Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Grandma Is In The Hospital - Not Looking Good

I am sorry for the bad pictures. Today was a LONG day starting at 6:30 after only a few hours sleep. Princess Five is running for Student Body President and we had to get up and hang posters before school. The whole campaign fiasco will be a post for another day.

Since my mother left, she now has several infections and is in the hospital. I feel so guilty that I couldn't get my siblings to put her in a facility where she would have full time care and fell guilty that I didn't keep her so she would have constant care rather that 12 different people skipping in and out and many times alone. 

 They admitted her to the hospital. She has pulled out several IV's and catheters in the past 24 hours and the hospital hired a "one on one" staff as my siblings were having a hard time keeping her still. The mitts they put on her haven't worked to keep her from pulling things out and finally my sister gave her a flashlight to click on and off to keep her busy but I am not sure where her tablet went that we used to keep her busy watching movies while she was getting blood. I couldn't get the pictures to upload other than in thumbnail and I am too tired to care. I woke with a sinus migraine and met four others today with headaches as well. 

My head was so bad at one point I nearly fainted twice. I haven't had that big of a light headedness with a pressure storm ever. I get a little dizzy sometimes when it is moving in fast but it was really rough today. 

It is 5:10 a.m. and I need some sleep. I am hoping I can actually sleep at this point. Say a prayer for my mom if you would. Thanks in advance.....

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