Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Minds Been In the Gutter

I shared with you that I got new gutters on my home a week or so  ago. I hired someone to put up seamless gutters which I am super excited about as my others dripped at every seam.
I was taking a picture to share with you and something dived right at my face as I was taking the picture and I started and backed away only to see a little humming bird darting back and forth in front of me.
I had just eaten watermelon that was super sweet so I think it was smelling that. I got the bird in the picture I took which was a fun find upon looking at the picture.

I had borrowed my neighbors high ladder to get the old gutters off and they came over saying they needed it for a project next week so I figured I had better get the rest of the project done before then.

On the new drain spouts they have them down the house but I need them to drain away from the house into drain pipes on one side and off the sidewalk on the other side.

I went to several stores in town to see what I could find and Walmart had $10 large tubes that were round and I wasn't happy with how large or expensive they were but bought two just for the side that has drain pipes. I then went to Home Depot and they had these smaller flexible tubing that was half the price of the larger tubes and they fit on the bottom of the drain-spout better. I took the larger ones back to Walmart. 

I was able to get four and use the on both sides of the house. I worried about the weed whacker damaging them but they seemed to do OK with that process yesterday.

I also bought some metal drain spout guards that keep leaves and stuff out of the down spouts. Over the years I have had lots of junk down in the angled part of the down spout and have had the take it apart to clean it.

I was THRILLED to find these little metal guards that will keep sticks and any larger items that may block the drain out of the down spout. I learned that there is a right and a wrong way to put them into the spouts. You have to wiggle it around and force it over screws in order to get the metal to pop out and fill the space in the drain. If you don't get it right, there is a gap between the edge of the drain and the metal mesh.

I had a problem with one drain as they put the support screw bar right over the drain-spout so I had to improvise and put one in upside down as I couldn't fit it in the other way. It will still work but may need to be "dumped" every so often.  

It was wonderful to see that they sealed their work and that the gutters were attached securely as I had to go around every few years and hammer ours back in, these are secured with screws and are attached every two feet or so.

I also put in some Gutter Guard in the gutters in the back yard that get tree leaves every year. It is super easy to put into the gutters and I used it last year and my gutters had NO leaves and sticks which I am usually cleaning once or twice a year. It is very worth the cost if you have a yard with large trees. It just pushes into the gutter and the leaves and twigs usually roll off.  

It isn't very expensive if you do it yourself. I know there are different types but I tried this one and it worked great so I decided to stick with it. You just unroll it as you go and then squeeze the mesh into the gutter edges and house and it makes this little bump and the slight bow to it, keeps it in place.

I think it looks great and am super happy I won't be having to clean out those back gutters any time soon.

Have a BLESSED Day.

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