Friday, August 4, 2017

Cast Party - Watching Highlights on The Big Screen

Our cast party was tonight. I had plans before but they changed so we were able to go and visit with the others from the play.

We had a great time watching highlights of the play on a big "screen" at the producers home. She really did a great job and I know her family gave up their summer supporting her, helping paint sets, performing in the play etc. She was also one of the leads in the play so she really had a tough summer. It was gracious of her to allow the cast to come and eat in their yard and for planning the party as well.

I took a few pictures of the cast enjoying the wonderful food and watching the slideshow. The weather chose to bless us as the sun clouded over and the temperature was perfect.

I took about 98% of the pictures in the slideshow which was nice. I am so blessed to have that Panasonic Lumix camera which takes wonderful pictures so I tried really hard to get a  good picture or two of each cast and crew member during the practices and performance nights.

I forgot I took this video on my phone a week before the play and found it as I was clearing off some pictures from my phone tonight. 

There were so many people in the cast and many families and they would bring their little kids and put on a video for them to watch. The problem was that there were so many really little ones that only a few watched the video and the little ones weren't interested in watching. There were only a few chairs out so there wasn't any place for cast to sit and the little ones were so loud that you really couldn't visit. 
Also, it was probably close to 100 degrees in that room at times. They didn't stick on the air conditioning in that room at any point in all the months of practices and I was surprised that even during the performance nights, they didn't turn on the air conditioning in the halls, green room or dressing rooms for the cast. 

I helped clean up the green room at night sometimes and would find all sorts of messes and the room often smelled like dirty diapers. 

I know it was the first time they have used the new high school and the production was wonderful. They are working out the kinks of the building. I had hoped we could use one of the classrooms to change and maybe have some air-conditioning going on but schools are like little communities and there are always politics involved in those type of things so hopefully they will be able to communicate within the school and community to make the situation a bit more bearable for those participating in future plays.

I have a family reunion next week and don't know that I will be able to post as I have so much going on. 

Have a Blessed Week if I don't get to posting! 

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