Monday, April 4, 2016

Horsehair Nematomorpha Gordian Worm from the Ear - Part 1 Video

I took this video some time ago and wasn't sure I wanted to post it because it freaked me out. I have shared that I feel the parasites in my eyes, nose and ears sometimes and when I first started feeling them in my ears, I dipped a Q-tip in 3% hydrogen peroxide as that is what seems to irritate and kill them eventually. 

I stuck the wet q-tip in my ear and left it for about 30 seconds. I took the q-tip out and was about to throw it away when I saw something on the tip of it move. I thought maybe my breathing had moved something but it was wiggling quite a bit and then I could see it move like a little snake / worm on the q-tip. I freaked out!!!! 

I took a picture but then realized that you couldn't see much as you can only get the thing in "still" but at the tip of this, you can see something that looks like a little "inch worm" on the right side. 

When you get a q-tip wet, the fibers stick together and you don't get much of a "fly away" problem as you would when it is dry. 

I also have seen a few posts on the internet where people say that there is "thread worm" or strogyloides worms in cyct form on the cotton in cotton balls and q-tips so I can't say for sure that this parasite came out of my ear due to the peroxide on the q-tip irritating it but it is quite long in one of the videos I will post and makes me think it is actually the horsehair nematomorpha parasite gordian worm as they are long and thin. 

I do feel them often with this hyper infection in my eyes, ears, nose etc. but can't say for 100% what it actually is as I didn't send it in as at this point in the infestation, I wasn't having much luck sending worms to the lab as they would come back as "?" because it isn't any known human parasite. I sent up several 3 inch worms in alcohol and on tape or in baggies before the actual diagnosis in saline but they always came back as "?" or "No known human parasite" so I figured sending up a little worm on tape or in a baggie wasn't going to do me any good if they couldn't identify the larger ones. 

It is 1:30 a.m. and I have been out of town all weekend and arrived home late so I am going to post video one today and the other tomorrow as I am so tired. The worm gets more active around the two and a half minute mark. 

It still freaks me out and I have NEVER used the peroxide and q-tips in my ear again since this as I was so freaked out about it.  

I thought I needed to post it for those humans who have the same symptoms. As there aren't many human diagnosis's, I want to document what I have done and tried just to let them know what happened so they can either try it or not try it as they choose. 

Just wish this whole nightmare would end. Here's to hoping!

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