Monday, March 27, 2017

Have a Blessed Day - Wipe the Blues Away

 A few weeks back, I had to call one of my credit card companies to dispute a charge. I got someone from another country on the service call and couldn't understand what they were saying. I asked to speak with another customer service center person (manager) and got another accented outsourced worker with whom I had a conversation where I was told that I was not able to get the charge taken off my card. I struggled to understand what he was saying but was SUPER frustrated as I have never paid interest on a credit card in my life and it seems that every year over Christmas, the cards hold their payements making them late so you have LOTS of interest but for some reason, they always send a letter telling me that my "Late payment" fee will be removed. 

So, they charge you the interest which is where they make their money. They are doing it over the holiday when you have the highest balance and willingly of their own accord before I even know of any fees, remove the "late payment" $35 fee. Each year, I call and they remove all the interest and any fees as it has happened every year for the past 4 years and I send the payment in SUPER early now to avoid just this thing happening but sending it early doesn't help. I think it is just something they do knowing most people won't fight the charge. I was finally able to speak to someone in the U.S. and she immediately removed all interest from the month and restored everything as it should be. She was nice but seemed frustrated herself with my frustration at not being able to understand the workers and for them not being able to resolve my issues. She thanked me for being a good customer spending over $1000 a month on their card for over 13 years. 

Last week, I got a letter from Discover card telling me that I had an authorized user on my account and needed to make sure that I really wanted that user on my account. They asked that I call or get online to make sure things were as I wanted them. 

I called and immediately had a very happy woman on the line and she clearly identified herself at the beginning of the call as "Lauren from the Utah call center!" I had her help me with the letter information and told her that I was very grateful for her as I shared my experience with the outsourced customer service issue from a few months back. She said she hears comments like that regularly. As she hung up, she said something that touched me profoundly. She said, "Have a blessed day!" where normally you would hear, "Have a nice day" she replaced it with "blessed!" 

I felt like someone had just said a prayer for me. I thought, she probably gets lots of negative people calling upset about things and has chosen to be happy and make a difference. Who would have thought that a customer service person could make an impact on a life in a two minute call?! 

I pondered on that as I feel like recently, and the last year in general, I have lost much of my gratitude and joy in life. It has been a struggle and I know if you have read my blog for the past 7 years, you will be able to see have this past year, my mom, parasites, accidents etc has taken it out of me. 

I decided the past few days, since that call, to see if I could make others feel like their day had been "blessed" by me in some way. I wrote a text to a friend I haven't seen in many months telling her how grateful I am for her in my life. I posted a few uplifting comments on some friends social media sites as I rarely post on social media not having apps on my phone for them, I just don't get on them often. I then thought of my immediate neighbors. I thought of what type of neighbor I have been over the past few years. I run over if I have excess stuff from the food bank and that is about it. I have been so involved with life, I stopped interacting with people unless there is an immediate need. 

I thought about my neighbor who isn't involved in anything I am so I rarely see her unless I make an effort. I know she loves puzzles and cats so I was at a store and found a 10 puzzle "cat" set which I purchased and put a bow on. I then took it over and said, "Happy Un-Birthday! Since we aren't super close and I don't know your birthday, I am sure I missed it but I want you to know how much I appreciate you as a neighbor! You always keep your yard nice, you keep an eye on my house when needed and I know if I had an emergency, I could ask you for help and you would!" 

She had a big smile on her face and seemed happy I stopped over. It didn't cost much, it didn't take lots of time, I didn't have to go out of my way. I wondered why I stopped doing that type of thing. I think when we are overwhelmed, it is hard to reach out to others but that is exactly when we need to do it. I noticed when I am thinking of how I can impact someones life, my own seems less stressful and difficult. I learned about this the hard way many years ago and it impacted my life. I think I just needed a reminder of that. Click here for that post that really did change my life!

I want to thank "Lauren" from the Utah call center for Discover Card for wishing me a "Blessed Day!" I started to say this at the end of my calls to my girls and have gotten a mixed review. Like it did me, it takes them by surprise the first time. I am hoping to make it something I say to everyone I meet! Thanks Lauren!

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