Thursday, June 2, 2016

Highlights For Princess Four - Trim for Her and The Yard

Princess Four came home for Memorial Weekend. I had talked to her a few weeks back asking if she wanted her hair highlighted again. 
I did it about six months ago and the line had grown out about four inches and I thought it would be nice to put some really subtle highlights in just to take away that noticeable line.

She is planning on serving as a missionary in the next six months so I figured if I did every few holes in the cap and just left the bleach solution on for a few minutes, I could make it so that when it grows out more, it won't be drastic and kind of transition the highlighted lower section to the non highlighted growth and not draw lots of attention as a missionary. 
I also cut off 3 inches and trimmed it straight in the back. She wants it long for her mission and she is nearly sitting on it as it is so long but it did need some shape so a trim was good.

While she was home, Princess Five mowed the lawns and Princess Four helped her weed the back garden / play area that I haven't been able to get to since my mother lived here and then her funeral etc. 

It was SO nice to come home today and be able to enjoy  seeing a fresh cut lawn and what was even more wonderful, was that when I look out the kitchen window now, I don't see tons of weeds in the garden and play areas so I am VERY grateful for the work they did in the yard! 

Thank you Princess Four and Five! 

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