Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It's a BEAUTY Disney Princess Date

I shared yesterday that Princess Five asked the brother of Princess Fours current missionary companion to a girls preference dance. 
She jumped in last minute so many of the Disney couples were taken. It worked out that I already had white t-shirts at home so she chose Princess Anna. I personally was glad it wasn't taken so it was easy for me. 

Her sweet best friend's mother should be sainted as she did all this cute planning for the date and they cut out the vinyl for the shirts and then hosted this all, including the adorable "Beauty and the Beast" - Be our guest dinner! 

I am including the cute picture scavenger hunt and most of their cute pictures below so if you want to do this idea, you can clip and paste most of it. Truly an adorable Princess Themed date! Enjoy the clues.... They had them cut up inside the bag so they chose one out at a time to do.

This is a Disney Riddle Picture Rally! You must figure out the place each picture is to be taken and the action that should be portrayed in the picture as well! A lot of clues are two-fold, so make sure and read them all the way through and do as the clue says to do! Everyone in your group must be in each picture, so find a willing stranger at each location to take it for you!
Go to the place that you can find,The tales as old as time
Open a book and a story it must tell, Make sure the main subject is a cute little “belle” (Wasn't open so they couldn't get the book but they put "Belle" in the front)

What is Peter Pan’s favorite restaurant?
Find it and you will see
The sun will cast this behind you,
But in front of the sign you must be.(Wendy's)
RANDOM QUESTIONS: If her shoe fit so perfectly, why did it fall off?
Find a place where your princess’s slippers are sold. Her prince must then her shoe hold.
A picture of you all, but don’t take too long
For midnight will strike and she will be gone.

Life can be rough, but Dory tells us what we must be willing to do,Find that place you can do this and pretend you are doing it too! Don’t get too wet for there are clues left to find,Hurry up, don’t leave your sea friends behind!

A crown of gold that is fit for a KING you must find, But don’t leave poor hungry Pumba too far behind. The crown upon your head must be seen, Inside the car—but not Lightning McQueen!(Burger King Crowns inside the car)

Where can you find a little Mermaid?
Of course under the “C”
Which by the way is a great place to be!
Go to the largest one in town
and under it you must all be found!
PS This clue has a lot in STORE for you, hope you get the MAIN idea!

Yes, Some day my prince will come
But while I wait, I have a small sum
To purchase one of these so juicy and red
The fairest must take a bite and act as if she is dead!

My house is made of those freezing liquid cold, But the cold never bothered me anyway, I’m told. I’m kept in large chest all over town, so finding me is a breeze!
Stand as close as you can—make sure my word shows, but don’t freeze!

My best friend is blue, although not from the cold, He’s magic, and funny and also very bold. Upon this I do SALE through the night sky, So stop by and give my method a try! Hold on tight to your Jasmine, it’s just one more PERK, Off to this store where the Carpet guy works!

A true Hero is not measured by the size or his strength, But by the strength of his heart!
Take heart and soul and body to the middle of this field, Where 11 man teams do a score try to build, Hercules strength is not needed for this very next move, A pyramid of you all must be made, so get in the groove!

Your Disney Riddle Picture Rally is finally through. So bring your pictures and come find what next you must do. The city Park is the next stop on your way,To finishes all the Disney challenges you have for today!
You clue may be found at the bottom of the slide, You may have to look a little bit for in the rocks it will hide.

This is what you find under the slide:
Tarzan Challenge: Swing as high as you can and toss your shoe off at the highest point. Couples will add their shoe toss total together for their score.

Frisbee golf (Tarzan style) Only can hit things in the park that you can link to a Disney movie. First couple to 3 wins!

Head back to the house for the Tangled Challenge: Each boy must braid his date’s hair in the best braid they know. Pictures must be sent to the mediator (phone number here) who will send them on to the judges.

Sleeping Beauty Challenge: All princesses will put a blindfold on and be led by her prince in putting together a Frozen puzzle! You can talk, guide their hand or whatever, but you are not allowed to put any pieces in place! If this exceeds 10 minutes, we will switch spots and continue.

Seriously, they should win an award for the cutest date planned ever! Thanks for making it so fun! 

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