Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Princess Four in Japan - Issues With apple Products

Here is the latest from Princess Four. We have no pictures this week as she can't transfer them due to her apple ipad not syncing with normal zip and sd cards. If she sends them through email, we get some but can't unzip others etc. She didn't send any pictures but we did get this little video this week. We need to buy a special memory tool just for apple products, this and other reasons are why I don't like apple products! Here is her latest.... Enjoy!

"HELLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL WORLD!!! AND HELLO TO ALLTHE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE READING THIS EMAIL!!! are you all happy and genki? I hope so :)Congrats on everyone ending schools! 
Wow. So miracles yeah? I have some crazy ones this week! 
We had splits. I was with the 1st transfer Beanchan, her name in english means Cherry blossom Light River, and lets just say it was cray. Not even crazy. It was cray. Maybe even pushing Cray Cray.  Ok anyway. Ha Due to their area, they cant go streeting, so her trainer asked me to teach her how to street..... Um... Yes please! It was awesome.

First off, It was raining, so that was a party. Second, I always do like the,"Hey! Hello, I am from America and i teach english." Shpeal, and my companion picks up the gospel part, so it was actually really cool getting to be the Senpai, Senior companion, and being in charge of gospel things. Our first few people were not very interested, so that was hard, but I tried my best to communicate that our job is to offer the gospel. Them choosing to accept is their choice. Even though it hurts, and is uncomfortable, we have to at least let them make that choice by offering.

We had to get money from the ATM, also taught her how to do that. Being a trainer for a day is fun! Not saying I want to be a trainer quite yet if that is in Gods plan for me, but I had so much fun. So then I asked her where we should go. I saw a woman to the right, so I thought she would say right, but she said left, and I said, ok. Then I told her about following the spirit, an how I used to do always do that. Then I got scared for a little while, but how I like trying my best to follow the spirit, because I like seeing miracles!  We got a few more kekko desus, aka not interested please stop bothering me said in a polite way, but then a miracle happened. A woman was stepping out of the crosswalk, and I stopped her. SHE KNEW WHO WE WERE. SHE HAS BEEN TO THE TEMPLE BEFORE!  And she knew other cities near home.

She did school in Seattle, but she somehow through a friend or teacher or something knew about our church!  So that was super awesome!!  I asked if she knew about the Sapporo temple, and then showed her a picture. She said she don't know, and asked where it was. She also asked when church was. She didn't want lessons I think, but we gave her chirashi a, so that was good!  God is real people! She also said a few times how good my Japanese was, so that was really nice. Why are Japanese people so nice!!! ??? 

Other miracle. We were trying to find a house, and I felt prompted to talk to a woman doing something by her car, my split partner didnt see her, but I said we should go, and she led the way even though I was a little hesitant. Um yeah hi. She spoke perfect English. Then says,"yeah my Spanish is better" I was in shock. (I always say how I would be different as an English speaking missionary, but props to those who serve speaking their native language because I didnt know what to do) But in the end, we switched numbers, and she said she wanted to hear about our beliefs..... Yeah I was super shocked, and probably not my most elegant speaking moments due to me trying to speak both Japanese and English, But God works in mysterious ways. She was also interested in getting a BOM in English, but we offered her a Japanese version and she took it.... What!!!?? So lets pray she accepts our message! So that was way awesome! 

We made dinner for a part/less active family because they are sick. It was a Super long bike ride in the rain, but when we surprised them, they were smiling like crazy. We were only there for less than a minute, but I yelled, "We love you!" In English, and they said "love you too" in English.... People in Japan DO NOT say that, #culture, So that brought us a lot of joy! 

An American Family moves into the ward this week, and an American couple are here for 6weeks, so yaya English! 

Yesterday a grouchy, but beloved child of God waved us away from her shared gravel parking area where we tried to park our bikes. We were scared of her, and passed her complex to go pinging. We were about to leave, but I thought, maybe Satan was trying to scare us away from that building. He was. We went to the top floor, and this woman comes out on the phone. She was expecting a man who came up the stairs after us, so we, two Americans, scared her. Long story short. We saw a duck, shared a scripture, and gave her a pamphlet... Hi. God is real. 

Well I love you all! Tune in next time to hear more fun stories! Make good choices! Also, I met a half american girl who's family is Mennonite...... so we will update you on that..."

I hope we can figure out her Apple product issues and get more pictures coming. Please be patient and pray for her as she has had a few health issues this past few weeks. Thanks! Have a BLESSED DAY!

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