Friday, August 21, 2015

Cinderella's New Step Sister - Introducing Grace

With all the crazy things that went on in July, something got left "behind." Actually, many things probably got left off the blog list. 
With the internet being down much of the time and with an international family reunion, my family camping at the lake, girls camp and the play among other things, posting about what an amazing job Princess Five did in the play has been waiting patiently on the list of things needing to get done! 
I was SO blessed to have Princess Four off of work for much of the month due to holidays etc, she was such a great help to me. 

Since I was in charge of girls camp, I couldn't very well miss the first day. I was the only one that knew what to do with the decorations and bags we were giving out. 
Princess Five tried out for the play months ago (click here for that) and they kept changing the date as "Princes Charming" was leaving as a missionary so they waited on the date until he knew the date he was leaving. This caused us great strife as they had already changed the date a few times. 
In the end, it was a great blessing that I didn't try out for the play. This was the first time I hadn't been in the community play with the girls ever. I have always figured since I would be driving them to practice, I should be in the play. Click here for the play we did a few years ago, Oliver.
I was SO grateful that I wasn't in it when I found out they scheduled it directly over girls camp. 

I was sad that Princess Five would be missing the first day of camp due to a performance but was grateful that Princess Four was around to assist in getting her there later that night. 
They had a split cast. Princess Five asked to do the first two performances. I asked her sister to take some video and pictures. I haven't actually found that sd card and hope I didn't lose it in the mix of girls camp chaos. 
She did accidentally erase the "sisters lament" which is the top video above. I was sad as that was my very favorite scene of the show. Many that saw the show also thought it was the highlight with all the humor in it. 

I think the make-up person "Aubrey" did a great job on her make-up as they wanted to make her have a long, pointed nose. I think she still looks beautiful but her acting is the highlight for sure. 

The second video above is "A lovely night" with Cinderella, her sisters and step-mother. I love the harmony at the end and Princess Five is hilarious when the mice come out. You can't help but laugh. 

The other three videos are great acting on her part as well but my favorite two are the top two. If you are going to pick and choose, I would suggest those two. 

I have one question, "Does this dress make my butt look big?" ha ha.

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