Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Braided Scarves for Chairty

My friend Julie made a bunch of scarves for charity. Over the years, she has made LOTS of things for charity. She experiments with different patterns and methods and she came up with these hand crocheted scarves that she can make in just a few minutes. 
She takes many strands of the same color of different textures of yarn and makes a slip knot on one end. She then just uses her hand to start pulling the yarns all together through the slip knot just enough to make another loop. 

She continues hand crocheting them until they are the length that she wants them. They look a little thin hanging down but these are to wrap around the neck a few times and with that, they are then warm and thick. 

They are perfect for the homeless as they can use them as a belt or to tie up their belongings when the don't need them as a scarf. They are multipurpose scarves. 

I tried to take a close up picture showing how she uses bulky yarn to make them thicker and have texture.

She uses the yarns that she only has parts of skeins. When she gets lots of colors in the same tones, she puts them together and then just makes as many as she can with those colors. 

It is a great way to use the smaller skeins of bulky or texture yarn that you don't have enough of to do another project.

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