Thursday, April 19, 2018

My First Youtube "Friend" - Nuggetnoggin - Some Suggestions for Bugs, Charities and Crafts For Relics

I have been so frustrated lately with the choices on Netflix. Their prices keep going up and they flood the front screens with their own shows. The "Star" rating system is NOT representative of people rating the shows, basically, they rate the show for you on how much THEY think you would like the show. Of course they will rate everyone as loving THEIR shows!

Over the past year or two, I have found that the shows have grown HORRIFIC with obscenities in language and actions. I think I may have posted before about how in the first few minutes of several shows, there was total nudity and over and over I would stop watching and then when looking at what I viewed, all the shows were stopped on the nudity so when my kids would get online, they would see the nudity. My daughter finally told me to move the little watch timer OFF the nudity and then it wouldn't show that image forever. 

With that, I have basically stopped watching and am thinking of getting rid of  my subscription. I have posted in the past that I enjoy listening to something while I work in the yard and house. I used to listen to cassettes and cds of audio books but it got so much easier to just turn on my phone to Netflix and it would follow me wherever I went so I could listen continually even when working in a new area, as before, I would have to take the boom box with me from room to room. 

Since the Netflix owners have chosen to take many of the shows that were clean and entertaining off, and put more of their smutty stuff on, I have started this past few months to watch youtube videos. I have never watched someone's channel or subscribed to channels and would basically watch short videos of Ellen snippets, "America's got talent," or "The Voice" audition clips while my pictures or videos loaded while working on my emails etc. 

I am not sure how I found the channel of "Nuggetnoggin" but it started playing automatically at some point and I really enjoyed the young boy who was searching with his dad and grandfather for treasures using a metal detector. 

He reminds me of "The Crocodile Hunter" with his great enthusiasm and innocence about life. He is a Christian and used to read a bible verse at the end of each video but now he puts up a scripture at the beginning and / or end of his videos and some even have a pertinent scripture in the video. He is respectful of the places he digs taking out his trash. His language is clean and enjoyable even with his southern "aint" and "seen" tenses being mixed. I laughed many times watching as in his earlier videos as his grandfather will be video taping and will be focusing on a bug or the sky and make funny comments about how excited "nuggetnoggin" is about finding a nickel and taking 20 minutes to dig it. 

His grandfather gave his the name "nuggetnoggin" as he always had finding a gold nugget on his mind, thus, nuggets in his noggin. It is just so adorable. Now that he is older, he probably doesn't appreciate that old women are finding him adorable but he is just such a good kid / now man. He hasn't changed who he is to fit what other youtube channel detectors are doing or using the foul language that some take on when trying to be cool. He is just a really good young man. Since watching him, other videos will automatically play from other similar channels and I don't keep watching any as they don't hold the same charm and I don't find they are as enjoyable.

With that, I have watched probably most of his videos in the past few weeks and I was having a hard time sleeping one night and my mind wouldn't quit and I came up with some ideas that I wanted to share with him of things he could do with his finds that would help others. He finds so many of the same things and he has started his own company selling detectors but he has a HUGE fan base of children. He was so cute to send one of his younger fans his refurbished first metal detector for his birthday. 

I also noticed he is always commenting on how bad the mosquitos are and that they are eating him alive and I have that great natural essential oil bug spray that works so well, I wanted to share that with him. Here is a link to that post. I mention that he is in the water finding stuff sometimes more than 8 hours a day in the summer so I share about how to get rid of fungal infections as sometimes when you hands are wet all the time, you can get fungus. I cured my toenail of fungus and this is a link to the post on how I did that.

I then share in my video about several charities that use retired people, homeless people, or mentally challenged or autistic persons to make products. Nuggetnoggin  has a huge following online and his own business so he could sell the items to viewers online giving him a tax deduction and giving people jobs.

I also thought it would be cute if he used some of his relics and made a sign for his booth and business saying "Nuggetnoggin" say the "n" and "u" being old horse shoes. The "g" could be out of old clock gears etc. Wouldn't that be cute!

Anyway, he is always finding relics and rusty antiques so I share in the video I made how he could make the "junk" into something that would be of no work or cost to him but if he partnered with some places that help the homeless and they use grants to start up a business making signs out of old wood, blacksmith nails etc, it really wouldn't cost him anything yet could do some good. I also share ideas of items he could make and give to children in the hospital or foster care out of coins he finds in rivers with notes saying, "A lost penny has as much value as a new penny - What was lost, now is found" or something giving them hope with "In God We Trust" showing on the penny. As you all should know by now, "In God we Trust" is big in my life with finding lost coins. Here is my first post about that and you can search in the box at the bottom of the page for the many posts I have about "In God We Trust" as I have been blessed with many of them over the years.

Anyway, here are many of the items I have in my laundry room and "Western" room in my home that I think they could make and clean up the environment at the same time.

Hopefully, I haven't driven you all to sleep with my rantings but I hope that now that Nuggetnoggin has grown up and is doing well in his career, that maybe he can find the happiness that service and charity can bring into life. He has such an enthusiastic nature about him which is why he is so popular. I think with a little focus, he would be a GREAT motivational speaker for youth groups and I know he could easily get a charity / partnership going with the right organization. I mention three groups using volunteers and homeless people and thus giving them jobs and getting them on their feet to where they can function and move on and then another homeless person can take their spot until they are on their feet. Sometimes, it just takes one person caring to give them a chance. The best part is, there is no cost to set it up other than a few saws and some paint! 

The first organization I mentioned is "Tiny Tim Toys" and their average age of Volunteer is over 80 years old. They make little cars out of old pallets and give them to kids in the hospital and send them overseas to disaster victims etc. Here is a link to their page. 

The second organization is "Pine Street Inn" and they have a business where they teach homeless to cater. icater is the name of the catering company and they are quite successful helping the homeless get on their feet. I have a friend I met at Mitt Romney's Governors inauguration in Boston who is involved with this program. Here is a link to their website. 

Another such program is "The Empowerment Plan" which was started by a young girl who thought of a way to make a coat turn into a sleeping bag to help the homeless and they hire homeless and teach them to sew and give them jobs working on the coats. Here is a link to their site.

The last group I thought of was "Disabled Veterans" as I know they have workshops where they make things. I personally have no link to this but have bought items in the past assembled by Disabled Vets. I found this site online that does exactly what I am suggesting can be done using the old trash found by Nuggetnoggin. They make wood products until the vets are in a place where they can get back to working a regular job or get some self esteem that they have value etc. Here is a link to that organization. It is called Vetmade Products. 

Hopefully one or more "Detector" groupies can get together and start donating their stuff they find to a group that already exists and wouldn't it be fun if they got good at making signs using the trash and relics. The could make custom signs for cabins and things out of all that trash! There are just so many options and really, most are at no cost! 

I hope you all have a VERY Blessed Day! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Making Your Own Natural Essential Oil Bug Repellant, Mosquito and Swamp Cooler Mold Resistant Spray

I swear I have posted about this before but maybe I just posted about it in passing in the past or mentioned it in another post as I can't seem to find a post on it so I will post about it today as this is something my family has used for 15 years at least. I have used "Thieves Oil" which is an immune boosting oil mix from Young Living oils and it helped heal my toenail fungus and has kept my family well for about 20 years or more. Here is a post to the toenail fungal fix post.

Many years back, I research using essential oils to repel bed bugs as we went on several missions to Peru as a family and my mother got eaten alive in NY by bedbugs in one hotel there and I read lots on this when we got "biting mites" years back so I am a bit paranoid about not wanting to bring anything home with us from our trips. 

Before that time, we used "Thieves Oil" for mosquitos and it worked super well. But, with that research, I started making my own "bug spray" and added a few more oils that I thought would help the situation. I made larger bottles that we used in Peru and I would spray it around the base of the mattresses on the bed, pull up anything touching the ground up and tuck it into the box springs and make sure the bed wasn't touching the wall or nightstand and then spraying this spray on the edges of the mattress did the trick and we had no problems with anything biting us. I also read they can get into your luggage so we sprayed the zippered area on the luggage as we did see some cockroaches at some of the hotels. We kept them on the metal stands and kept them zipped up as well as hung our backpacks and bags from the hanger in the rooms just to be safe. 

While on our second trip to Peru, we cleaned out a house that was a garbage recycling hoarder house. The woman didn't own land so she couldn't have a bank account and anything in the house would be stolen so she collected recyclable stuff, raised animals and stored it all in her house and yard. When she needed money, she would just take stuff to be recycled and that was her "bank." It was such a nightmare with all sorts of rodents, spiders, bugs and animals with fleas that everyone in our group sprayed themselves with DEET spray. I don't do well with chemicals and knew this "Bug" mix would work. We sprayed it on our hair and clothes avoiding the face and hands. My girls and I got no bites and the spiders left us alone. At one point, I had to brush a huge poisonous looking brightly colored spider of a woman in our group. The next day, everyone on the bus used our mix when we returned to that same house to do more work.

One thing I love about this oil is that it smells divine! People always say our house smells like Christmas as the oils I put into the mix are:

Cinnamon / Cassia
Sometimes, I will add:
Tea Tree

I buy the oils in the larger "NOW" Brand bottles or bulk from another source and then mix the entire thing into a larger bottle. I just pour in equal amounts of the top five oils and less of the Citronella oil as it is a strong oil. If someone doesn't like the smell, I add peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, or orange oils just to tone down the other smells, but my girls like the smells and so many times, people would ask what smells so good when we were using the oil. 

REMEMBER, this is for your hair and clothes, not for your skin! I don't use therapeutic organic oils for this mix because we aren't using it on our face etc. The oils can burn and also, can make your skin photosensitive to light so we make a larger bottle, transport it in the glass bottles and once there, pour a little into the sprayer bottle and just spray lightly the top / back of the hair and spray the clothes and it does keep the bugs away and you don't want to spray it towards the face as the oils can get into the eyes if it is windy etc so spray it away from people onto the back of the hair or if you are wearing a hat or headband, you can spray those as well. This oil can stain if you drip onto a hat or clothes you like and will leave an oil mark but if you use a fine sprayer, you won't notice anything, but since it is an oil, it will remain on your hat and clothes until washed so if you spray it on the top of a baseball cap, it will work for a long time.

Another WONDERFUL use for this product is to keep mildew and mold from growing in a swamp cooler reservoir or a sump pump collection container, furnace pump collection container etc. If I am leaving town for a few days, mold can grow in the water or into the cedar pads on the sides of the cooler so I just pour a few drops of this into the swamp cooler water and turn on the cooler for a few minutes before leaving town and the oils penetrate into the cedar pads and make the house smell wonderful. The house smells great when we get back and I don't have to take time to clean out a moldy mess from the reservoir so it is a win, win, win in my book! 

I LOVE this mix and all of its uses. I have sent it with all of my girls on their missions and travels and my oldest went to the Philippines and had companions with head lice and she never got it. I think perhaps this may be part of the reason as it is in the luggage and I sent her with a large bottle and sprayers to use and I know that when Princess Two went to Taiwan on her mission, her luggage got moldy due to a washer flooding the storage space and she was able to kill it off and remove the smell using this oil. I bought a massage table years ago and the person who owned it was a smoker and I sprayed newspaper with this oil mix and stored the entire thing in a large plastic bag in the sun and between the oil and heat, the cigarette smoke smell was removed. 

I made a video of how I make it as well so hopefully between the post and video, I will have answered any questions. 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Finally Heard From Princess Four in Japan - Oh Happy Day

Happy Day!!!! We think we figured out why we got no emails from Princess for three weeks. She was sending them and it would delete and wouldn't show up in her sent or bounce back so she thought they sent and we never got anything and she didn't have anything on her end to resend.... I suggested that she send the email without the pictures as sometimes they are the reason it doesn't go through.

She finally sent an IM last week asking if we got anything but we didn't so we are so happy it came through today. I am so excited we will be seeing her soon.

Enjoy..... "Let's all cross our fingers and hope this sends, Beautiful People! Sorry my dear sweet family about the last 2 emails.... Sorry....  I promise I wrote and sent them, but my iPad is being a little wacky right now.... so they just deleted when is hit the send button.... BUT its ok! I'll be sending just an email this time in the hopes it sends...... Ummmm....... long story short. I love Conference. My birthday was awesome. My companion, is the cutest. This area is rocking, and the church is still true!!!!  

BIGGEST SHOUT OUT TO SHIMAI one and SHIMAI two!! My beautiful MTC companion got married a few weeks ago, but due to deleting emails.... yeah... and My other beautiful half Japanese companion got engaged this week..... see you at the wedding!!! seriously... wow. They are too bijin!!!! AISHITEIMASU!!! Oh and congrats on my sisters baby.. that email also didn't send! 

Um... the only problem is that I have no time today! But on the bright side, I bought a new carry on, and other things I wanted for my whole mission today! 

I ALSO FOUND OUT THAT MY FAREWELL WILL BE ON JUNE 10th!!!!!!!! IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN COMING, PLEASE COME! I get back to America on the 8. So if you wanna meet me at the airport, DOZO! Ha 

Miracles of the week. 

THE EASTER PARTY! It was at the same time as eikaiwa, and 3 new students showed up, and the elders investigator came, and our investigator came, and and a less active we visited this week came!!!!  So good! Mmmm.... we went on splits! I love splits! 

Something that my Sister Training Leader retaught me this week, was that positivity is a choice! She asked how I am always happy... I didn't have to think too hard about it. Last week I felt sad after I found out my email didn't send, and then when me second email didn't send I was also feeling blue, but I realized that life is just life sometimes. We can choose to dwell on the sad and unfortunate things, or we can give gratitude and not let the bad things get us down. I was talking to a Japanese friend, and I asked if she was happy. Long story short. I am grateful for emotions to be able to feel angry and sad, but we don't need to dwell on those emotions. We can choose to change our attitude. I still can always be better, but really trusting in God is the best way to feel joy! 

I love you all! I hope you have a blessed week! See you sooner than you would think.... YIKES!! Bye bye!!!!" 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Stormy Weather Blues - I May Have an Answer

For many years during the first snow storm of the year, I would RUN to the nearest sun-tanning booth and lay in the bed for 20 minutes to get warm. I would only go once or twice a year and it would take me years to use a 10 visit pass but I couldn't get warm during those first few days of winter.

I think maybe I didn't want to face it getting cold again. It could be when my thyroid started to fail as it was about then that I started to gain weight as well. I live in a small town so there aren't many tanning options but those high power lights, and being able to soak up the warmth, always made me feel so good and warmed me to the bone. I read a study about depressed people all being deficient in vitamin D. I post about that on my "Stress vitamin" page on the home page so you can read more about that there. 

One of my girls has also had issues with needing sun at times in her life. She would just feel that she needed sunlight. She could feel her mood changing when she didn't get enough light. She would ask me questions about tanning and I told her she should just get a pass and go when needed. 

When you have little children, it isn't always an option to run over and jump into a tanning bed to get warm and fuzzy feelings so we had talked on and off about the mood altering lights you can buy for home use. 

I had never looked into it but knowing I would be seeing her soon, I thought about looking into it but never got about to doing it. 

As you all know by reading my blog, I KNOW that I have a loving Heavenly Father who takes WONDERFUL care of me just as my Father on Earth does. If I need something, I let HIM know in prayer and then let him take care of the situation. I had been praying for this daughter who had big changes coming in her life and stopped at a second hand store the week I was headed up to see her. I was leaving when they brought out a new cart of stuff to put on the shelves and what was right there on top for less than $10, this new SkyEffect Technology "SunTouch Plus" sun lamp with built in ionizer / ozonator! 

Imagine my joy of knowing that our Heavenly Father knows what my Princess needs and provided me a way to get it to her in an inexpensive manner and I didn't even need to do any research! Once I found it, of course I looked into the company and the instruction manual actually discusses use for after delivering a baby which I thought was wonderful as I had a bought of hormones after one of my girls for a few days, and she was born just at the end of a long winter so I don't think that may have been why. It was not depression, just homesick, sad, etc. 

I also LOVE that it has the ionizer / ozonator on it. It isn't so strong that you feel it in the air or room but after it was on all day, I could smell it faintly in the kitchen so I knew it was killing off anything that may harm the baby in the house. 

I actually tried the light at my house in my kitchen while I worked and I really enjoyed it. I took it to my daughters and noticed that she had the "verilux - Happy light" in her bathroom but when I turned it on, it was very underwhelming. I asked about it and her husband had purchased it for her which I thought was super sweet but he said she didn't feel like she could take and hour to stare into it each day. 

It is super light so the cord pulls it around the counter, it is smaller than a face so to get any effects, you would need to be sitting directly in front of it which basically means you would have to hold it the entire time or be laying on the ground with it next to your face or something. It is also a bit yellow and dull. The on switch is in the back so you have to hold the light with one hand to keep it from moving and switch it on with the other so I didn't find it very easy to use. I thought I would compare the two and took a video showing the comparison of each so you could see the differences but really, it is no contest! 

I LOVE the SunTouch Plus! Just today, now that I am home to my own house, halfway through the day I had the thought, "I wish I had that light to turn on while I work in the kitchen......" I actually surprised myself with that thought. I had just turned it on every time I worked in her kitchen and found it interesting that after a day or two of using it, when I went into get the kids breakfast, the 20 month old, pointed to the counter and said, "light" as I would turn it on and point it in their direction in the mornings while I did other things. I think he was enjoying the effects as well! Having a house that doesn't face the sun, I think being in all winter, it probably does feel good to them to have that light. The SkyEffect company has a wonderful page explaining their technology. 

I for one, don't need to read anymore. Just having the light in my life for two weeks made me a believer. I asked my daughter if she wanted me to leave the light as if she didn't think she would use it, I KNEW I would and wouldn't want it to be taking space up in her house. She said she would like to keep it as it "brightened up the kitchen!" 

If you know someone that doesn't get sufficient light in their life, perhaps working in an office with no windows or maybe a teacher that keeps getting sick from students in a darker classroom, this product would be a wonderful gift as they could keep the ozonator on during the day and turn the light on when sitting at their desk! For just over $100 it would cost you, I feel it is well worth the money! I am super cheap and don't make recommendations lightly, so if I would purchase it and spend the money on it, you know I REALLY like the product! 

Feel free to ask any questions, but I HIGHLY like this product and have NO ties to the company as I hadn't heard of it until I found this product at the second hand store. I have never seen one before! I am considering getting myself one. 

Have a Blessed and Happy Day!

Friday, April 13, 2018

I am Happily Exhausted.... New Grandson

I really want to post a great blog with pictures and video but I have been working super hard this week cooking, cleaning, getting up with the grandchildren in the night and EARLY mornings and then blogging and getting to bed earlier than normal most nights but I am not used to running all day for 15 hours or more a day. 

Just today, I was up with the kids about 6, but the two year old has been cutting his two year molars most of the week and has been crying at night most nights through the night and finally we dosed him with some infant Tylenol which has allowed me a bit more sleep. I washed the couch covers and returned them. Washed four loads of laundry, dried and put away. Cleaned out a few drawers. Cleaned out the freezer and fridge. Washed the grill of a heating wall unit in the spare room. Vacuumed the entire house removing some wall heat face plates and getting in those, as in the kitchen, food gets in them where the kids sit. 

I took both, the not quite 2 year old, and 4 year old, to the grocery store, another store, and McDonalds playland, fed them all three meals and cleaned up all three meals and then made two casseroles to freeze for them for later. I scrubbed the sink and tub again as I am leaving and want it clean when I leave and other small things I hope were helpful.

I also got to hug, burp and cuddle the baby, change a few diapers and play with two of the CUTEST grandchildren in the world! 

Everywhere I went with the kids the past two days, we found money. I took one on a walk to a nearby store in the stroller and found the quarter. Grand-Princess found the penny at the grocery store and I found the other today at the same store. She found the dime upon getting out at the grocery store today as well and the nickel was on the table at McDonalds today. 

I think Heavenly Father is reminding me to trust in Him to take care of Princess Ones family and not to worry as I leave. I have done what I could to make their life easier by cleaning and leaving a full fridge and freezer, organized drawers with clean clothes and a clean house. Not that the house was bad, but you probably all remember what it is like when a new baby is coming to a home with children. It is what it is and you get what you can done and have to take care of what needs doing..... 

My feet hurt so much I want to cry and it is nearly 1 a.m. I am going to miss everyone so much when I leave but there is a reason you have children when you are young! I am so happily exhausted! 

What a great blessing I have in my children and grand-children. I am so Blessed! 

I hope you are as well! 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

It's a Puzzling Time - LOVE Being A Grandmother

There is lots going on in my world and I keep just posting what is on my phone as the memory is full but I am so busy with my grandchildren that I haven't posted the bigger stuff. 

I knew it was going to be a crazy week and I am just posting what I can post. I am LOVING being with my grandchildren. I love that they are at the point where they can interact now and I am super good at bringing fun activities that are age appropriate and we are having SO much fun. 

I bought a bunch of 3D Disney puzzles I purchased a few weeks back and as a bonus, there were about another six Disney puzzles in the box. I couldn't have guessed what a hit those puzzles would be even with my 22 month old grandson. 

Grand-Princess One is four now and LOVED when she saw the puzzles and for the first one or two times, I showed her how to look for colors and edges and after that, she took off. They are all about 24 piece puzzles and she has done all of them many times.

When she is doing one, her brother goes and gets one of the baggies, pulls out all the pieces, lays them all out face up and feels so proud and then he gathers them all, places them back into the baggie and goes and gets another. 

He is SO adorable as he brings the filled baggies to me to "zip" so he can go and get another puzzle and is so proud of himself as he "finished" and he claps and says, "Yay!" 

I don't know that life gets much better than grand children and my heart goes out to those who never had that opportunity. We ran to the store the other day for something and walking in, an old woman said to Prince One, "It isn't fair that you got two such beauties and I didn't get any!" 

I am not sure what you can say to something like that but it really brought me sadness. Here I have FIVE BEAUTIFUL girls and love them more than life, and now, I have THREE, (yes, haven't announced that one yet) beautiful and healthy grandchildren! Truly, I am blessed and know it every day! 

I will try to update things as I can but I am fighting a migraine and have pictures on three different cameras and the easiest thing for me is to upload what is on my phone and the videos and pictures of the grandchildren doing puzzles are on my phone so that is what you get! 

It has been an amazing and wonderful week and I am exhausted but hope to fill you in on the big news soon. There is a sneak peak on one of the videos. Enjoy the cuteness of my life! 

I bought a floor dinosaur puzzle today with 48 pieces which is twice what she has been doing and it was large and I did help her a little as we were in a hurry but she got most of it and she has been doing the others all week with no help so I think this girl is going to be a puzzle loving girl! As you know by my blog posts, we love puzzles at our house. I have about 20 posts on puzzles. It is one of my favorite activities to do with my girls as we can visit and talk while doing it. We have had some great talks over puzzles. 

I can see that the tradition will continue with the new generation! 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Watching the Clouds - Not On My "To Do" list

As you know if you follow my blog, I don't sit well. I never have. I have a father and mother who were always working. If we were watching TV as kids, we were folding socks, laundry, or working on some project. To this day, the ONLY time I sit and do nothing while watching a movie or something, is when I am cuddling with one of my kids or spending time with them. 

Even then, I am usually giving one a pedicure or manicure so I DO NOT sit and do nothing. Even when I used to go to the Dr. often, being pregnant or taking the kids to lessons, I would always have a needlepoint or some other "to do" item in my purse so I wouldn't be idle. 

I don't think I ever saw my mother sitting without having something in her hands to keep busy while visiting or watching something. Even in her older years, she would sort things or label things as she sat. My father and his family NEVER sit still and even when hiking or jeeping, we would get to a spot and two minutes after arriving, they were done and ready to move. We joked as cousins that they could just roll down the windows and say, "There it is, lets go!" 

With that in mind, I have posted how tired I am recently and how many times in the past two months, I have gotten so cold during the day that I get on my heaviest sweats, climb in bed under two down comforters, a heavy bed spread, sheet and turn my mattress pad warmer up to high and just shiver under the blankets for an hour or two until I can get warm. 

For years, I freeze at night and can't sleep until I have gotten warm. I am so tired all the time now that the other day, I was cold and tired and I couldn't help myself but to lie down in the sun on the window seat and try to get warm. 

I was watching the clouds while trying to get warm and I noticed how weird they were moving. At some points, they were moving in four different directions. I live near a mountain where the wind usually only moves in one direction so for me to see all that motion was weird. I think the heat was causing the clouds to dissipate and move but I rarely take the time to "Cloud Watch" in my life so for all I know, it could happen daily. 

I thought I would share it as it was interesting and I really enjoyed my time in the sun. I am trying to catch up on a few posts but it is a hit or miss week for me so hopefully people will be patient as I am trying to get so many things done it is a bit overwhelming at times. 

Have a Blessed Cloud watching day!