Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Summa Cum Laude Graduate - Princess Four's College Degrees

This past week, Princess Four graduated from college with two, two year degrees! 

She has nearly enough college credits to have a bachelors degree but needs a few more concentrated classes in her desired field to get that degree. 

Problem there being, my girls often don't know what they want to do in life so focusing on a specific degree has been hard for some of them. 

Princess One has been the only girl that knew exactly what she wanted to major in and I tried to talk her out of social work as they don't make money and have stressful jobs and you need a masters or higher to go anywhere in that field. 

The day she graduated with her bachelors degree, we were outside the stadium and she said, "I think I should have gone for a different degree." I laughed as I had tried to talk her out of it. Actually, her graduating class was the last for that university as they realized a bachelors in that field is useless and did away with that major after Princess's graduating class. 

We left early and got there knowing that the college fills fast and the building is old and doesn't have much seating and even then, we ended up sitting on the floor where we could potentially be kicked out for graduates as this was the largest graduating class in the history of the college. 

We would have been kicked out had they not put more chairs on the podium for professors so the entire graduation was held back about 40 minutes while they put up more chairs wherever they could fit them. I am sure they broke many fire laws that day. It was raining so they couldn't do it on the football field but it was still frustrating to have it be so crowded. 

I think they should have broken it down into majors and had a few different graduation services like major universities so it wouldn't have been so over crowded. Every girl has graduated from this jr. college and it is always so crowded and stuffy. 

Princess graduated with an Associates in Science and an Associates in Art. She graduated Summa Cum Laude maintaining a nearly 4.0 for both years. She applied to two different universities but I think she will follow in two of her sisters footsteps an attend the school they attended. 

She is discussing maybe serving as a missionary before finishing up her degree but I shared that since she has nearly all the credits she needs, perhaps she should finish now in one year and then serve as a missionary so that those classes don't expire or become invalid in the 18 months she would be gone. 

After graduation, we then cleaned her apartment, moved all her stuff into a new apartment in the same building as they don't have air conditioning in the basement apartments and she will be working this summer in two jobs so needed to stay through the summer but needed a place with air conditioning. We then hauled all her stuff up to the new apartment where people were still moving out and they didn't clean so we ended up being gone all day and cleaning two apartments. It was a VERY long day and we arrived home about ten p.m. after leaving around 8. 

I still haven't recouperated from my mothers funeral and cleaning out her storage units and apartment. It has been a non-stop year for me and if I could erase this entire year back to the end of last year, I think I would! I am SO tired! Obviously I wasn't the only one that was tired. But, YAHOO for Princess Four being so totally awesome! I know whatever path she chooses, she will be amazing! 

I am proud of you Princess Four and I love and want you!;-)

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