Friday, July 28, 2017

I Couldn't Contain It - Exploding Salad Dressing

I had a bit of an incident today. I made some fresh cilantro salad dressing for Princess Five and I as we had our final dress rehearsal for the play we are in tonight.
It has been very hard to eat well while in the play as we go to practices at five p.m. most nights and get home between 10 and 11:30. We don't usually eat dinner that early so we are starving by the time we get home. Today, I wanted us to eat a good meal with protein before going as we have been super tired lately due to the rigorous practice schedule and the heat.

I made the fresh dressing, poured it into bottles and put it in the fridge. I opened the fridge to get something and the dressing bottle wasn't settled down in the door and hit the floor when I opened the door. The top cracked and the contents exploded everywhere.

I couldn't believe that there was enough force behind the fall for it to end up on the ceiling and light fixture. At first, we only noticed the floor and my clothes. It was everywhere. I cleaned up the floor and went to get back into the fridge and noticed it on the front of the drawers and top of the fridge inside and as I went to clean that, Princess Five drew my attention to the front of the freezer. I started laughing until I looked up even further and found it on the ceiling.

I cleaned it all up or so I thought and then Princess Five laughed that I had some in my hair. It was on my shirt and pants and when I went to get ready to leave for practice, I found some on my forehead. When we arrived home after play practice, I found some on the papers I had on the counter behind me when it dropped. It flew past me onto the papers behind me!

It was so weird that it didn't break the bottle. It just flew out all over in a circle from the floor, to the fridge inside and front, to the ceiling to me and the counter and back onto the floor.

I was glad Princess Five was still home when it happened as I have been dealing with some vertigo issues and she had to stand on a stool to clean the dressing off the ceiling so that was a blessing. I promptly threw out several items in the fridge and made sure that all the items we used were settled safely in the tray. I don't want to have that situation happen ever again! The worst part was losing the fresh dressing!

Have a Blessed and Abundant Day! 

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