Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Last Percussion Concert Was ANIMAL

Another last in my world today. My last three girls have all been involved in the percussion ensemble.

Today I went to my last Percussion and jazz band concert. I've been to many  concerts. It is funny how I have been to them all in different rooms, buildings, courtyards and platforms as the school has been torn apart and built new in stages over the past five years or so.

This was the first percussion concert I have attended at the school. They did have a Christmas concert at the school but it was in the cafeteria. It was different being able to see them on stage.

The first song, she was on the base drum. She never got a great position since she had her accident as she couldn't do much with her left arm for so many months that other kids got the main instruments and she did things like the bell or tambourine that she could play with one hand. Here is a link to a post about that.

I didn't upload the video for that as it isn't super exciting as she is behind the drum etc. The second video however, I was SO excited about! I will share why!

I paid for all my girls to have piano lessons. Each started young and went for four or five years or more. I tried several different teachers but one used the Bastian Method and the other Used Suzuki Method. None of my girls can play anything except songs them memorized for recitals.
I hauled them to lessons before school, after school, evenings, traded out cleaning and tried over and over to get them to practice.

I later learned that many children don't do well with either method unless the parents are super diligent because the kids are not playing music they know or like.

I finally gave up about six years ago fighting the fight as they were all upset I forced it on them and none of them could play so I figured why pay for nothing. I do feel it gave them rhythm and helped them read music for singing and gave them an ear for harmonies. It makes me sad they can't just sit down and enjoy playing as it has always brought me joy and I am not very good.

The wonderful thing about the second song was that Princess Five played the piano! Not that it was a super difficult part but I was happy to just see that there was some good that came from the piano lessons and many sacrifices driving them early and after school and all the thousands and thousands of dollars I paid out were being used in a small way.

I thought I had video taped the song and was extremely saddened when I realized that it never turned on and when I thought I was turning it off, I actually turned it on to hear part of the next Jazz band song. I uploaded the video anyway as I thought it was so funny I video taped the ceiling.

The last song was a weird song but it looked like the kids were having fun and I thought, how ironic that her last percussion concert in high school ended with her making noises and they were all animals. Isn't that what high school is like, super noisy and being surrounded by animals?!

She had fun and I snapped this cute picture of her cleaning up, she is smiling so I guess it was fun. Once again, sad and happy day.

Have a BLESSED Day!

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