Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Suitcase of Snacks - Not Going Hungry

I wanted to share this with you in case any of you are sending out a missionary. Princess Two shared with me that being in the training center, she was there for months as she had to learn Chinese before heading to Taiwan. 

When she went to the language training center for a few months, the main report she had was SHE WAS HUNGRY! I know that they put cream into everything there and this caused some of Princess Two's health problems to start there as she was having gall bladder problems but we didn't know that was causing her health issues at the time. 

Fast forward to about 2 1/2 years ago. My nephew went to the language training center. His sister had the exact same problem my daughter did with her gall bladder and that was partially what helped us diagnose the problem in my daughter. So, my brothers family has the same health problems in some of his children. His son, wrote a letter home which they shared saying that he was having diarrhea to the point of bleeding while at the training center. 
When I read that, I reminded his mother of the family gall bladder issue and that perhaps the cream in the food he was eating was causing his problem. She then related that all her children that attended the training center had the same problem. So, with that, when I sent Princess Four in to the center, I looked back at all the family history there and had a chat with her. 

I told her that they eat dinner at 5 p.m. and that she would have to eat the other two meals in order to not be hungry in the evening. She is like me in that she doesn't eat in the morning and will eat a meal about 1-2 and then again about 7 p.m. and a late night protein snack about ten. Part of this is the parasites as they are active at night and make me crave protein and I am sure my kids and half of my town have the parasite if science would ever catch up and make a blood test for it. 

So, with that information, I warned her that she needs to choose her food wisely during the day and avoid lots of eggs, red meat and creamy items. Hopefully, she won't have any abdominal pain, diarrhea, or any other illnesses while there. 
Also, knowing her eating patterns, I asked Princess Two what I should do to make it easier for her sister. She told me that she ate out of the vending machines every night and spent LOTS of money on feeding herself. She has to eat every two hours during the day as she can't eat big meals being built the way she is.  

I asked Princess Four what snacks she would like to help her stay awake during the day as she also needs lots of sleep (parasite issue) and also, what food she would like in the evenings so she isn't hungry all the time like her sister. 

She gave me lots of ideas and I asked about the "Cup-o-soup" and she thought that was a great idea. I packed spoons and she just needs hot water to eat those and it will warm her up and fill the belly before bed. I packed all her favorite late night snacks except sunflower seeds which she eats constantly. I did include baggies of different nuts to give her protein as well. 

She asked for the "lifesaver" mints as she likes to suck on those to stay awake during classes so while she is learning the language, I figured she may need a few as she is there for 9 weeks and through both holidays. I bought her the extra-large bag and I had so many snacks, I couldn't fit them all in the suitcase carry-on she is taking which is on the larger end as carry-ons go so she has LOTS of snacks. 

I put the extra stuff into a boot box and sent it to Princess Two's house so she can take in snacks as the supply dwindles. I gave her extra as I know there are 6-10 girls in her room and she will want to share as to not eat in front of anyone so I gave her plenty to share. 

As I was putting them into the case, I realized that her love language is notes and touch. I can't touch her while she is away but I realized I could send her with words of love. I had Princess Five help me and we spent lots of time writing on every package and item that went into the case and box. We quoted favorite movies, songs, private jokes between us and lots of words of love.  

I was frustrated when Princess Five let her see some of the baggies with notes before we had them packed but it made Princess Four smile knowing there were little notes to find and read. 

I also wrote her a note and shoved it into a side pocket of her suitcases hoping she would find it when it would be best. I know going away from home to anther country for a year + is scary. I went as an exchange student to a country where I knew no one for a year and I remember waking up that first day in a strange home wondering what I was thinking! 

I know she is doing fine and will be a great missionary but I worry about the day to day things that she may not be able to get there. Ranch dressing.... She eats it with most things rather than sauce or ketchup. Nope, can't get American peanut butter either. 

Sometimes it is the small things you miss when you are away from home. I hope she has everything she needs to avoid that. 

One more thing I wanted to share. I have been blogging for six years now. I put ads on my site many years back but it took me over four years to make the $100 threshold where they will pay you. It took me over three months at the beginning of the year to make $100. Then, two months, and last month, was my first month making $100 in a month between my youtube and blog! Yet, there is more to the story as always. I got paid on 11-11 and the amount (of course) $111! So, on 11-11, I got $111. My Father in Heaven loves me. It was just before I was sending Princess off and as I was taking the pictures for this blog so I thought I would include it and share how good He is to let me know she will be "OK" and that I need to trust in Him. If you don't know the meaning of 111 in my life, here is a link to the original blog post and you can search "111" in the search box at the bottom of the page to read about more of those moments.

I am SO blessed!

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