Monday, April 6, 2015

On The Steps at Region - Cinderella

Princess Five had Region Drama in the past few weeks. She is getting ready to head to the State Drama competition. 

She did well but had a cold and in the videos, you can clearly tell she has a cold. 

the second one, she did OK but after having sung for three rounds, (we missed the first round not knowing people could watch) she was losing her voice. 

She did make it to the medal rounds and she did really well considering.  She was in the top 8 in region!

They held the metal rounds in a band room. What are band rooms designed to do? Suck the music into the walls to keep it from making a disturbance to other classes.  Having medal rounds in that room clearly wasn't well though out. 

Also, they judge the duets with the solos and don't have separate rounds for each so she lost to two duets from the same school that had their own surround sound wi-fi sound system, They rented costumes from a professional theater, and the drama teacher was the parent of two of the four students.
Competition was clearly steep.

The sound system in there was overwhelming and she was only six feet from the judges but they had the music behind them and with her cold and the room being what it was, they wrote on the comment sheets that they couldn't hear her singing. 

I am sure that is true to some extent but we were sitting to the side and we could hear her but perhaps it was due to me knowing the song so I could make out the words. 

The other video in a gym, was from a performance just after she got her cold a few weeks back.

She has been fighting this for weeks. 

I started sneezing this weekend with all the crazy stuff going on this week and having all the girls home for the holiday. I have been taking everything and anything I can to be healthy as I have so much going on that I don't want to be sick. 

I finally watched "Into the Woods" this weekend with the girls and I think Princess Five does just as amazing a job or better than the actress in the movie. She has lots of emotion and doesn't break character but the setting does leave much to be desired. 

She is really worried about getting her steps to State so I am trying to figure out a way to help her transport them without much stress. She had her sister and I for region but I have a family commitment for State so she will be on her own moving a stool, two sets of stairs and is wearing a hooped dress. 

I am sure she will work it out as she always does. She is VERY excited to find out what part she will have in the community production of "Cinderella" this summer. Should be posted by Wednesday! Cross your fingers for her!!!!

Oh, I have to point out that my favorite picture is one in the middle on the right side, she is running off the stage and has both feet in the air in that picture. I thought it was a good photo so I had to share...... 

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