Monday, January 11, 2016

Best Dressed for Winter Ball - All for $14

The past week or two has been a bit crazy. It seems like the fast crazy pace of the holiday season never ended. 

My mother came to stay before New Years Eve and has been a full time job.But, even worse than a full time job, as you can go home from a job and have some rest in-between shifts. 

I am a bit worried as she isn't getting better fast. Usually on antibiotics, she would start feeling better. I have to share that her infected toe is better but I have carefully soaked and treated it daily since her arrival so that would have happened without the antibiotics. 

Her hearing however has NOT improved. Her outer ear has improved but not the pain in her ear. She has had sores in the roof of her mouth since arriving and they are getting worse.

I think she has some type of infection in her tooth roots or jaw which is affecting her hearing. 

Here is a link to the post where I took her in to the ER last week.

I didn't intend this post to be about my mother as I am sharing the excitement of Princess Five going to winter ball but the craziness of the times does affect how much time I had to help her get ready.

I am SO grateful that we had the dress already and am SO grateful that I am talented enough to be able to alter dresses to fit the girls and make them "one of a kind" personalized dresses. 

Here is a link to the post where I tell how we got the dress and how I altered the dress. 
Even though my mother is lots of work, I try to give Princess Five all the time she needs for anything she made need.

She has been good to be understanding with my mother and to share her computer with my mother as she wants to watch movies and our only active TV is in the basement and it is really hard for her to do stairs with her bad knees. 

I made sure the dress was finished the week before the dance so Princess wouldn't have any worries about it. We also purchased shoes weeks ago to go with the dress and we were lucky enough to find them at a second hand store for $6. The dress cost us $7 and when I asked her what she wanted to do with her nails, she said she wanted them black and white. 

Some memory came through that I thought I had purchased some flowery design stickers for nails at some point and when I went to look in our nail stuff, I was THRILLED to see we had an exact match to her dress. They are little flower stickers with a silver bling in the center of the flowers! That is the exact design on her dress. 

She picked what she wanted on what nail and it came out looking wonderful! I purchased them at a dollar store awhile ago for just such an occasion! 

The entire outfit for Winter Ball, $14! Even the boutonniere, I went to the store to buy a white rose and they had none. I was able to use a white fabric rose from one of the other girls corsages and reinvent it into a boutonniere so it cost us nothing either!
Princess Five, my mother and I went through all our "fine" jewelry looking for the perfect jewelry and we all decided pearls were the jewel of choice. We also talked of hair and what she wanted to do with it and she really wanted to leave most of it down rather than doing a bun or something so that is what she did. 

Her date was so nervous when he arrived to pick her up that he left her corsage in the car and had to go back out to get it. It was kind of like a movie scene. It made me chuckle inward to see how nervous he was but it was somewhat endearing. 

Princess came home from her choir practice tonight as I was writing this post and told me she was told by her last girls choice date (click here for that post) that she looked "really pretty last night!" 

She knew she looked beautiful before going but it is always wonderful to hear from others and reinforce how you feel. I told her that I doubt that would be the last compliment she would receive on how she looked as she really did look beautiful and like the "Princess" she truly is! 

I am SO grateful to my Father in Heaven that knows what is important to a young girls heart and allowed us to find the perfect dress, shoes and even jewelry at a price I can afford which isn't always that much. Yet, she can still feel like the prettiest girl in the room, even without spending tons to do it! 

I am also grateful that she knows her worth and doesn't care how much the dress, shoes or pearls cost but knows that those aren't what is important and knows of her infinite worth! 

We are truly grateful for all that and more! 

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