Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sharpie Christmas

You may think this is the lamest post ever but I have to share it as it is such a thing in our family. 

Today I have had the worst headache I have had in almost a year. I couldn't move for fear of losing my cookies. I fought it most of the day after having it most of the night. I was out of town for a funeral until late last night and was fine when I went to bed. 

I could barely get up. I took something and drank some Coke and went back to bed. Not feeling much better, I showered and climbed back into bed listening to a movie with my eyes closed hoping it would distract me from the pain. Every time I moved, I felt like I was going to be sick. 

You have to know how sick I was for the fact that Princess One was going to stop at my house on her way through the state for a vacation with Prince One's family. 

I was SO sick that I called her and told her not to come!!!! You all KNOW how much I love being a grandma and how I adore Grand-Princess One. I live for the moments I get to spend with her. For me to have them not come shows just how horrible I feel. I was in bed today until just before 7 p.m. when the pain lifted some and I got up to eat and drive Princess Five to a meeting and pick up some groceries. When she needed a ride home from school, I had her beg for a ride from someone else as there was no way I could get her.

My brother called at some point in there asking to stay the night at my house as he was headed to another state and wanted to rest half way to his destination. 

I washed the sheets, straightened up from my trip, took more drugs for my headache that never fully subsided and left me lightheaded and somewhat dizzy all day.  

I've continued to take something throughout the day and will take something before going to bed tonight praying I wake feeling better in the morning. 

I hope Princess One will stop over on their way home so I can visit with them and lets pray my headache doesn't come back anytime soon.

Anyway, back to the Sharpie story. Many years ago, it was my birthday. My spouse hadn't gotten me anything and we were shopping at Kmart. He asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I wanted a package of "Sharpie" markers. I joked that "All I need is this package of Sharpies to be happy." 

Then, as we went through the store, I picked up something else, and said, "All I need is this package of Sharpies, and this item." (can't remember what it was.) We got to the checkout and I saw a candy bar I liked and picked it up and said, "The only things I need is this package of Sharpies, this item and this candy bar to be happy." 
So, over the years it has become a running joke for our family. If you search my blog posts for "Sharpie" or "Sharpies" you will see that MANY of my posts have them. I use Sharpie for anything and everything. 

For Christmas, Princess Four gave me the 80's galm pack. She didn't know that I had purchased that pack last summer for Girls Camp when we did our "Snow White" theme. 

Princess Five went through all my markers recently and got all the doubles and gave them to sisters to use and we ended up returning the new pack and going to lunch together instead. 

You can see though that I do LOVE Sharpie and all of their colors. I am a little light on the tan/brown colors as I think I put them in a bag to use on the trailer sides and lost them. Here is a post about that. Here is a link to a post where I lightly mention my Sharpie joke - obsession.

Seriously, I think Sharpie should pay me for all the ways I suggest you use them on my post. I wish I were better about the advertising thing, I could probably be making a living off of Sharpie advertisement and trailer repair items.  

Here is to hoping tomorrow is a better day! 

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