Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The House Of My Dreams

I shared this past week that Princess Five and I went on a week retreat with some teens. I was in awe when we arrived at our destination after a long drive.

They asked me to be a driver and chaperone for the retreat which was wonderful for me but I asked about sleeping as I didn't want to share a bed with someone due to my health issues. They told me that I would have my own bed so I was happy to go. 

I have been in many cabins and many homes in my life and have always had a dream that I would have a home with rooms for the girls to come home and stay for holidays where they would be happy and each have a room. 

As each girl has moved on to college, we have taken over their rooms moving girls around as the upstairs has tiny rooms so the girl that moved out doesn't have a room to come home to because someone has moved in. 

If I could pick a design for a home, there have only been a few I have seen that I like. This "Cabin" retreat was everything I could want in a home. There were seven bedrooms but one of them over the garage had 12 full sized bed bunk beds. 

I loved how they were made. They were made out of pipe. There were little Cape window cubbies in between each set of bunk beds where they had cube couch squares that you can push together and have someone sleep on as well. It was a brilliant set up. 
There were two kitchens but there was the largest fridge I have ever seen in my life. It was like two fridges side by side. I thought it was great as with that many people you would need it. 

One of my favorite features was the seats made out of stone that went around the large windows and matched the double sided fire place. There were several heat and air ducts under it as well so in the summer, the rock is cool and in winter, it would be warm. It was so great in you needed room for lots of people. 
The main area had the kitchen, family room, dining area two doors off to the large beautiful deck and hot tub and the loft over looking the family area. The main bedroom and bath was off the main area and it was huge with Jacuzzi tub, shower, large closets, fire place, large screen tv and doors off to the hot tub.
You go down stairs and there is the kitchen, smaller eating area, couches all around doors to the large patio to the extended patio, then a large theater room with sleeping pads in the corner so you can have even more people sleeping in the basement. Of course there are several bathrooms off each floor and there were two large bedrooms at one end with queen beds and large TV's. 

The upstairs had three large bedrooms with queen beds, a massage chair, several sitting areas, foosball table, the large bunk room and bathrooms.

I think there were at least 7 large screen TV's. The flat extended patio with a wood "stage" form was great for a dance that we held.

The only thing I didn't like about the house was the shared bathrooms in the center had two sinks, then a door that slides in the wall going to the toilet and shower / tub area. The doors going into the bathroom opened in and covered the slide in door to the shower so you had to close the doors to get in to use the toilet. If they had sliding doors into the bathroom, I think it would be more functional but other than that, I LOVED the layout and function of the house. 

I had a great time being there and enjoyed seeing such a beautiful creation. Someone thought long and hard on that design!

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