Friday, September 9, 2022

Another Birthday Surprise - More Gifts

Imagine my surprise today when I got another birthday card in the mail! It didn't have a return address and I thought it may be from my dad and step-mom as they usually send a card, but this year they are taking me to lunch. 

I opened it and was really shocked to see it was from my friend Matt. I got several packages around my birthday and asked Matt if they were from him as I didn't want to open the packages I got without video chatting the person who sent it. He told me he didn't send anything. 

I looked at the mail date and my mouth dropped open when I saw that he sent it on August 20 and it came to me on September 8th! It took almost 3 weeks to get to me in the mail! It had three stamps saying it was "non-machinable" so I think it was an odd sized card as I have seen this happen in the past where it won't fit through the automated system and I think because it didn't have a return address, it had to be dealt with by a human.

It was really a huge surprise getting that card today. It had a $100 visa gift card in it. It was a very thoughtful gift for me as this next few months is always a hard time with house taxes, house and car insurance renewals, as well as the holidays. It is so sweet that he sent a gift! He has sent me many wonderful gifts, and I shared in past blog posts, that I have not always been the best at accepting gifts from men, especially friends that are men, so he has been patient with me about that. I have one last gift that I will be getting soon that he ordered last year, but has taken time to be made and sent across the country, and I am excited to get to see it soon. 

I also have a spa gift I mentioned before from my sister that she won in a raffle and gave me for my birthday. I don't know that I have ever had such a drawn out birthday, but I am not complaining. What a fun BIRTHDAY I have had this year! 

Have a blessed day!

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