Monday, June 18, 2018

Wearing The Kimono For her Homecoming - Princess Four's Adorable Outfit

Princess Four was only home for 2 full days before heading off to work. One of which was crazy with everyone coming from around the state for her homecoming. 

She came home this Saturday to go through some things but we had another family event Sunday so basically, she was home for a few hours and I trimmed her hair and cut off some long pants to make capris for her to wear to work as she and Princess Five have been working long hours at their summer job hosting youth groups during their busiest two weeks.  

She has so many bins of clothes, household items and school stuff to go through that I think she is overwhelmed by it and not having any time at home has not made it easy for her to find things she needs. 

Thankfully, Princess Five had the apartment set up already from her moving from college, but soon, we will pack up her stuff as she has put her papers in to go on a mission for our church for 18 months and is waiting for a letter telling her where she will serve.

So, Princess Four needs to get to her stuff and sort through it. I want to have a yard sale and get all the stuff no one wants OUT of the house. I have stuff stacked up in every room and garage at this point with all my mom's estate stuff, four of the girls living in somewhat student housing and me having not gotten much off the "get done" list in the house as I have so much to get done on the outside of the house. 

This weekend, even helping family with a farewell for my nephew that is heading to serve as a missionary in chili next week, I dug a tall fence post out, cemented in a new one and hammered in the fence section. I started in on one of the two medium posts that needs replacing but didn't have time to get much done on it other than pulling away the fence section and starting to dig it out. 

I will have to get to that this week and hopefully finish that but I still have so much to do in the yard that finishing the stuff inside isn't moving at all. 

Princess Four asked me today where all the pictures of her in her Kimono were.... Um, last week was a bad week for me. ;-) I was sick and had no energy to post so I am grateful that I was feeling better enough by weeks end to start posting again and to get a new fence post in.

So, with all the crazy, I am sorry to Princess Four that I didn't get her big week posted. I am going to share some of my favorite pictures of her in her Kimono that we took last weekend. It was SO sweet of her friend to give it to her and she looks so beautiful in it. We are not sure how to fold it back up so it doesn't get ruined but Princess Four assures me that there are videos somewhere showing how to fold it back up so we will have to get to that next weekend as we didn't have time to get to it this weekend. 

It was so fun having her around even just for the 24 hours I got to enjoy her this weekend. Princess Five just kept saying, "And I get to live with that!!!" Bragging that she gets to enjoy the sunshine and humor that Princess Four brings to the home. 

I hope you enjoy these pictures of Princess Four in her Beautiful Kimono..... Have a BLESSED Day! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Princess Four is HOME! She Got To Meet Her New Nephew

Sorry it has taken me a few days to get over the strep and feel like a person again. I am feeling better and am happy to announce that Princess Four is HOME!!!
We got to pick her up at the airport. Princess Ones family had a few baby issues and decided not to meet us at the airport but met us at Princess Two's house after for dinner. 

My dad, step-mom (name only as I love her like a mom), my brother, and the other girls all met at the airport and were able to welcome Princess Four home from Japan. She was SUPER tired having not slept for over 24 hours but she didn't want to miss a thing so she pushed through and decided she didn't want to nap as it would mess up her sleep schedule now that she is home. 

We gathered up her luggage and hauled it to the cars. We met her with a bag of all of her favorite treats. She was in a bit of a daze after arriving home with the culture shock of being back in the states as so much is different but it didn't take her long to get back into the swing of the U.S. She did take her shoes off before walking on carpet at her sisters which was cute.... 

We were able to head to my cousins Thai Restaurant and pick up "to go" food so we could enjoy eating with Princess One's family. 

She got hugs from the other kids and then got to hold Grand-Princes number 2 and visit with him for a minute in Japanese. I recorded it as she won't be using her Japanese much now that she is home. She sounds so cute speaking it I couldn't resist. 

We realized that she didn't have any summer clothes with her and we had a reunion the next morning so after we ate and visited, we ran to a store and bought her one pair of shorts, one pair of capris, and one pair of jeans as she had to wear skirts every day on her mission so at least she would have one of each for her first week of work. 

She was super tired and slept on a futon on the floor at her sisters but I don't know how well she slept as it is always hard when traveling and a new place and so many changes in her future. 

It was so much fun to see her and hug her. Her sister got a good video of the two of us crying at the airport... It was sweet. I love that my girl is home and safe..... I am blessed! 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Princess Four is Iodine Depleted - Hoping She Feels Better Soon

Princess Four has let me know from months that she is exhausted. 

I have shared with you all how,  over the past few months, I have been taking iodine and "NAC" and have been feeling so much better.

I started giving her some iodine and some "NAC" when she got home. She said that drinking it was giving her an upset stomach. Then, we realized that even when she wasn't taking it she was having the stomach upset. We think it may be the chlorine in the water. Or, the altitude difference..... 

However, I wanted to see how iodine deficient she really was. If you put iodine on the skin, depending on the percentage and how long it takes to absorb, you can see how deficient the person really is. 

I put a drop on her arm using the ointment I have shared about several times in videos and blog. Basically any antifungal cream. I couldn't believe how fast she absorbed the iodine. 

I put more and more on her and it disappeared before my eyes. Check out the video to see how fast it absorbed. I then put a dot on her shoulder of the super concentrated and it took a bit longer until she then spread it out as it was drying and it absorbed faster over more skin. 

I gave her some iodine and NAC pills to take with her to her summer job and the interesting thing I wanted to share mostly was that after I put all that iodine on her arms, the little bumps on her arms started to disappear and she told me about five minutes later, she could feel things moving in her chest and she felt nausea in the stomach around then as well. 

I think the parasite that were in her arms scattered into the chest. I don't know how much iodine is ok to take fast so we backed off and I gave her a lower concentration to take orally in water and the pills to take to help it absorb. I hope that she can start feeling better and having more energy and feel good enough to work all summer to save for college this fall. 

It was crazy to me to see how fast it absorbed and the instant feelings she noticed inside of her. 

I will keep you informed as to how she is doing taking the stuff. I also have had a rough few days as you can tell by my sick days. I don't know that I have ever taken two sick days... It was a bit crazy.... 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sick Day Number Two - So Tired

I went to bed at 10:30 posting last night and was asleep in minutes. Due to the hot weather, travel, stress, and not eating well, my feet swelled up so much I couldn't fit in my church shoes yesterday. I was up all night with a sore throat and using the bathroom but was glad that at least some of the fluid was leaving from my swollen feet. 

I slept until 3 p.m.ish which is 16 hours of sleep. I am STILL tired and struggled all day. I didn't get anything done, even something easy like unloading the dishes. I have laundry from everyone being home and lots of boxes from hauling stuff to the dinner etc. I ran a few errands but mostly, sat and watched funny youtube clips as I couldn't get myself motivated or have any energy to do anything today. It is about 10:30 and I am headed to bed as I can't seem to do much. 

I have to share this bit of information that is super personal but one of my daughters asked me about it today... I have been through menopause but every time I get around my girls, I start up again... I have been cramping for days now and as soon as they all left, I started again. This has been going on for years now. My daughter asked me if that was normal and I couldn't tell her if it was or not.... I think with my thyroid being so weak and not having iodine, what may have been normal for me is different than it would have been. I am wondering if anyone else has had this situation? 

Between the strep and hormones, I am feeling HORRIBLE! I pray I can feel better tomorrow as I have so much I need to get done! 

Have a Blessed and Healthy day! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

I'm Taking a Sick Day - Hasn't Happened Much In My World

Hey Friends,

I have been fighting Strep for about two weeks now. I was feeling a bit better but with the crazy stress of the past few days.... I barely slept last night due to not being able to swallow. Two of the girls went home last night and four went home today and I was super sad to see the grandchildren leave. 

This weekend has been a highlight of my life... I LOVE my family.... It was a wonderful event filled weekend and I am excited to share it all with you but I am headed to bed and praying I get more sleep tonight and that my strep will clear up now that three major events are over....

I hope you have a Blessed and Healthy Day! 

Monday, June 11, 2018

My Joy Is Full - Happily Exhausted

Need I say more?

Have a Blessed Day! 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Silver and Gold - Wonderful Finds In A Grab Bag and A Sterling Bowl

 I have so much going on..... I am picking up my beautiful Princess Four today. I don't have time to do much of a blog so I am posting about a jewelry grab bag again. 

I bought it this week and could see right away there was lots of silver in it and was glad as the last four or five haven't had much of anything in them. 

I took a video and you can watch that if you are interested. It is kinda like a treasure hunt. The gold ring was right at the end. I thought it was play jewelry at first because it is such a small ring. 

I laughed super hard when Princess Two in all her tiny hands and thin body glory put it on her ring finger and it was HUGE with lots of air showing on her tiny fingers so that was funny. 

I found LOTS of fun silver chains that are shiny and bright and beautiful and one or two of them are SUPER heavy so there is a good amount of silver in them. 

I also found a beautiful black opal charm which I love as it reminds me of my mother. My mother got some black opals when she was traveling around the world as a beauty queen representative of the U.S. so when she visited Australia, she got some black opals and used them on a ring she had so I have always loved them. 

She actually used to have the opals hanging on the wall when we were little until it got bumped and broken and one of them got vacuumed up. So funny how you forget memories like that until you start sharing them. I had forgotten that all these years. We moved from that house when I was 7 years old so that is a super old memory! Maybe that is why I love opals so much. One of my first rings was an opal and I have given each of my girls an opal. 

I was lucky to find a butterfly opal with diamond chips and silver as well. Beautiful charms! 

I got a designer made silver bracelet and it has brass and maybe some gold mixed in but the writing was super small and I was in a hurry so I will have to investigate that further. I got silver earrings and a silver ring with diamond chips as well. 

The gold ring has a small diamond in it, maybe a 1/4 or 1/5 carrot. I can see why someone thought it was fake as it is so small but yahoo for me! 

I also found a silver sterling topped etched glass vintage bowl the other day. I had to look for about five minutes to find the marking as it was so tarnished and the marking was so small but after polishing it up some, the marks were clear. 

It was only $2 which is great for the amount of silver on it. 

I love when I find treasures at cheap prices! It is so much fun to find them and I also found some really fun pieces of costume jewelry that I like in the bag so it was really a fun bag. I was getting discouraged with the last bags and it is getting really hard to get bagged jewelry as I have share with so many people that others get them now so it really is the luck in timing if you can find one or not!

Next time I write, I will have seen my beautiful girls!!!! All of them together again for the first time in 18 months! Princess Five just put her papers in this past week so she is planning on heading out into the world soon as a missionary! So exciting that they have the courage to face going somewhere alone and serving their Father in Heaven for so long. I love that my girls have that faith in God to do that. I am SO BLESSED in SO many ways! 

Have a BLESSED Day!