Friday, January 29, 2016

Star Spangled Beauty - Princess Number Five

Princess hasn't been singing much lately with her studies, cheering, competitions, Student Body office etc, etc, etc. 
I am sad that she doesn't sing much but I told her I wouldn't ask her to sing and would be happy if she "chose" to sing but didn't want it to be an issue with us.  I LOVE when she plays her guitar and sings but being so busy, it really doesn't happen as much as I like. 

Tonight was a rare treat for me. Princess Five chose to sing the National Anthem with a girls she has known her entire life. They are on the cheer squad together and I thought their voices blended well together. 
Princess Five has recently been trying to learn to harmonize but is actually a true soprano so it makes what she did tonight really amazing. She sang the alto part in a duet acapella. 

I thought she did well and was very proud that she is choosing to sing in her own way on her own terms. Things like that really do need to be something you want and not what others want. 

If you can't tell by the smile on her face, she is / was excited to sing. We ran through the alto a few times this week truly in passing as I haven't been home much having been at the hospital with my mom many times this week.   

Her sisters sang the national anthem a few times at competitions and school games. 
Here is a post about one proud moment.  

Here is another day Princess Three and Four sang. 

I am SO blessed with talented Princesses!  Thanks for sharing your talent with us Princess Five!

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