Friday, June 10, 2011

It Came From Outter Space - CPAP Apnea machine

So, I think I mentioned that I was going to try using an apnea machine to help my sleep issue. So, last night, I put the nasal mask on (photo below) and didn't like it because I guess I am a mouth breather at times.

I ended up putting the partial face mask on and HATED IT! I kept waking myself up and at least 5 times woke with DRY desert mouth. It hurt to close it after the first time or two. I had the humidity going and the heat and even with that, I was cold and my sensitive teeth hurt (only some are sensitive I guess) when I would breath.

To say that this is worth it, I don't know. I ripped the stupid thing off halfway through the night and ended up with a sore throat in the morning anyway.

There is a nasal cannula one that I have that I thought I would try but with the mouth breathing, I don't know that it would work.

I have spoken to several people who say it takes some getting used to but they do feel better when they use it. I also know some that said they have tried a mouth piece and had good luck with that so I am thinking about maybe trying that if I can't figure out a way to make this work for me.

I have a REMstar unit and I am sure it is similar to most as I have seen many over the years. My mom, uncle and a daughter have apnea but I think it may affect more of the family but be undiagnosed as I find that more and more health issues are related to lack of sleep.

I woke up with the thought that I need to take Valerian Root this morning. Since I know nothing about Valerian root, I was a bit unsure about it but I get much inspiration that way either dreams or when I am half awake in the morning before getting up so I researched Valerian Root today (thanks to my sister also) and here is what I found on Wiki:

"Valerian is used for sleeping disorders, restlessness and anxiety, and as a muscle relaxant. Certain data suggests that Valerian has an effect that is calming but doesn't cause sleepiness the following day. When used as a sleeping aid, Valerian appears to be most effective on users who have difficulty falling asleep. Also noteworthy is that Valerian has been shown to have positive results on users who wake up during the night."

I thought this information was interesting as well. It is like cat nip for cats and this is also from wiki: "Anecdotal reports claim that Valerian is also attractive to rats—so much so that it had been used to bait traps. Stories describe the Pied Piper of Hamelin using both his pipes and Valerian to attract rats."

You never know when you may need that type of information. Hopefully we never will but for emergency preparedness, you may need to eat a rat. Now you know how to catch them. ;-)

I actually know someone that traded his gold watch heirloom for a rat to feed his family in Cambodia so even said in jest, you really never know.

I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven that answered my prayer last night about needing to figure out my sleep issues so I can wake alert. I am so tired if I sit down, I am sleeping. I think that Valerian may be the answer to that prayer. Since I knew nothing about it before today, I know it is an answer to prayer.

I suggest you click on the Wikipedia link above and read about everything Valerian Root does. It helps digestive problems, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, irritable bowel, heart palpitations and many more things. Not all are mentioned in the wiki article but some have claimed to be cured of epilepsy by it.

I will try it and follow up on how it works for me. The machine so far ISN'T working for me. One more funny thing. The photo at the top. If you put the hose to your ear and breath, it is the "Darth Vader" sound. It is quite funny.

Sleep tight!

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