Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Royal Carriage - For A Princess - From a Queen

My mother has had many health problems in the past years and her memory isn't the greatest on a good day but she does love her grandchildren. With her health problems, she doesn't get the opportunity to see them much and doesn't remember birthdays etc so my girls haven't gotten much if anything from my mother as far as gifts go. 

They have many memories with her but not many "things" from her which is fine with them as they have all that they could want or need so they are really "OK" with that. 

When I was picking up my mother to take her to my home, she was wearing the cutest necklace. It is a little carriage, pumpkin type that is held closed with a magnet and opens up. I mentioned that Princess Five would love that as she was just in the play "Cinderella" and her musical theater song choice this past year was the character "Cinderella." 

My mother started taking it off and wanted me to give it to her. I told my mother that she should have the opportunity to give it to Princess Five herself as I know it would mean lots to Princess Five to have something so cute from her grandmother who was a famous beauty pageant Queen in her day. 

Since my mother has been so sick, it didn't happen for many weeks. Finally, they were both around long enough for my mother to give the necklace to Princess Five. You can see the happy smile on Princess Five's face. She LOVED the necklace. I know it will become a cherished item in the jewelry collection she has.  

I have so many other things I want to blog about but I had to get up early and am not sleeping well with my mothers health issues. It looks like I will be keeping her for another month as the ear specialist said there is some fluid pressure behind her ear and her cough and illness have come back since she finished up the antibiotics. 

He prescribed a months worth of antibiotics, drops, sprays etc and today, we spent the afternoon at the dentists to make sure that the infection in her head isn't coming from a tooth. My mother is so tired now I am carrying her around the house on my back if she exerts very much. I am guessing she will be getting some blood transfusions early next week. It is 8:30 and I am putting her to bed and heading to mine! It was a VERY long day! Ok, so after getting her to bed, Princess Five coming home and now me finishing up here adding links, it is ten p.m. but that is still better than normal for our house so I am going to bed early for once. I pray she has a good night. I can hear her coughing from her room and am worried it may be a long night. 

I am grateful that my mother has been able to start feeling better and that Princess Five can have a few "good" memories with my mother here as it has been hard on us both with my mother needing 24/7 care. 

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