Monday, July 24, 2017

Step in Time - Break a Toe

Truly, once again I ask myself why I seem to need craziness in my world. I hyper extended my knee last week dancing in the play and was so frustrated but it is finally starting to feel better.

I had play practice everyday this week and had some super long days. I have so much I wanted to get done this week but between the bad knee and the play practices, going out of town one day, having a workman at my home all day another day, I had some super long and frustrating days.

I was finally feeling like maybe I was on top of everything on Saturday as I was hoping after the 7 hours play practice, I could get on the ladder and prune the large back tree as I have been borrowing a neighbors ladder and the needed it this weekend. I need to keep the tree short or I will have to pay someone again to prune it and I am trying to keep it from splitting off more as it has many times in the past few years.

I also planted a few fruit trees and if the large tree gets super tall, it blocks the sun from those trees. I am hoping eventually I can take out the larger tree and use the smaller trees for shade in the back yard.

I was excited when I thought the play practice may end early but it was taking forever and it has been super hot and humid and with my swollen feet, I just really wanted to get something off my "to do" list for the day.

We were on one of our last dances which is a big dance number and most of the cast is wearing tap shoes. I personally think only the leads should be in them as the teens keep making lots of noise and it is really hard to hear the choreographer and the director. Several people have gotten stepped on and toes pinched by other dancers as the stage is really crowded.

We were just about through with the dance scene when the cast stomps super hard three different patterns on the stage. A nearly 200 lb woman stomped hard and hit my foot. I am wearing soft elastic shoes. She hit me with the heel of her shoe with a full hard stomp in the top center front of my foot. I about hit the floor. I had no question that something was broken. I hobbled off stage, sat down and got some ice out of my drink and started icing my poor foot while sobbing.

I have a high pain threshold but it was such a direct hit I couldn't help cry. I think that due to the angle of her stomp and the height of my foot, the major hit was my second toe but I have a bruise in the shape of the heel around the front of my foot but it was a crush injury so the toes swelled and the bottom of my foot swelled. The toe has a break but there isn't much to do with a broken toe so I have just been using essential oils etc to try and help healing.

I am not sure I will be doing the dancing scene in the play but think more bruising will show each day as it starts to heal. Crazy busy time of life but I am hoping I will soon be able to get back to more on my "to do" list.

Even with all the crazy stuff, I am still so grateful for my life. I was discussing life situations with a few visitors tonight and sharing how I know my life is a bit crazy but I am living in a beautiful home, my kids and grandchildren are healthy, kind, smart, beautiful, educated and employed. There isn't much more in life one could want than those things, the rest is just fluff. I am SO grateful that it is just a broken toe and I can still drive, walk, work etc. We are truly blessed.

I hope you have a BLESSED Day!


  1. I pray it heals quickly. Maria

    1. Thank you for your prayers Maria, I stubbed it again working in the house today and it rebroke. I probably should tape it but it is so tender. I appreciate all you kind comments and prayers. Have a BLESSED Day!