Monday, July 31, 2017

Friends and Family in a SUPERcalifragalistic Play

We had three performances in two days after three full performance dress rehearsal days prior. This past week has me exhausted!

For the dress rehearsal days, I had to wear my Birkenstock's with a black sock over them due to my broken toe.
I put on my first shoe for the Friday night performance. It was feeling ok for the first part of Act 1 but by the end of the play, I could hardly walk.

Saturday was a super hard day being at the school for the entire day with no air-conditioning. By the time of the second performance on Saturday, I was completely exhausted! It was like being in a sauna for days nearly 6 hours or more a day. It wasn't my best performance. I was front and middle of the stage and messed up my dance for a few counts.

Friends said they didn't notice so I hope that is true but I am sure if I was in air-conditioning for the few days, I could have had more energy but I think months of dancing in the humid heat for hours and hours along with a knee injury and the broken toe / foot stomp has taken its toll on me.

It has been fun having three of my BUNKO friends in the play with me and also Princess Five doing a fabulous job as well!

I wish I could have enjoyed this more but I have been struggling enjoying myself very much due to the heat and there is literally no where to sit other than a few chairs in a very loud noisy room with lots of little children that is super hot. I found a little corner where we set up a few racks to change so we didn't have to be in the locker room which is super hot and smelly even worse than the halls.

I have a few Dr. apts out of town and more performances in the next few days. I will be so glad when this next few days is over. I have SO much to get done in the house and things I want to post about and hope I can feel up to both soon. 

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  1. I'm sure you were awesome! Enjoyed the pictures. Maria