Friday, December 15, 2017

Making Window Clings From a Kit with Grand-Princess-One

While visiting my grandchildren this past week, I shared that I took up lots of activities to keep the kids entertained. One of the favorite activities was making window clings. 

I bought several cling kits a few years ago and the kids made them but I ended up with one set left and found it while I have been cleaning out the sewing / craft room. I packed some of the kits up and took them with me to do with the grandchildren. 

Grand-Princess LOVED making the clings. I realized quickly that it was a project probably for a child older than three but if the point is the child having fun, this activity was a hit.

She squeezed the paint bottles so much that it pooled the pain and then it spread thick rather than keeping its shape but she was super excited about just making something and squeezing the paint and as you can see by the pictures, she was happy with it all. 

I was sad that the black paint got thick and gooey and I didn't want to deal with it so we just used the two colors and I made a bunch of hearts with the extra paint as I didn't want to bring anything home so I hurried and made a sun and lots of hearts so I could put them on the front window to remind the kids of the fun.  
Of course the joy of any of these activities was just doing something with them. I thought it was a great activity and if your child is a few years older, you can explain that they need to put less paint on or I suggest that you use q-tips to pull the paint thinner if needed but don't make it too thin or when it dries, it becomes really transparent and rips as you take it off the plastic. 

Because she made hers so thick, I had to let it dry overnight and then flip it over onto a new plastic sheet as the middle was too thick and couldn't dry underneath. I let the flip side dry for a few hours and then we could put it on the windows. 

I took turns lifting the kids up to the window and having them put the clings up. They were SO cute putting them up and feeling a sense of accomplishment as they could see the pictures increasing on the window. 

I would have loved to make a hand or foot print of their little hands and feet and use the paint for that but we tried to use the patterns in the book. Thinking about it now, I would have just made an outline of their hand and foot and made some clings of that but isn't it so easy to look back and see what you "should have done." It really didn't matter, they had fun and I had fun so it was worth it. 

Older kids could really have fun with this writing their names etc. They sell the kits online for around $20 depending on how many paints come with the kit. Don't get confused with the "Painted stained glass" paints and kits as those are different than the "cling" kits and the paint is VERY toxic smelling for the stained glass activities. I saw that they have stained glass "cling" sets so that would be fine but just not the painted on stained glass. If you choose to do the stained glass, make sure you are outside as it is super stinky. 

This isn't an activity that is finished  fast, it takes time for these clings to dry so know that in advance if you want to make them, it isn't something they can take home after making them until they dry and if they are thick, it takes lots of time and flipping to make sure the paint doesn't stain everything it touches even your skin. Wear an apron before making these as the paints do stain. 

It was fun, they were entertained and I loved pulling out from the house and seeing the clings in the front window. It was a good time! 

Have a BLESSED Day!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Excavating For Dinosaurs With a Princess - Great activity for Kids

I had SO much fun with my oldest daughter and her family the past few days. I took up activities I could do with the kids. 

I won't be seeing them at Christmas as Princess One is expecting another baby and doesn't want to travel so I took Princess Two up and we spent a few days and celebrated Christmas with them. 

For one activity, I purchased a dinosaur excavation kit. They bury plastic dinosaur snap together bones from different dinosaurs in plaster and sell the kit with a hammer, a screw driver, safety goggles and a brush. 

Princess One lives near some dinosaur sites and so the kids get super excited about dinosaurs and once Grand-Princess-One knew I had it, she kept asking to do it. 

Her little brother is into everything and is so quick and observant that he wants everything and throws fits if he can't have them. He can't speak yet as he is not quite 18 months (see his arrival post here) and so he gets frustrated not being able to communicate.  
To show how observant and smart he is, he signed in sign language many, many times while I was there. He signed he needed to use the bathroom and did tinkles and poops on the potty. He usually will let you know once he has done the deed as he wants his diaper changed but I told them that if he knows enough to want a diaper change, he is smart enough to potty train. Three times he made it to the potty to go in the potty. The others, he had just finished going but for a 17 month old, that is amazing. 

With his quickness to join the activities and get into everything, we waited until he was napping and then went to work. I hit the cement about three times with the hammer that came with the kit and the head of the hammer broke off. 

Their tools were in the shed with three locks on it so Princess One suggested a knife handle. I got so frustrated that I took the entire block and threw it on the cement as Grand Princess couldn't get the bones out and we had a limited time. 

Once I broke it into smaller pieces, I could use the back of the knife to break pieces off and she would use the screwdriver supplied and twist it into the little loose pieces and break them off. 

It made a large amount of cement dust and I was going to clean after that anyway so I didn't worry much about a bit of a mess but the cement dust was a bit toxic so I had to open a window and it was cold. I would suggest that you do this in the summer OUTSIDE and make sure you have your own hammer and chisels to do this. 

Grand-Princess had a blast and had fun but after we finished getting it out of the cement, we washed the bones and then put them together but there was something wrong with the way the legs attached and I got REALLY frustrated saying "This design is so stupid!" and Grand-Princess then said something similar to which her mother got upset saying, "We don't use the word "Stupid"" and then I had to watch my mouth.

Then, Prince One who is an engineer tried to figure it out and ended up breaking the piece in the center that holds the legs as I was about to do the same thing. It is sad that two educated people couldn't figure it out so I don't know if it is a design flaw but in the end, I used a white pipe cleaner to wire the legs on which worked well but it was still sad that I had to do that. 

For the $20 plus they charge for the kit, it would be nice to have it go together a bit smoother but I know someone actually did this making their own kits using plaster and dollar store dinosaurs toys. They made them in small bread loaf pans and several of my girls "dug" and excavated for their toys. 

It may be better for smaller children to do something like that which doesn't cost as much, doesn't include assembly and you can bury what you want. 

In the end, she was adorable with it and it was fun activity for a few hours when her brother was sleeping. I LOVED spending time with them. I wish they lived a bit closer so I could enjoy them more. They are the joy of my world along with my own kids! 

I am truly blessed and hope you have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Missed Hearing From My Japan Missionary Last Week - Deleted Email Princess Four

 I wanted to share an update on Princess Four. She had a rough week last week writing that she was struggling but things were better this week. Part of the issue was she deleted her long email and has been busy so I am grateful to hear that she had a better week! Here is last weeks short email from her followed by this weeks email. Enjoy! 

Hey Beautiful people. I spent a LOT of time writing a beautiful and funny email about my adventure riding a train by myself, and lots of fun spiritual stuff. But. I hit cancel, delete draft on accident. So just know I'm doing well. here are some pictures... Sorry you get a lame email due to my mistake. Remember I love you, Christ loves you, and God loves you. That is worth way more than my email. Have a good week. Choose it. 

Really so sorry I deleted everything... Probably for the best! 

End of Last weeks email. 

This weeks email: 

Hello beautiful people!!! What a week! 

Went on splits with the beautiful Arnold Shimai who goes home 4 days before Christmas! So sad to see her go, but I heard through the grapevine her mom set up a date for her the DAY she gets back. Sasuga. Lol. Love it! Um. But yes. We spent a lot of time at the zoo and doing dendo today, so here you go! My companion is amazing. Really. She is too good. I was feeling selfish of spending more than three hours doing dendo today, but Suda shimai was so willing to sacrifice time. I don't even think it ran through her brain she was giving up time! Wow. I love her, and the elders. They are soooooo great!!! Such hard workers. 

This week we started a FFEP (free family English program))with 10 people present. The one child who wanted to pray asked god to make him rich. That was all. but we see a lot of potential from these three families. God is good!we have really seen success through the new finding requirements. Yay to stopping men! I was thinking in my brain about how nobody here is ever interested in our message. Like when I see southern American missionaries, they seem to have so many people who want to listen about Christ.

I asked/wondered to God why Hokkaido is open if next to nobody wants to let Christ change their lives. I realized that since the area is open that means a there are prepared people. We just have to be diligent in shiffting through those who aren't ready. And if you think about it, I guess it's way easier to just get a no right away than to have them listen and say no, right? But this same day I was thinking this to myself...... it happened... the thing where you ask someone if they will listen to your message about Jesus, And they say YES!!!!! We walked past a male Barber shop, and long story short, we were inside, and he took a BOM, and said we could come back any day after 7! Yay!! I hope he is prepared!  That was some good stuff from the the week! 

We also Caroled at an old folks home. Weird that they are all Buddhist and not Christian... I love my home city! So many elderly Christian people! But we also sang in church. The first time I've ever not been scared while singing a solo. Because it was English! #harkthehearold. But really. I know that God is helping me improve that talent! Ummmmm... oh! Also we were going to watch the devotional, but a woman who had an old baptismal date came to the church after we texted her, and we picked her up as an investigator. We'll be teaching "ffep"
too. I love ffep! But yes. Love you all. Remember to light the world! 

Zoo fun!
And splits! 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

HAPPY 2000 POSTS DAY - Who Would Have Known

Who would have thought that when I started writing this blog in May 2010 (see that post here) that I would be writing almost every week day for nearly 8 years! My first blog post was about how to prune a fruit tree. I searched for "prune tree" on my blog and had lots of posts come up so I have mentioned it in a few posts, most likely in the fall when dehydrating fruit etc.

I have had people in the past tell me I should "focus" my blog on one thing but I do so many different things and have so many interests that I would go crazy if I had to just write about "pruning" or "dehydrating fruit" or any one topic on anything.

I had another post to write today but knew I was getting close to my 2000 post and when I looked at the stats today, I was so excited to see that todays post is my 2000 post!!!!!!! If someone told me 7 3/4 years ago that I would have written almost nightly for that many years and had enough to post about, I would have told them they were crazy and that no one wants to read about a tired, stressed out single mom. I still believe much of that is true today, but I still can't believe it has been so many years since I started writing this!

I had another wonderful realization today while looking at my stats before writing. I always save my post into a document as a type of journal and write what post number in the title to save the post. I also save the views for each day on my blog just to watch the numbers grow daily over the years. I can tell you that for many years, I wondered why I was writing a blog as I didn't have many views.

I also write down my youtube income daily and record the number of subscribers I have on youtube everyday in my journal. I record the daily views on my blog and write the total views ever so I have four numbers at the beginning of my journal daily.

Today, I realized that I have nearly 2000 subscribers on my youtube channel and will hit that number in a matter of days. I thought it was interesting that I hit 2000 posts the same week I hit 2000 subscribers on my youtube channel.

I also got a wonderful surprise when looking at my ad account for both blog and youtube and I had the largest deposit I have ever had this week! It is nothing to buy a house with, but for me, I was just happy when I would get fifty cents I didn't have. I give gratitude each time I get even a penny on my blog account so to reach over $150 a month awhile back, I was happy as I have been saving to purchase a new camera. I now have enough to do that but need to take the time to research what would work best for me now that I don't have kids at home and will need to do even more videos and pictures by myself with one hand. I would like to get a nice set up where I can edit movies and get functioning sound as all the cameras I have are so old they sound like a fan is blowing as I record.

I NEVER thought I would be writing the blog for this many years. I was so discourage as I didn't, and still don't have a ton of subscribers, but I really think more people are just watching videos these days over reading a blog but I still like the journal feel of the blog over youtube as I don't like putting myself on video.

I am still visiting with the grandchildren and loving it all! I want to thank all of you SO much for sharing in this crazy journey with me. I could never have foreseen how this would affect my life and it has been a great journal for the younger girls to find dates of things that happened in their lives as well as a wonderful place to share favorite stories, recipes and history. Several times my girls have read a post and told me they had never known that about me. The David Bowie Concert in New Zealand was probably not known to anyone in my entire family and extended family, so at times, it has been a way for me to record things that may have been lost otherwise!

I am SO grateful to my friend Sara who blessed me by suggesting I start this. I wasn't a blog reader and still don't read blogs much but would NEVER have started it without her urging so THANK YOU Sara as I give gratitude for you in my life often and I know this blog and my youtube channel have helped many people over the years. I wouldn't have done a youtube channel if I hadn't written the blog first so THANK YOU for that!

My most viewed blog post of all time is one about constipation reflexology points on the feet! I have informed nearly 45,000 people how to use reflex points on the feet for constipation. Wow, there are a lot of constipated people out there. ;-)

My most viewed youtube video is one about healing toenail fungus and I know that I have helped many people there as well. Isn't it wonderful that we live in a time and age where we can find out the answer to any issue and we can also share wonderful ideas and traditions with others! Truly, I marvel at technology and how fast we are moving forward!

I hope we all have a BLESSED Day today on my 2000 Posting day! Thanks to you all for helping me get here!

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Great Pasta Move - Loving The Grandchildren

As you know, I am working on cleaning out my home. I am the only one home and I can't eat much and don't each much with my dietary restrictions.
With that situation, I am trying to get rid of all the food that I can't eat and wouldn't really serve when the girls are home. I have never been a big pasta person and after finding about my gluten issues, I understood why I didn't eat it often. 

I purchased replacement pasta every year for what we ate at the case lot sales and a few years back, bought about 60 lbs of pasta thinking I would just hold onto it for emergency prep reasons. Have Princess Five at school and planning on going on a mission after school, I don't think I am going to have anyone home to eat the food and I don't want to store it anymore as I am thinking of downsizing. 

I asked the girls if they wanted any of the pasta or any item in my closets that have any gluten in them and several of the kids wanted some pasta but only a bag or two so Princess One with her family said they would take anything that the others didn't want.

I had a gallon jar plus several containers of little pasta fish shapes that are about the size of small macaroni but are for soup like "alphabet letters" so I brought her those. I brought her all the sauces that had gluten in them and ended up bringing some canning tools and about 45 pounds of pasta. 

I also filled the car without six metal containers of wheat that are about the size of five gallon buckets. I still had room for her bin of school books including her year books, a bin of "fisher price" toys that she couldn't fit in her car with the kids when she cleaned out all her stuff from my garage and two bins of Christmas presents and our luggage for the weekend. 

I picked up Princess Two on the way to Princess One's home for the weekend. I told Princess One to pick a weekend for me to come visit before Christmas as she is expecting a baby and with two little ones, she didn't want to make the drive.

We made the long drive and arrived just in time to watch the kids for a few hours while Princess One and her husband went to their work Christmas Party. 

I hauled everything into the house and Grand-Prince One is such a helper. He took everyone of the spaghettis out of one of the boxes and moved them to the couch and put them on his sister. I think he figured she could put them on the kitchen counter. Fairly soon, the pile on her was quite heavy. 

Just about then their parents arrived home and I got these cute pictures! They were SO much fun. I loved it. 

It felt so good to empty the house of stuff I can't use and also help out Princess One with her food bill. 

I LOVE being at their home. I laughed at the tree as all the ornaments have to be up as the baby has chewed several flat or put his finger through some. 

They have a "Goofy" Christmas hat instead of a star on the tree which was adorable as they have some Disney Christmas lights strung across the fire place. 

Have a Happy and Blessed Day! 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Golden Ticket Winner - Gratitude Moment at Christmas Dinner

I wasn't feeling well today and have so much going on that I had to get stuff done. 

I decided to go and support the women putting on the Christmas Dinner for our church women's group called "Relief Society." They had a wonderful program with music, pictures, and expressions of Christ. They then served a beautiful meal but with my gluten issues, I wasn't able to eat anything. 

Since I wasn't feeling well, I almost left but was enjoying visiting with some of the women. They announced that there were tickets on the bottom of the chairs and whoever got the ticket on their chair won the poinsettia in the center of the table. 

I was thrilled when I saw the "golden ticket" on the bottom of my chair. It made my night along with several other little blessings. They had Princess Fours favorite mints in the center of the table which gave me a little reminder of my Princess in Japan. 

At the end of the night, they gave everyone a cute little block with a picture of Christ, Mary, and Joseph on it. They also had us take one for each of the women we visit each month who weren't there tonight. 

In our church, each woman visits a few other women and then someone visits us each month. It is a great system to keep track of each person and make sure they are doing well. If they need something we can help or find someone to help. It has been a blessing in my life and at times, I have been the blessing in others lives. 

I am so grateful that I was able to go and enjoy visiting and being inspired by the great program that they presented and now I get to enjoy the poinsettia and have that as a reminder during the entire Christmas season. 

The story of the poinsettia:

"What is the meaning of poinsettias? Also known as the Christmas Star and Christmas Flower, it's said that poinsettias’ association with Christmas comes from a Mexican legend. The story goes that a child, with no means for a grander gift, gathered humble weeds from the side of the road to place at the church alter on Christmas Eve. As the congregation witnessed a Christmas miracle, the weeds turned into brilliant red and green flowers.
Named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, first United States ambassador to Mexico and the amateur botanist who introduced the plant to the U.S. in 1825, the poinsettia is also known as Mexican Flame Leaf, Winter Rose, Noche Buena and, in Turkey, Atakurk's Flower, because it was the favorite flower of Atakurk, the founder of modern Turkey.
While considered by the ancient Aztecs to be symbols of purity, in today's language of flowers, red, white or pink poinsettias, the December birth flower, symbolize good cheer and success and are said to bring wishes of mirth and celebration."

How can I not feel so blessed!? I hope you have a Blessed Weekend! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Removing Paint Tranference on Dings and Scratches on Your Car

I have a 1994 Honda that my mother owned and when she passed away, my family sold it to me as I have lots of girls driving cars. I had so many crazy things going on that I never got to finish cleaning it as I would normally.

Princess Two needed a more reliable car and even though the car is older than the other cars we own, it has less miles and it is a Honda which can go well over 200,000 if taken care of well.

She came down this past weekend and I didn't want to send her with the car unless it was cleaned up so I spent a full day fixing it up and cleaning it. A few months ago, I was in the city visiting family and I got a red car ding and paint transferred onto the car and a few days later, I had black scratches from another car. I think the parking spaces are smaller in the city where she lives as it is a college town.

I couldn't get the paint off with the cleaners I tried so I took a Mr. Clean Dry Erase Sponge and after getting it wet, I used my thumb right over the ding and twisted the eraser in a circle over the paint ding and it came right off. The black ones looked more like kids were pushing the door open as they got in and that several got in and so there were many black lines but not dings.

Once again, the dry erase took the black paint transfers right off. I then used it on the inside of the door where keys left marks when getting in the car and lastly, I used it on the bumper where my mother hit something dark green. I almost wonder if she hit a garbage can as there were scrape marks in dark green.

The dry erase sponge took all of them right off and once you use the dry erase sponge, I used "totally awesome cleaner" that is $1 at the dollar store and cleaned the area.

It took off any scratch marks that didn't go through all the paint layers. If it is scratched through the paint, I use fingernail polish to cover those deep scratches. I find a color that is similar to the color of the car and cover the scratches so they don't start to rust.

I have used this technique on just about every car we have had in the past 20 years. It feels good to be getting these things off my "to do" lists. 

Have a BLESSED Day!