Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tooth Fairy Box

Over the Christmas holiday, Princess Two asked if she could have the "tooth fairy" box. Honestly, I had to think hard about it as I had no idea what she was talking about. She went and got the tooth box out of Princess Five's old room. 

When she showed it to me, I remembered it. I can't say I actually remember the day that I painted it but it was about 24 years ago.

All the girls have used the box. I kept some cotton in the bottom to hold the tooth. The "Tooth Fairy" put the money she left into the box and it helped us not lose the teeth or the money left behind. I also helped the tooth fairy "find" the tooth easily rather than searching for a baggie or a little tooth.

We did have a few times when the box wasn't used on trips etc and we actually did lose the teeth sometimes. 

The box was a great way to keep the teeth safe, for the kids to save it and use. 

When Princess Two asked about having the box, I wanted to make sure that the other girls didn't want it so there wouldn't be a problem. 

The other girls wanted a "tooth box" but didn't really want that one. 

I asked if they wanted to paint their own little "tooth boxes" over the holidays and they did.

We had a busy holiday and never got around to it but I have the boxes and paint so that will be good when we actually do have time to paint them. 

I thought I would share the box with you in case your family would like to have them as well. It was sweet that Princess Two thought about it enough to ask for it.

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