Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fastest, Cleanest, and Easiest Way To Peel Pomegranates

Growing up, we peeled many pomegranates as my grandparents lived in the south and had pecan orchards and Pomegranate trees.

Every Thanksgiving through January, many of us kids would have pink stained fingers as we loved the royal, juicy fruit.

We would cut and peel them as snacks, or for our favorite treat over the holidays, "Dixie Salad" which has been a tradition for holidays my entire life. With such a large family, we would be peeling pomegranates and cracking pecans for hours as we have well over 75 people attending in cousins, aunts, uncles etc on both sides of the family as my mother and father both have lots of siblings, who all had lots of children.

Another favorite treat using pomegranates is a cranberry Jello salad with peppermint in it. Sometimes I would add pomegranate, and other times, not. I stopped making it for our meals as the kids never really liked the texture of the cranberries but I made it this year as I have been craving raw cranberries and had half a bag left from that, so I made the salad and ate most of it myself as the kids just never loved it. I had no problem eating the entire thing. I wonder if I left out the cranberries and just put the peppermint and pomegranates in it, if they would enjoy it more. Maybe I will try that next year.

When I learned this really fast and easy way to peel and seed a pomegranate a few years back, I LOVED it and have never gone back. My fingers don't end up stained and it goes so much quicker as the little white peel / skin floats to the top so it makes pulling them out a job that takes seconds and you don't even have to touch the fruit. 

Also, some of the dead or rotten seeds float to the top making it super easy to get the good fruit sorted. 

Basically, you slice the fruit into fourths or sixths and fill a bowl with cold water. Put the sections in the water and turn them away from you and just push the back center of the slice inside out and all the seeds just fall into the water and you can just run your fingers over the inside of the fruit and it takes seconds to pit or seed them. 

Then, pull out the little white floating pieces, strain and you have the fruit ready to use! It really can be done in about a minute or two and no stained fingers either! Also, no juice dripping or staining the counter or cutting board. It really is just wonderful. I am so glad I learned this method and wish that I had learned it years before! Hopefully the video makes it clear if this post isn't! 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Weirdness That is My Life - Pomegranate For the Liver

If you follow my blog, you will know that sometimes I have super weird things happen in my life and they seem unbelievable. I myself probably wouldn't believe some of the crazy things if they weren't happening to me.

Over the Christmas holiday, we were making our usual holiday foods and one of those foods is a salad called "Dixie Salad" (see that post here) with pomegranate and pecans. Princess Three had her boyfriend over for the first time to our home so we could meet him. She told me he liked pomegranates so I figured when he asked what he could do to help (loved that about him by the way) I thought peeling the pomegranate would be a good thing for him to do.

While he was peeling the pomegranate, I had the strongest feeling that I needed to save the peels. I have never heard of anyone ever using the peels, eating the peels, anything with the peels so I was a bit uncomfortable telling her boyfriend that I wanted to save the peels as I wasn't sure what I would be doing with them but I just told him I wanted to try drying them and see how it worked or something. I still felt a bit weird about it but I just took them all and put them into a glass bowl and stuck them into the fridge until the holiday was over and I was alone and had time to put them onto the dehydrator after returning home. 

I still didn't know what I was going to do with them once I got them dried but dehydrated them, and once dried, ground them into powder and put it in a jar and labeled it. It sat on the counter like that for over a week. 

Last week, I shared that I worked on organizing all our backup drive pictures and it took me a good week of long hours to get it all sorted and organized. When I am doing a binge work like that, I usually have something playing in the background to keep my mind busy but not something that is so interesting that I get distracted and stop what I am doing to watch it so I usually find a "B" movie or show I can listen to while I work just to have something keeping me awake while I work but not so distracting. 

I picked some weird apocalypse show that showed up as a suggestion on Netflix. I have never heard of the show "The Messengers" but it wasn't a "Netflix" show which often has vulgar language and nudity along with most of them having graphic lesbian love scenes as I think men will tolerate watching that but not gay men love scenes so nearly every Netflix show I try to watch ends up with me turning it off after an episode or two either for massive use of the "f bomb" or graphic nude love scenes. And, it seems, I can't find a show that isn't graphic made by Netflix so I try not to watch anything produced by them.

With that, I picked this show about "end times" as at least they had the bible in it. I could tell right away that the acting wasn't great and I think some of their interpretations of the bible are different than what I believe but at least it wasn't graphic so I tolerated the acting and just listened as I worked on my pictures.

Imagine my surprise when in the middle of episode 8 of 13, that out of nowhere, one of the characters is in a store getting some groceries and he picks up a bottle of pomegranate juice and a stranger comes up to the man and tells him "pomegranate clears the liver and detoxifies!"  

I thought that was so weird that in a tv show, someone would throw that in, it seemed so out of place.... I thought, "hey, that is maybe why I needed to keep the pomegranate peels." 

So, I am still binge watching while I am sorting the pictures, I get through all 13 episodes of "The Messengers" and think I needed another "B" show to watch while I kept working. So, "Wynonna Earp" is suggested in one of the rows of suggestions and my mother knew the original actor that played Wyatt Earp so I thought I would give that show a try.... Basically, it is a bad copycat of "Supernatural" with limited actors and a "Texas Ranger" theme however the special effects are really good.

Like I said, I wasn't really into watching something that was interesting to me so I kept it on as I worked. My mouth dropped open when in show 7 of 13, she said, "Say pomegranate if someone's got a gun on you!" 

I figured something was up as I don't know that I have ever heard that word in a show before and not in two consecutive shows that I would NEVER have watched normally, even shut off if I had started watching them in any normal situation! What surprised me even more, was that they told me in the show it was for the liver! 

I then did some research on it and will share that in another post, but I have to say, I have been making and drinking pomegranate peel tea! I also bought the rest of the pomegranates they had in town and dried those peels and froze the fruit which I will post on later as well. 

I do believe that God loves me and shows me in any way he can, the best way to take care of me and you all know I have yellow eyes and liver issues with all the medications I have been taking for the parasites. Here is a link to the original post. Here is one to a later more current post. Even now, both my eyes are more yellow. It is scary to me but I really don't know what more I can do. Thus, I believe God in His own way was letting me know that I needed pomegranate and pomegranate peel.   

 I also checked at the store to see if they had 100% pomegranate juice at our local stores and was surprised that in our small town, they had lots of juice. They had these larger bottles and quite a few smaller bottles so I think even if I can't get fresh fruit, I can at least get the juice. 

I'll be sharing a bit more about all this the next few days but I had to share why I was sharing about pomegranate. 

Have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

More Snow and Cookies in Japan - Princess Four

こんいちはみなさん!!元気?you are all looking BEAUTIFUL this morning! It's just because you are びじん!!!ね!So lets just start with miracles already because there are lots! 

Wednesday - The day we contacted I think 25 people meaningfully on this day. We had an old lady yell at us from the top of a HUGE snow pile with like only one eye, and she called me onesan which is like. Older sister kind of. And she knew we were missionaries and asked us to hand her a shovel, then told us she wasn't interested in the gospel ,but thanked us. So that was quite the adventure.

Then we told a couple about the Book of Mormon, and they were like yeah! Then as t he conversation progressed they just liked backed into their house and kept xing their arms. And were no longer interested in talking to us! Then we met Yuka! And got her number! And she set up an appointment with us for Wednesday. This is so rare people! We have high hopes for her! We also met a Protestant family. Which is also rare. And they listened. Not super interested, but I think we will go back! They are so close to the whole truth! I love it! They gave us candy!
Then, we kept finding, and met a girl who had met the missionaries before! She said she wanted to learn about Jesus! Turns out later in the week she unfriended us on the chat app LINE. But Hey, in the moment it was a huge miracle! She had a Book of Mormon, and she read one of our pamphlets! So I'm just assuming her mom unfriended us, and that girl will find the church some day! Nice! Then the same day my bean is walking behind me, and says Konnichiha. I didn't see anybody, but turns out there was a man walking behind us. After some nice chatting he found out who we were, and told us he has met the ELDERS! What! AND HE HAD PICTURES! WHAT! So we took a picture of us with his picture of our current Elders. YOU GO CHOUROU! So fun! Good stuff! And then we were walking this same day, and we see an old lady fall into a snow pile kind of far ahead of us. I had mentioned how the lady looked Like Sasaki shimai. A woman we had read the Book of Mormon with that day before finding. LO and behold. It was Sasaki shimai! But she was ok! Gods timing is sooooo perfect!!! 

OH, Things my bean has said. Lehi's Ame. She meant to say Yume. Which is dream. instead. She said lehi's candy. Because Ame means candy. So that was the cutest prayer! She also gave her first talk yesterday... so Proud!!! 

We have made lots of appointments with members recently so that has been interesting! They liked us! They really like us! I hope they will invite their friends to have messages with us to! President Gay has really been changing things up for the Asia north AREA! WAHOOO! 

God is so good. Yesterday I was feeling a little down. But God sent me 2 Nephi 1:15

"15 But behold, the Lord hath redeemed my soul from hell; I have beheld his glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of his love."

God sent me a hug through the scriptures! How cute is that! What a good dad! I love my Heavenly Father! Remember God made you special, and He loves you very much! AND I LOVE YOU TOO!

The man, and the elders. Lol.
This is just a light snow from the walk from the apartment to the church. Yay! 
We love giving people heart attacks! Thank you Yuu chan! Love you Noa chan! Please be baptized!
We made the ward Facebook page due to our cookies! Yay! 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Cute Picture Frame Made From Car or Bike Tires

A few months ago, I found the cutest thing at a second hand store. I had been looking for a cute idea for a gift for my dad. 

I picked up what I thought was an African frame. It had a fun print on it and it was black so it looked like it was hand carved ebony or something so I picked it up as Princess three served as a service missionary to Africa and has some cute African decorations. I thought it would be cool to print off a picture of her in Africa and give it to her. 

When I looked closer at the picture frame, I realized that it wasn't carved wood but a rubber tire~ When you looked closer, you could see the "psi" pounds per square inch mark on the tire and 40 - 45 lbs.

I thought the thing was so adorable, I purchased the frame and looked for a time when I could get a cute photo of Princess Three and I with our new cars. My dad has always helped us get cars when needed. He test drives them, and knows all the tricks to see if it is burning oil, telling us to drive it in a certain way to get it to blow smoke if there is a problem. He has helped me get almost every car I have ever owned. 

We were driving past a field of grass and both Princess Three and I were there with our new cars so we took a picture of the two of us making a heart in front of our cars. I wanted to have us in front of our cars with more showing more of the cars, but the frame had a set back and the "psi" mark was on the bottom so I had to do a portrait picture to make it work, so I wasn't as happy with the picture as I didn't realize that until later so we were stuck with what we had but I still think it came out cute in the end. 

My dad and brothers weren't sure what it as at first but when they realized it was a tire, they decided that it was a fun gift. I personally think it would be a great income for those in third world countries to make and sell to tourists with a photo of the tourist in it. 

Anyway, I think it was a hit in the end. Yea for finding fun gifts! I have never seen anything like this before and neither had anyone in the family. I think my dad enjoyed it as he showed it around and had a smile on his face. He usually rolls his eyes in his head and tells me how we don't need to get him anything. ;-) 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Grandma and the Macarena - Picture Sort

I am not sure what just happened but my entire post deleted and it is nearly 5 a.m. and I am soooo close to finishing my sorting! I will make this re-post short so I can hopefully do that in the next hour or so. 

Last night, I had a thought about the recycle bin on my computer. I thought if I needed to go in and find anything, it would take hours as I have LOTS of stuff on there from this sort. 

Today, I got on the computer and realized that I had over 10,000 items in the recycle bin! I was shocked at how many double and in some cases about six copies of the same thing on the computer in different files and spaces. 

It is hard with the blog because at first I just kept all the family pictures and blog pictures in the same files but then we would spend hours looking for specific pictures sorting through pictures of crafts, projects and the like. 

I will empty the recycle bin after I finish this last file of "Photos off the old computer" that I somehow missed while scrolling. I did wonder why 2005 didn't have much compared to the other years and I guess most of the pictures for that year were in this missed file. I will be SO happy to have this organized. 

I just realized that I am not really finished with it because I have skipped the family history pictures and scans and that is still lots of scans. I have shared that my mother was a national beauty queen and we have thousands of pictures and scans of her. She also hoarded slides, pictures, and documents from anyone who would share so we have LOTS. I am grateful that we have them but not so grateful that I still have boxes and bins of stuff to finish organizing and scanning but I know I can get there. 

I found this adorable short clip of my mother doing the Macarena with Princess Five years ago. aren't they adorable!

I am slowing ticking things off my "to do" lists and I know that I have been a blessing to many people throughout this nightmare of pictures as I have gotten lots of "thank you" comments and "likes" from my nephews and nieces whose parents weren't picture takers. In fact, one such nephew just got engaged and I really felt that I needed to get this done now rather than later and I wonder if it is so that he will have some fun pictures to share at the wedding. 

My hands and feet are swollen due to sitting so much but I hope that will pass quickly as I move on to other things next week hopefully. 

I wanted to share a fun picture I found in one of these missed files tonight. My sister is so creative and made this cute costume for my niece. I thought I would share this cuteness with you. It's raining cats and dogs!

I hope you have a BLESSED day and weekend!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Taking So Much Longer Than I Figured - Sorting Pictures

 For the past three days, I have been sitting at the computer for about 10 hours a day sorting pictures.

I shared in my post a few days back that I have a ton of pictures and why. But, there are two bigger issues that I never figured on when doing this type of work.

The first is I am a giver. I give time, I give gifts, I give pictures of other peoples children when the parent's are working and can't be on the field trip or watching the program.

I went on every field trip any of my kids ever went on. I even tried to bribe Princess Five when she was in high school telling her I would pay her $50 so I wouldn't have to go as it cost me more than that to get my background check renewed. She said her sisters all went to the mall with me on the band trips so she wanted me to go as well.

She soon regretted that choice when sitting with your mom isn't so cool so I told her to go sit with her friends and I sat alone both ways on the bus. We did enjoy sushi at the mall, and I got some great pictures. You have to realize that two parents go on the bus and all my friends children are in the band, dance recital, etc so I would take close up pictures of each kid for the parents and before facebook, it wasn't as easy to send digital media so I think you may be understanding where I am frustrated with this. My dvd / cd burner never worked on the Panasonic computer I won so making them a cd was super frustrating and didn't happen.

I have spent three days going through each file and uploading hundreds of pictures of other families and kids that happened to be in the play, band, dance class, drill, piano recital and I have learned something about my family. We are all picture hoarders!

I uploaded to pages for my siblings, to my extended family, I have pages for all the dances my kids attended as I took most of the pictures for the event. I have pictures of people I don't know! I have deleted so many pictures that my children weren't even in. I took the pictures because I know how those kids feel when there is no parent there for them. I can't tell you how many times children have come up to me at events and asked if I would take their picture for them as their parent didn't attend or didn't bring a camera.

I know I have also over compensated with my girls as their father isn't involved so I had to be at everything as I never wanted them to feel they weren't being supported. I was always front and center with two cameras, one for video and one for pictures.

The other issue I have, is that being a busy mom, sometimes I would download part of the sd card to create some space and then use it and then forget I downloaded parts and redownload them so I found the same files in several places and the older the files, the more copies there were due to the issues I had with the computer viruses and having old computers, I would copy any files onto the back up and then there are the back up on each computer with the same files carried forward for years and so I had to sort sometimes through three or four copies of the same pictures.

This project is taking forever and I am not even close to being done as I haven't started on the family history scans, my kids scans, or the 15 sd cards that need to be downloaded and organized.

With all that said, I have found the most adorable pictures of the kids and am excited to have them in a format that is functional and usable and hope that after a few more lengthy days, I will have a wonderful library of pictures that will be a blessing to our family.

I hope that I have been a blessing to those I have uploaded pictures for in the past few days. It is funny but I could tell before uploading which friends would be annoyed and pick apart the photos and the ones hat would be extremely grateful for even just one or two pictures of their children.

I think I have more pictures of some of my children's friends than their own parents do. There are two close friends to one of my girls whose mothers never went to any of their activities and my daughter was in almost every activity with their child from preK to graduation. I have hundreds and hundreds of pictures of their children but I understand that pictures are not everyone's thing. But, whenever I took the camera out, that child would be front and center for the pictures and more than once I had to kindly tell the child that I wanted pictures of everyone and if they kept stepping in front of other children, I wouldn't be taking any more pictures. Over time they learned to share the spotlight as they knew I would take pictures of them as I always did.

Looking at these first digital pictures of my children, I am sad that I didn't invest in a good digital camera back then. The camera that took these was borrowed and I really love the quality of the pictures as the digital we used before I won my Lumix wasn't the best. I learned that a quality camera really makes a difference in the pictures and lighting.

I am still searching for a new camera and am debating between a high end phone with a good camera or another high end camera. I need to decide soon as mine is really on its last leg.

Hopefully I will have more to share soon, but this is taking up way more time than I anticipated. I have gotten some grateful responses to my uploading from most so it makes it worth it. I can share that I am so glad my children are grown and I won't be taking any more pictures of other peoples children. lol

Have a BLESSED Day!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Rice Smashing and Saying Goodbye in Japan - Princess Four

Hello BEAUTIFUL people! Um. No time today due to us streeting these two young men, and them coming to the church for our church's mochitsuki aka rice smashing party! IT was a party for sure! So many people came! It was perfect! And I helped our investigator download pictures from her Disney trip. So you know. All good stuff! 

Are you all genki? We are working really hard over here in Suehiro. We had our best day of finding. 29 meaningful contacts. That might sound small, but it was so big for us! We really tried hard to contact and invite everyone to Christ! 

It is crazy how many people aren't interested, but we are getting better at speaking, and being brave, and we can only go up from here! Training is sooooo fun!!!! I am soooooooo not perfect.... yikes.... BUT! CHRIST IS! So that is all that matters! 

We met a girl who said she wanted to learn about Mormons. That's pretty rare! She was the last girl we contacted yesterday. God is really great. We are grateful for Him!

WE fasted as a mission yesterday for our faith. I know the fast really helped us! WE LOVE FAITH! AND CHRIST! Faith is just SOOOO important! Um. Yeah. God is just so good! 

Went to Sapporo and talked to two nice men on the way there and back. AND SO DID MY BEAN! SHE IS SO BRAVE! We had Mission leadership conference, and I got to sleep the night in Higashi... oh man.. I love that area! 

Really. There are way more miracles, just no time!!! 
Yamada family. We will baptize them! 
My beloved CHORO!!!! Ah. My first District leader.... He is honestly the greatest missionary I know... 
My beloved Choro. My second district leader. He is honestly the most famous missionary I know. Lol. Shout out at his off Broadway performance! Really. He is toooo good! At all things! Good luck in the not mission world Elders! 

I love Japanese English! 
Mochi party! Bean paste with strawberry! 10/10 would recommend!