Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I'm Overheated, So is My Swamp Cooler

We came home the other day and our house was HOT! I could feel the swamp cooler pumping in hot air. It wasn't pleasant.

I knew immediately what was wrong. Every year or so, the swamp cooler pump goes out. Sometimes it is due to human error by leaving the pump on when the water gets turned off outside, but this time, there was plenty of water in the cooler.
The minerals build up and I scrub the cage it sits in and even with that, can you believe the build up of minerals on the base of the pump itself? Last year, I had a pump break but it was the base of the pump and the motor worked fine. Due to the base splitting, the water was squirting everywhere rather than into the hose that takes it to the top of the cooler.

I thought I could be frugal and save the motor off that one and put it on the base of the other combining the two pumps saving myself $20 for a new pump.I spent a few hours learning how to take apart the units as to not ruin the base of the one and to get the motor onto the top of the other and worked my best magic only to have the one motor not fit inside the other case well and was so tight that I couldn't get the motor to spin the pump base.

It was a frustrating hour or two and I gave up and threw away both motors. I had purchased a used pump at a second hand store for $2 a few months back knowing they go out and I don't want to purchase a new one just to have one on hand so I was SO grateful when we arrived home after church on a Sunday afternoon to find that I had one that I could slip into the cooler without having to try and live without until I could pick one up on Monday. We believe in trying to have the Sabbath as a day of rest and try to not shop on Sunday so that other don't have to work on Sunday either.  I wimped out on not working to fix it on Sunday as lately I am SO overheated and my feet are so swollen so I spent the few minutes it took to replace the broken one with the $2 find and was super grateful that the used one actually did work.

I am SO grateful for my swamp cooler but it has been so hot that even with it on, I sometimes struggle. Aren't we so blessed to be living at a time when we have air conditioning units in most buildings and homes. I can't imagine living in a log cabin in the middle of summer with no ice, cold water or some type of cooler. I used to think I would have been a good pioneer but the older I get, the less I believe that!

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. I use a water cooler also in my home out west so I can appreciate your challenges in that regard. Great job on fixing it all up! Maria