Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Going Through More of My Mom's Estate

This past week my sister and I went to my other sisters home three hours away. We have been trying for years now to get through some totes that were left when we went through my mothers estate. 

I mention in this post from 2016 explaining how we were packing up some totes of the stuff from my mom's home that we couldn't get through. 

We ended up spending many hours going through half of the totes that were left from her estate. Some of my other siblings were on video chat as we went through the items. It was really a very long day as I had several other things in the morning and didn't sleep the night before going. 

We didn't finish until after midnight and I helped my sister pick up her daughters car that her son was borrowing, so as we were leaving to do that, we realized that it was my mothers birthday! Every year on my mom's birthday, I would get my siblings organized to go to my mothers home. We would go through her closet and wash everything pulling out anything needing sewing or that was stained. 

We would also deep clean her home and make it nice for the next year and she always appreciate it. We would often go to dinner with her as well.  

Here is one of the posts about that.  

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It was a long day, but I was grateful to have more of her estate done.

Have a blessed day! 

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  1. Hi - been reading some of your older posts as I have something similar. White thicker threads with an oval top part come out of my skin, thin black threads as well. But there were long white thin worms swimming and twisting p in the dog’s water bowl a few days ago and that’s when I found out they were probably Gordian worms. I also found thin ones brush tiny ones that look like hair but move around on their own while sticking to your hand - freaky! The list of symptoms is too long to write out but I was on 50 mg of prednisone and also on cosentyx when I noticed something seemed to be in my skin. It’s a long story and I have not idea when I was first infected. But it sounds so much like what you have experienced including ear, nose, throat etc.

    I wanted to point out - and I am almost positive you know this - but in a picture u posted - your Uvula deviates to one side. That’s significant and can mean a lot of things - but one is that a cranial nerve could be compressed or damaged. I thought I should make sure your doctors noticed!

    How are you feeling? Did you ever get rid of the worms?