Thursday, September 8, 2022

Learning From the Masters

I haven't played many Pokemon go Raids with my Pokemon group recently. I have had one or two, but not many with most in the group.

Today, I knew that one of the main guys that has two accounts who has been playing for six or more years was going to play during "raid hour" which is every Wednesday at 6 p.m. wherever you live in the world. Many people remotely raided and another long time player who is also a master came to play the last raid with us.

We played several raids together and one of them got a near perfect shiny which is rare. The other "master" then showed me that he had 3 perfect shiny's which I have never seen before. I couldn't believe he has so many. Also, they aren't wimpy Pokemon, but powerful Pokemon, so to see three perfect and powerful Pokemon was cool.

I then asked them if I could take pictures of their "perfect" Pokemon totals and couldn't believe that they both have around 80 shiny Pokemon each. They were really proud of their stats. They spent a bit of time talking best move sets, powers, and fighting strategies for some of the newer Pokemon. I only have 9 perfects, but I am on my way!

Frankly, I can't quite keep up with everything they are talking about, but I really think that for the six months I have been playing, I am doing fairly well. I have been able to share things I have learned with people who have played much longer, and I have learned something from each person I visit with about Pokemon. 

Each time we meet together I learn something new. I appreciate so much that people are willing to share their time and information with me. I love that Pokemon has brought me a new group of friends. 

Have a blessed day!

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