Monday, January 4, 2016

Money Jar Update - Grandmas Pottery - In God We Trust

 It has been nine months since we have counted our "found" money in our money jar. Click here to read about our "In God We Trust" post

I have posts about how I started collecting my "found" money in a different jar, about the jar I collect it in, and other posts on the money jar and counting it up etc. Those are all linked in this post where I counted the money up last April. Here is a link to that post.

In many ways it seems like it has been years since counting it and at other times, it feels like a month since I counted it up. Just yesterday, I went to the store to buy groceries before the Sabbath as in our faith, we try not to shop or cause others to work as we believe Sunday is a day of rest. 

I went through the automatic checkout and there was $0.60 in the return coin slot. I don't know how I could return the money to whoever left it and I am sure I wouldn't run back to the store if I forgot my change. It really doesn't belong to the store at that point so I looked at it as a reminder for me to "Trust in God" and put it in the "found" money jar, that at some point, we will use for a good cause. Last week, I found $2 in a pair of pants from a second hand store etc. It is all "found" money and since I have been putting it into the "found money jar," it has gotten up there. 

I wouldn't guess that in the few years we have been doing this, I would have gotten such a large amount of cash! The girls have their own "found" money jars but I always throw mine in this little bird feeder when I get home and when it gets full as you can see it is in this picture, I count it up and add it to the stash. 

There is a post about this unusual pottery jar that I keep it in. My mother took a pottery class as a senior citizen about ten years back and made this jar. It isn't "perfect" as it is a bit odd shaped but she made it and her name is carved into the bottom of the clay. 

When firing it in the kiln, they place horsehair around the jar and then when it burns, it leaves these marks on the outside of the jar once fired. She gave it to me a few years back and I keep all the "found" money in it. 

With adding in all the coins and bills from the bird bath that I keep on my wood burning stove, we had over $12 since last April! 

Even if I started collecting coins when I first started blogging, the average of coins I have found since the beginning is about $20 a year. I didn't start at the time I started blogging but I think it is amazing that I have found over $100 now. That is just me finding the money! I have nearly $108 cash that I have found in some way! 

I think God wants me to Trust in Him, which I really try to do. I know He will take care of my needs and He always has. I know my girls also have learned that principle and especially that giving gratitude to Him when He does, brings more blessings! It will be interesting to see what the new year brings our way.
I figured while I have my mother with me for the month, I would get a picture of her with the vase she made. I was really suprised she remembered that she made the vase. She is so up and down on her memory lately. Yesterday, I asked her to tell Princess Five about her first Beauty Pageant she was in and won (they were the same pageant) and she told the story but at the end, she told a story that went to the time she won the state title. When I reminded her of that, she said, "Oh yes, that is right." With that, I don't dare document any of the things she tells me at the moment because that is about the third time I have found her mixing stories together and I don't want to document them wrong. 
I am hoping that with the antibiotics and other treatments she is getting that perhaps her memory and hearing will come back. She seems to be doing a little better but she is still really tired and gets a little more grumpy as the day goes on and a little more forgetful. "Sundowners" syndrome is alive and well here. Lets pray she will continue to get better. She is giving us a good lesson in patience!        

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