Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Monsters Inside Me - Horsehair Nematomorpha - Kraken Nightmare update

I haven't updated my blog in some time about the parasites I have been diagnosed with called "horsehair nematomorpha" a type of gordian worm that I have named "The Kraken Parasite" as it isn't known in humans but makes it's hosts commit suicide in water as the Kraken kills in water, I gave it that name.

I had the show produced by Animal Planet called "Monsters Inside Me" contact me this past week asking if I would like to appear on their next season of show. They called and started getting information and when they found out that I still have the parasite, they said they would need to review me being on the show. The reason is that they like to end the show on a positive note. Since there isn't a cure yet for this, I guess they will have to wait until I figure out how to kill it off. Here is a link to the video she watched before contacting me about being on the show.

They found me by watching one of my youtube videos where I tell the story of how I figured out the parasite and share many of the symptoms I have due to the parasites. I have people every week contacting me about having symptoms and one lady commented on one of my posts today about finding them in her potting soil purchased from the store! She has had symptoms since then and looked them up finding my blog!

I really wish the show would put me on and just say we are continuing our search for a cure so that it could bring some attention to this parasite as I KNOW I am not the only person with this but nearly everyone that contacts me says they did a "stool test" and nothing showed up. I had 4 inch worms moving in my stool when they tested mine and they were coiling around each other and yet my stool tests came back negative for any parasites!

I guess the world will have to hear about it from another source but truly, it can't be long before someone figures it out as there are SO many people with symptoms!

I am trying something new and don't suggest that anyone try this but since I am a guinea pig for this parasite and the cure trials, I am trying it on myself as I am so sick with them I can barely function as I a m so tired.

If you remember I shared how I tried a treatment that was over the counter called, "Pin X" or "Pyrantel" once or twice and I got no sleep for two days as the parasite ran from out of my gut and system into my larger muscles and it felt like I had hot pokers digging into the muscle and the muscles were cramping for two days. Here is a link to that post. 

Since I haven't been able to get the Vermox makers and my Dr. on the same page for a drug trial, I decided to try the Pyrantel again as that was the only thing that seemed to get them moving or upset them in any way. I pondered on how when you are killing a lobster, if you drop it into a pot of boiling water, it flails and can throw boiling water on you. If you turn up the heat once the lobster is in the pot, it gradually gets hot enough that the lobster will die but without the trauma.

So, I thought I would try that with the pyratel treatment rather than the large dose up front, I decided to try half a dose for a few days, then off for a few days as it will let the new eggs hatch but then go on it with 2/3 dose for a few days, then off for a few days while the eggs hatch etc. Then a few days on full dose and see how that works. Since the life cycle of these parasites is about 21 - 25 days, I am going to continue taking it on and off for a few weeks to see if anything gets better. At this point, I am not sleeping as they are moving in and out all night and I crave protein all the time and am SO tired as I think they put out that sedative so they can come out to lay eggs. If I take some frankincense or rosemary oil internally when I feel that overwhelming exhaustion come over me, I perk right up. They don't like those oils much! 

I purchased several bottles of the pyrantel online from an animal supply place and it actually tastes like caramel and is very sweet. If it works, it would be easy to get your animals and family to take but I wouldn't suggest you take or try it until science figures it out! I am just so desperate having the hyper infection that I need to figure something out to be around for my kids and grand-children!

I pray that God will inspire the right person to look at this and they will figure it out for all of those suffering as obviously I am NOT the only person living this nightmare! Keep us all in your prayers as there are many suffering as I am with this!


  1. I have them same symptoms. vermox is available on ebay. I'm not sure about legality issues or how to know if the product is real. At this point Id try anything legal or not to get relief.

    1. I know someone that bought some on ebay. The first batch she bought was sugar pills, not the actual pills shown. The second batch she purchased were charged out of china and she never received them. I have a friend who bought them to try on their baby but I warned them about killing off the adults and then the eggs hatching making the problem worse as their child was so young that she couldn't tell them if she was having more problems etc. It is hard to know what to do as I feel like I need to find a cure to help those babies and children as they will have such horrible lung damage having gotten this parasite so young. I keep praying that Science will catch up as I get people writing me almost weekly with the same symptoms. I KNOW it is the cats and in the soil like hook worm and thread worm as the symptoms and life cycle are so similar. Keep in touch if you do find something that works. I am working on trying something with an over the counter parasite medication at the moment hoping I can figure something out. I will FOR SURE post about it if I can make it work as we need some relief from this horrible nightmare! Have you tried any of the peroxide soaks I shared? I have posted about how I have kept the numbers down and how I have kept them down in my head on some of my other parasite posts. Just type in "parasite treatments" and the posts should come up. Best wishes and luck, I'll say a prayer for you as I know many have for me! I am also still working with the pharma company that makes vermox trying to work out a trial on myself to figure out if that could be a viable option but it has been a year of emails and calls between company and my Dr. and myself and I can't seem to get anywhere!

  2. I too am suffering from "worms" under the skin. I Can feel them crawling in my hair, in my nose and sometimes irritates my face and eyes. I seem to have a few other states - finding hard shells (rice like, sand like, black flat specs). I was convinced it was a mite turning into worms . I had taken the pinworm med a week prior. Was still getting creepy crawly sensation. Read online - purchased sulfer soap. I shaved my legs, used that soap, and it burned sooo bad, hopped out of shower and saw this gel like balls and another shape coming out my pores - really bad behind my knees. I hopped back in shower and scrubbed and noticed these black specs all over the shower. As soon as that stopped, I felt bad stings on my elbows and then along my jaw line. It was an open sore bleeding, then little yellow things were flocking to it like crazy. I would use menthol alcohol, wiped away, and even more back. IT was bizarre. Went to a DR next day. Told me it was scabies. Dried up the wounds, but continued with other symptoms. Then was mopping my kitchen floor, and noticed a movement on the wall - it was goopy, see thru, like a slug - but with black dots in it. I sprayed it with bug spray and others appeared on wall and with black specs. That was bizarre. Ended up in ER - was told I was drug addict. I Went to a diff ER - after vomiting these items, and brought in samples (as I smushed them). - told to follow up with derma. I'm at a loss. I've been sleeping A LOT and just want this to stop. I dont go anywhere, I don't have anyone over. Showing the ER 2 DR videos of putting permethrin ointment on my clear hands, would bring out the white curlies and dots. Still not good enough. I just want a good nite sleep without using benadryl, without touching my nose, without rubbing at my face or eyes, etc. Bugsy in ATL

    1. So sorry you are dealing with this. So many people write and contact me with all these same symptoms. It doesn't shock me that it was worse behind your knees as this was the first place I felt them coming out at night to lay eggs. It feels like someone poking a hot poker into your soft tissue ares. I forgot someone suggested the sulfur soap so I may need to try that. The sticky things on the wall is weird. My guess is that the water may have hatched or caused some of the worms to get active as they like water. They are sticky like worms and maybe started crawling up the wall. The one I got out and sent in that was finally diagnosed was like a sticky hand toy you throw at the wall. It sounds like they are the parasites and I know we have these floating worms that come out of the pores, especially after getting wet. They float with the currents and seem to move around to catch the currents so perhaps they land and when they hit water, morph or something. It is hard to say as they haven't been studied.

      I SO understand just wanting a good night sleep. The only times I have gotten a good night sleep is when I have had a migraine and taken several Tylenol, some ibuprofen and some psudaphed. I haven't been able to figure out why this is but perhaps one of those medication paralyses them for a few hours. Truly, that is the only time I sleep and wake refreshed. I usually am dragging myself out of bed after 12 hours of sleep so I sympathize with you!

      Lets keep sharing what works and I will post when I find anything. Thanks for your comments and have a BLESSED day!

  3. I too have seen the blobs but thought I was crazy. While fam has all symptoms and we have seen worms I'm delusional x2 dx. But no one can see the blobs...they r invisible but I see movement or feel it and I can see the blobs. I point them out no one sees...
    Finally I put De on my floors and tracks started appearing still no one saw what made them. I started experimenting and taking pics of everything and I have them on file where my husband finally sees them too.

    We have been taking neem (leaf)as it is a natural antiparisetic but it's pill form and very bitter so my 3 year old cannot take it...

    Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this really bizarre thing? I actually found a worm on the floor just today I think because of the de I put down. Not far from it was a rounding "pod" I had stepped on it with shoes on earlier and because of zooming in on the big worm I now noticed it had worms coming out of it too...though they were smashed or so I thought. Sprayed some 91% alcohol and believe it or not it was the de that dried them to a halt not being stepped on. They reanimated for a short time before succumbing to the de once more.

    Since my delusional x2 dx and horrible treatment from Drs since for any reason I would come to them I had decided that maybe a vet would be a better place for an initial dx...any thoughts?

    1. Renay, I am so sorry you had that horrible experience with the Dr.s I also had a very rude specialist tell me it was all in my head for the five minutes he spent with me after I drove four hours round trip and over an hour in his waiting room, it was VERY upsetting that he treated me that way.

      However, within a week, that long 8 inch worm was diagnosed and my Dr. KNEW I had them due to several things but I was so grateful that there are medical professionals out there out who are willing to take the time to try and help. I have met with our local vet several times now and they don't know any more than the medical Dr. and have the exact same medications to use on animals as humans do.

      I will answer your Neem suggestion here as you brought it up in two different posts.

      I have tried the ground neem but never consistently and not only just that on this parasite. I have combine it in the past with a few other natural antibiotics when traveling foreign to less sanitary spots but perhaps I need to hit it hard and try it more regularly. I have use the oil in the past and also the ground neem orally for cavities etc. Perhaps you are on to something....

      I am trying a few other things currently and don't like to try more than one thing at a time so I know if what I am trying is working or not. The stuff I am using doesn't seem to be effecting the parasite currently but it is helping my energy and fatigue so I am going to continue trying them longer to see if eventually, they will help with the parasite.

      I will add Neem to my list of things to try. It is a long list but I am getting through it slowly.

      I am SO sorry again about your situation and that you are dealing with this nightmare parasite and pray that you and I will find a cure soon!

      Have a Blessed Day!