't use canvas as it makes the flag stiff and heavy and things don't stick on as well. I used a thick flour sack type muslin so that the flag wouldn't be see through in the sun and have some weight but not be heavy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask but watch the video first to see if your questions are answered there.  

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