Friday, June 3, 2016

Going Through Mom's Clothes For the Last Time

It has been an extremely long week. It is almost 6 a.m. and I am supposed to be getting up just before 8 so this will be a short post. 

I had two different people that lived in my mothers apartment complex ask me if they could have my mothers clothes because she has such "nice clothes."

I took that as a compliment as I  purchased 99% of my mothers clothes and every year on her birthday, we would go up and try everything on her and get rid of anything stained or worn and I would purchase her new clothes to replace any for her birthday. Here is a post about us doing that 
Here is another post about that.

I would pick her stuff up through the year for holidays, Mothers Day etc so she would continually have new items in her closet.

While cleaning out her home and closet, I did a quick presort and put anything I would never wear into a box for the women who asked for her clothes and another box for things that still had tags on them or for things I may want or for a "t-shirt" quilt I want to make out of some of my favorite clothes that remind me of her. Here is a link where I did that with my friends kids clothes.  

While I had the girls here this last weekend, I had them help me go through the two boxes of clothes to see if I should keep any and sort how I should use them. 

I had piles to sew, piles to alter, piles to return, piles to donate and a few to keep. I spent the day washing so much in fact that I ran out of laundry detergent and had to rush to the store to purchase more. I don't know that I have ever run out of detergent before but my machines were going all day long. 

I think it will be fun making a quilt out of her clothes. I wish I could find an antique bed to put it on as when we were growing up, we each got an antique bed but since I didn't live near them when they sold the house, I didn't get to inherit one. I am getting rid of the bunk beds and going for full beds in all the rooms so when the girls come home, they can not be sleeping on bunks with their spouses.

The best thing that happened while cleaning out her closet and going through her clothes was when I found change in her coat pocket with a Baskin Robin receipt and a spoon! She is so funny. There were drips on the coat and now I know it was ice cream! I kept the coat as it was the one I purchased for her when we went to Czech a few years back and the coat was made in Russia. I washed it today and am not sure what I am doing with it but it is wool in her favorite color so maybe some wool throw pillows and stitch some cute quotes from her on them or something. 

I loved that I was reminded to Trust In God when cleaning out my mom's stuff and the coat was the last thing I washed so they were a remind to me to Trust God in it all!  

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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