Tuesday, September 13, 2022

A New Friend Named Gene

I had the neatest experience while at a thrift shop returning an item. I was in the toy isle waiting to talk with the assistant manager about the return, and I made a comment to a woman in the isle and we had an exchange about toys of something. 

The lady went around the corner of the isle and then back up and said, “I want to tell you something. You are a beautiful person. You are always happy, kind, friendly, and my sister and I were talking about you last week and how you are always so friendly. My sister told me I should tell you, but said I would never do it, so I figured I would tell you next time I saw you.” 

I said, “Are you sure it is me you are talking about? People often get my sister, or my friend and I confused.”  She said, “No, it is you. We have noticed you at different stores and different times and you are always so friendly, kind etc.” 

I said, “You think I am pretty looking like this?” as I had no makeup on and my hair was pulled up as I had been so tired and not feeling well. She said, “No, not pretty, but BEAUTIFUL inside, you are a beautiful woman and person. Kind to everyone and friendly. You glow!” 

I then asked if I knew her. She said they didn’t know me but had just been observing me for years. I asked her name and she said she was related to someone whose name I recognized. I said my daughter used to be close with their daughter. This woman was related to the dad. 

She then said she was related to some family named ? which I recognized from the movie I was in and asked if she was related to the producer for my movie and she said she was related to him. 

I then asked her name, and she said Gene. I asked if I could give her a hug and take a photo. She said I could and told me she was a preschool teacher at the head start. I told her a few of my girls went there and mentioned our last name and she said she recognized it. 

I thought it was super sweet. It made my day. I then got a thank you note for a reply on the secret is gratitude Facebook page. Missy asked me a few days ago how I stay so positive and happy when dealing with the parasites. She thanked me for my reply and between the two women, I felt that God had reassured me today that I am doing well in trying to help others. 

Sometimes I think we allow others who are negative to break us into pieces word by word, deed by dead, and judgement by judgement! 

I am grateful that Gene had the courage to approach me today. Maybe it was her sister challenging her, but either way she had to have the courage to say what she did. Not everyone is as open and forward as I am, so I appreciate her going out of her comfort zone. 

Have a blessed day!

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