Thursday, September 1, 2022

I Am Becoming A Woman of Lists

Many years ago, I had lists everywhere. I had daily lists, and I had long term lists. I even had a really long term lists. 

I just have gotten so forgetful lately, that I have started writing lists again. I have alarms on my phone, lists of all my Dr. appointment, lists of things I need to do long term, daily lists, and just a few piles of things needing to be dealt with soon.

I find with the brain fog, that I have been getting more done by having a list on the counter, so when I get up, I have something to focus on as it takes me some time to wake up and get my brain clear. 

I have gotten more and more done by having lists again. I hope that I can continue to figure out my health issues and feel better. It is nice to be getting a few things done and off my "lists" lately. 

Have a blessed day!

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