Friday, February 13, 2015

Gods Little Gifts - Trust in God

This week hasn't been my best week. I have been using the maul and wedge trying to break down the huge logs in my backyard. 

With that, my back and neck have been tight and sore causing headaches as I am prone to them when my back is out anyway. 

When I could afford going to the chiropractor, my headaches all went away except for huge storms. The problem with that is the cost and that chiropractic isn't covered by my insurance. 

I wish I knew a chiropractor well enough to trade or had enough funds to go regularly as I can't seem to keep my back "in" doing all the heavy lifting, yard work, trailer hauling, tree pruning etc. When I feel good, I tend to take on the harder tasks around the house so going to the chiropractor, I feel better, then I come home and do some crazy moving furniture or something and throw it out again. 

This has been my routine for some time and funds going to cars, insurance, cheer, dance, missions, cell phones etc has kept me from going to the chiropractor, thus more headaches, aches and pains.

I've been having Princess Five rub "Icy hot" type stuff on my sore muscles and I was commenting how I wish I had the funds to go to the chiropractor and endodontist. 

The next day, Princess Five told me that she doesn't want to do cheer next year. I figured something was wrong as she loves cheer. When we finally got down to what the issue was as to why she didn't want to do cheer, it turned out that she wanted to join the show choir that most of her sisters were in. They go on tour each year and it is usually quite expensive. Here is a post of Princess Four in that choir.

She didn't think I could afford both so she was saying she didn't want to do cheer because she didn't want to feel guilty about the cost of doing both cheer and the show choir. 

I gave her a little talk about how none of her sisters had to miss out on doing any activity and how God has always taken good care of us and when we need money to cover the cost of braces, missions, cars etc, somehow, the funds show up. I reminded her that even during the time I didn't have any support coming in for months, God had other things show up just when we needed them. 

This conversation happened while we were in the car on the way to dropping her off to cheer a game. 

I dropped her off and at the stop sign on the way home, I looked over and there was a quarter on the ground. I didn't have the time to get it as I don't like leaving coins on the ground, (click here for that post) and figured I would get it on the way back to video tape her half time performance with the cheer squad.

On the way back, it was gone which is fine, as long as it isn't on the ground, I don't care where it went. 

I also took it as a sign that I am supposed to trust in God and that Princess Five needed to know she can trust in God as well. I wanted to tell her about it but she was home late last night and I forgot and she was home all of five minutes until ten p.m. tonight. 

I went to the game tonight to video the half time dance and as I was leaving, I started into the street to get to my car. As I was stepping into the street, I remembered the quarter and thought I needed to remember to tell Princess Five that I saw it and that I felt it was a reminder to both of us that God will provide for her to do both cheer and choir. He provided for three of her sisters to do both dance and choir and cares just as much for her to have her wishes taken care of as well. 

So, at this point, I was thanking God for the quarter saying that it was much bigger than a penny so it must be a bigger reminder to "trust in Him." Just then, I was getting half way to my car and look down and there on the yellow line right in the middle of the street in a direct path to my car was a $5 bill. I leave during half time after they dance so there weren't many people coming out of the building so I pulled out my camera and took a picture of it sitting there in the street.

Just when I think God can't bless me more or remind me more, he does. It was like someone placed it right on the yellow line so I wouldn't or couldn't miss it. As you can see by the picture at the top, it is in a direct line to my car door. Right in my path for me to find. 

When Princess arrived home from cheer tonight, I told her about the quarter in the street the day before just after our talk and about how I was giving gratitude tonight for that quarter and here I end up with five dollars. She knew what that meant. We have had this happen so many times as you know by my blog posts. 

Just look at the smile on her face in her uniform and you will know that she loves cheering and performing. She may still not do cheer next year but at least now, I hope she knows that she shouldn't give up on something she loves just because of the cost. 

God blesses us with our wants as well as our needs as a loving Father. I hope my girls always remember that when they pray and in their lives. 

I personally hope that she does do cheer next year. I think it is good exercise and keeps her busy and I LOVE going to see her perform several nights a week. She always has a huge smile on her face and I enjoy taking some amazing pictures.

I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for constantly reminding me to Trust in Him and for the blessings He sends my way daily. I ended up with a bag of pears, 2 cases of blackberries and a bag of limes today as overages from the food bank after our board meeting. I was able to share with some neighbors as well as they had 2 pallets of the berries etc. How can I not feel so blessed when my days are spent with a wonderful family, helping others through service, and constantly finding coins and looking around to see 111 almost daily. I am truly blessed.

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