Thursday, February 12, 2015

Designer Sneakers - Part 3

Ok, today I have a killer headache and toothache combined and I was out splitting wood for hours today which probably caused the killer headache as it wasn't really bad this morning so I ignored it but the huge heavy maul hitting the splitting wedge probably didn't help matters. So, you are getting one of my backup posts that I have for days like today. 

In fact, you probably will be getting a few of these as I am fairly sure my stupid tooth that has caused me pain for 12 years or more is infected and the root canal never fully worked so, this week may be one weak post after another for a few days. I hope to feel better soon but you just never know with raw nerves. 

These shoes were at the second hand store and I thought they were cute. I particularly like the bottom pair as they are white sneakers that they painted black and just left strips and little white circles white along with the fronts. They painted them to look like patent leather shoes. 

This could be done with dirty shoes as well as you could just paint the entire thing with darker paint. Haven't ever thought of doing that but it could just recycle some old shoes and put some decorations on them. 

Sorry about the lameness but it is what it is. :-)

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