Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Magna Cum Laude - Princess Three Graduates with Honors and Gets a Job

As you know if you read my blog that this month has been a very busy one.
Princess Four graduated from a two year Jr. College with an associates degree two weekends ago and I learned this week, that Princess Three graduated this past weekend with her Bachelors degree. I guess she didn't want to make me take drive to watch her graduate with everything I had going on so she didn't walk at graduation.

I can't say I have been the best mother this past few months but I can say I have been the best daughter for the past few months. 

With my mother living with me and her health issues along with passing away, funerals and cleaning out her home, I lost touch with many of the girls. I wasn't calling them as often as I should and I didn't want to intrude on what they have going on as I know Princess Three was SUPER busy this past semester. 
I should have asked when she was walking and insisted we take the drive to be there for her graduation, but truly, I wasn't in that place having my mothers funeral and cleaning out her place etc. 

Princess Three didn't walk at graduation but borrowed her sweet friends cap and gown and took some amazing pictures so that I would have them for Mothers Day. 

Even though I LOVE the pictures, I really would have loved to spend the day with Princess Three celebrating all her hard work and accomplishments! I really miss being around her and enjoying her quick whit and somewhat dry sense of humor. 

I am SO proud of her. She took 21 credits this last semester so she could graduate. She also worked several jobs and was a member of an ambassador type group working at the college as a leader. 

Not only did she graduate with Honors, she got a 4.0 GPA this last semester while taking the 21 credits, being a leader at the school and working! She is so amazing and I am so proud of her. 

The best news is the call I got today! She applied for a position at the college. 25 people applied. 7 got interviews and she was the last interview today. She got a call just hours after her interview and they offered her the job! It is 3/4 time looking at going full time in August and it has benefits which is WONDERFUL as she has been paying out of pocket for those while in school! 
Also, the pay is wonderful and when they called to offer her the job, they told her that she presented as much older and mature than her age and that EVERYONE (he emphasized that word) was VERY impressed with her and the vote was overwhelmingly unanimous that she get offered the job! 

She moved into a "big girl" apartment last week and it is a bit nicer than her last apartment so she is excited about that as well. She really is thinking about graduate school so working for the college, she will only have to pay half tuition if she chooses to continue her education! 
Kudos to Princess Three for all her amazing accomplishments! She has more in the bank that most of us combined after graduating with a four year degree! She is smart, great with people, a good leader, good with finances, is hard working (sometimes having up to three jobs at a time), she has great taste and doesn't scrimp on quality or getting what she wants, she can finish things she starts, she is kind, honest, trustworthy and I am so PROUD of her and truly, amazed by her constantly. 
I asked her to find out how many interviews they had and text me so I could blog about it. Her text to me tonight.... "Graduated Saturday, after getting a 4.0 taking 21 credits final semester, first big girl job interview three days later, 25 applicants, and 7 interviewees later, I get offered the job 4 hours later. The Lord is good to me! Guess this means I need to help change some lives! :)" 
Her job is helping students get through school! Jobs in that city are really hard to get as there are SO many students looking so it really says a lot that she was chosen to work there. She is looking forward to working there and already knows how the program works so they won't have to train her much, if at all.

Carpe Diem Princess Three! 

I am PROUD of you and I LOVE you! Hugs from afar!

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