Friday, March 16, 2018

Cat In The Hat Rainy Day - Seuss Quilt Part 2

I shared yesterday that I am making a "Dr. Seuss" quilt for Princess Two. She has loved Seuss since she was a baby and loves many of his quotes and at one point she said she would like a Seuss Wedding.

I don't know that she would still want a Seuss Wedding but I think I could make a cool reception of Seuss Stuff including Truffula Trees. I am quite creative and think that would be super fun!

However, I have gone on a tangent.... I worked for hours last night and today on cutting the quilt squares down to even the row height and lengths. Half way through working on it, I decided that I wanted to shift the rows and not have alternating pants at every other end so I had to video chat with Princess Two after work to have her help me move some of the squares around since I made that executive choice on the pj bottoms. 

I think now, I am going to just put a strip of that pj bottoms pattern print on both sides of each row like a finish on the edges that will hang over the edge of the bed. I am liking that idea much better and when I video chatted with Princess Two, the squeals of delight when she saw the quilt make it so fun! She kept saying how much she LOVED the quilt! 

It was raining today and I just didn't feel like going out even though I had a few things going on, it was just a "cat in the hat" gloomy type of day. I figured I had better get this and the Broadway quilt done and then get working on my mothers stuff as Princess Four will be home soon and needs her room back. 

I would like to finish this quilt before Princess One has her baby in a few weeks so I can drop it off at Princess Two's for Easter on my way to help Princess One with the kids. 

I am really loving how this quilt is looking and think it will be a fun quilt for years to come. I know we had a "Mr. Brown Can Moo" shirt somewhere but we couldn't find it for all our looking.... If I find it, we will have to use it on a pillow case. I really was surprised that we were able to find so many fun Seuss shirts. I would have bet against us finding all these but it sure has been an adventure! 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

In A People House - Seuss Quilt For Princess Two

I have shared a little before about how Princess Two wants a "Dr. Seuss" quilt. Her favorite book as a child was "In a People House," I didn't know that we could find enough t-shirts of Dr. Seuss to make a t-shirt quilt but we were at second hand stores all over the state looking for t-shirts for my fathers "life quilt" that I gave him on Valentines Day.
While searching for his shirts, we were so blessed to find enough shirts to make a Seuss quilt. 

At first, she said she just wanted a small twin one she could snuggle in and that wouldn't be very heavy, but then she thought that it would be a really cute bed spread on a twin bed so maybe she wanted it bigger. So, we kept looking for shirts and over the weeks, we have been able to collect enough unique shirts to now make a king sized quilt for her.

I finally started cutting this week after she came down to trade out cars. We took a few minutes to place them in spots where there wouldn't be color clusters or two of similar shirts next to each other. 

I have never made a quilt showing all the steps on one quilt. I usually get near finishing and make a video but I wanted to share the process I go through to explain how I work it. 

Here is "Part 1" on my "how to" on the quilt and hope that I will be able to get it finished quickly and move on to sewing Princess Five's "Broadway quilt" that I already have cut but she is just waiting for the exact right shirt as she wants on of her favorite shows on it. I told her to purchase it online and I would pay for it but she has three or four favorites so she can't decide on which she wants to get. I keep reminding her to purchase it but I think she would actually like to see one of the shows and purchase it with a memory attached. 

I'll have to work on that! Basically, this first video is us laying it out making sure there are no color clusters or similar shirts touching. Sometimes you need to put similar sized shirts together making a shorter row and a taller row but luckily for us, most of the shirts are a similar size. 

Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I am excited to see how this quilt will come out as it is looking good. I have spent two days cutting down the squares and figuring out sizing. 

I think she is going to LOVE this quilt! It will definitely be a one of a kind!

Have a BLESSED Day! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A New Camera For My Car - Safety First

I shared a few months ago about my father helping me get a new car. I LOVE the car and am so grateful to have a comfortable car that is reliable and beautiful. I have one issue with the car and this week, I was able to rectify that issue so I am SUPER happy.

Princess Two came down to switch out cars as she was having some issues with the car she was driving. I have Princess Fours car here while she is on her mission so she swapped for that while the other gets looked at.

We were shopping at Walmart when I struggled to see behind me and almost hit someone. The way the car is built, there are huge blind spots and it was before the rear cameras were standard on this type of car. The rear window is super high and basically backing up, I can only see the upper chest on an adult and then no kids or obsticles and anyone walking can be in the huge blind spots on the sides and twice now, I have nearly hit someone.

I am super vigilant in checking many times backing up but worry that because I am looking behind me flipping from side to side that I may hit something on the front corners as I am paying so much attention behind me.

I said to Princess Two how I really feel like I needed to get a reverse camera so that I can safely drive the car in parking lots and it is so bad with the kids in my neighbor hood zipping around on bikes, scooters and so many cats and dogs on the street that I now always back my car in so that I won't hit them zipping due to missing seeing them.

So, we proceeded to a second hand store in town and guess what I found in the box new!!!!! For $10, I found a color, Bluetooth, rear camera that attaches to the license plate!!! I couldn't believe it. My Heavenly Angels are so quick to get me my every need. It really has been a stress on me worrying about that and as soon as I voiced it, within minutes I had one for $60 - $100 less than purchasing a new one online would cost.

I tried to install it but worried I may break something so I enlisted my brother-in-law to help as I got super frustrated half way through installation. I drilled the hole which you need to line up exactly to fit it flush on the license plate. He was helpful splicing it to the reverse lights. There was one rubber gasket we couldn't get it pushed through so I suggested using a zip tie as it is stiff enough to push and not bend but thin enough but not stiff enough to rip through the rubber tube / gasket. It worked like a charm.

We pushed the zip tie through the gasket and then pushed the thin wire into the little hole you would usually push the pointed end of the zip tie through and then pulled it through the gasket and it was great. Then, we used that same method to get the wire through to the back light area as well as the zip tie is stiff and easy to guide through the holes where the wire is limp and falls making it hard to guide through.

One suggestion I have, is to make sure that you leave the camera wire loose a bit near the license plate so they can easily put on a new plate if needed as if you pull it tight, they can't take off the old plate. Since I drilled through the plate, we will have to snip the plate to remove the old plate and do the same to put a new one on but it is well worth it for the ability to see what is behind me. I took a video of us installing it and one of me using it so you can clearly see how much room I can see out of my window and how well I can see now with the camera!

I have to give gratitude to my angels for helping me find the camera and to my brother-in-law for donating an hour of time helping me install it where I was struggling to get the back paneling off.I was afraid to break it and basically, it just pulled off but I couldn't find anything online or youtube on how to get them off and he even looked and couldn't find anything so he was super wonderful to help me get that done!

If you have any questions on the install, feel free to ask questions as it was super easy once we got the plastic paneling off! I had most of it done but that one piece just wouldn't come off! You also need a way to test the positive and negative on the wiring to the reverse lights and there was a helpful youtube video on that so take some time to watch that if you need help that way.

Have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Using Citrus Peels To Take Detox and Waxy Film Removal Baths

I shared with you a few weeks back that someone posted on my blog a few years back about using whole citrus fruit to detox the body of parasites.

I shared that I tried it doing but found that but it upset my stomach and I didn't see any results on it killing parasites off so I used some of the mix for a bath additive and LOVED it as I felt so clean after as the citrus helped get the waxy film off my skin. Here is a link to that post. 

If you read my blog, you know I don't waste things and my mind is always thinking on "how can I improve" on this or that. I eat lots of mandarin oranges and use lemons and limes in cooking, dressings etc. I thought to myself, "I should use those citrus peels to make that bath that I liked so much rather than using fresh fruit...." 

I then started saving all my citrus peels. I don't like using the dehydrator to dry just peels. I live in a dry state so I wondered how they would do just leaving them on the counter. If you have a furnace, you can put a paper towel over the vent in a dry unused room overnight and let them dry that way or if you have a gas oven, just put them on a cookie sheet and let the pilot light warmth dry them for a few days. When I have gathered for a few days and when they are all really dry, I put them in a coffee grinder and grind them into a fine powder. 

Once they are ground and dried, I store them in an airtight container so they are ready to use. When you are ready to take a bath, Pour in about 1/2 cup of the fine powder along with a few tablespoons of ground ginger and about1/4 cup MSM granules along with about 1/4 cup "Real Salt" which is similar to Himalayan salt as it is mined from deep in the earth and has lots of minerals in it.

I mixed some up for Princess Five to take a hot bath tonight as she came home sick. I should have taken a picture of the water as it looks a little orange but it smells heavenly as the tub fills.

I LOVED the feeling of how clean I was after taking the bath. I always take a shower after and use a scrubber on my soaked skin taking off as much dead skin as I can. I also, dip my head in the bath right at the beginning so that the citrus takes the oil and film off my scalp as well.  

You may need to experiment with the amounts of each item that you put into the bath as tub sizes differ. If you have a larger tub, you may want to double the amounts. It is so funny how my mind works. Just now I am thinking, I wonder if you could use lemon juice from the bottle as well so it has "juice" in it as well as just the peels? lol So funny how I do..... If you have some old citrus, instead of throwing it out, put it all in a blender and make it into a really fine creamy mix and freeze in ice cube trays and then you can throw those in the bath as well. Oh my silly mind..... 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Free Kimono For One Happy Princess Four

HARRO!!! You are so BEAUTIFUL! You are Perfect! You can do anything!!! I hope you are all genki!!! This week has been absolutely nuts!!!!!!!! LETS JUMP IN!!!

Because I'm so stoked. I just have to tell you what is, in fact, better than receiving free kimonos. It all begins with a Konnichiha. You might remember Yuka san. We met her on the 10th of January. Long story short.

Skip to this Monday. We went out with her to our favorite restaurant Bistare Bistare.(We may have met one of the Nepali men on the street on Splits, and went out to Bistare 2 times this week, but you know.) We were in Bistare, and made friends with the American and his Japanese wife who makes Jewelry. Yuka san just asked so many deep questions, and made a comment about Laman and Lemuel being not so nice... That means that she has been reading!! We didn't even ask her to. She just is choosing to. We asked her to read pamphlets, and a little bit of the Book of Mormon, but she is just all over it!

Cut to us walking to her house to hopefully meet her, but we have never successfully done that due to her busy work schedule. We walk up, and she screams. Literally screams, and scares the bejibies out of me because I didn't see her. We chat for a while, and she confirms that she is coming to the concert. Cut to the concert. She walks in, and we just freak out over everything. We are so similar it is scary.

My beautiful companion and I are a little out of control, but just add Yuka san who is a middle aged Japanese version of us, and things get nuts! She was crying during the concert, and said that she could feel Gods love. She felt the spirit, and mention that Brink Shimai and I were just glowing, so she also saw the light of Christ. IT WAS SO AMAZING!!! So many people befriended her. And, one of the ward members made a video of our western night, so we watched it together. After we watched it we asked if she would come to church. She said YES!!! She came to the last hour of church. BEST SACRAMENT MEETING OF MY LIFE!!!

We were so happy the whole time! They used a lot of.  Words she didn't know. Like salvation, and temple, and baptisms for the dead, but she said that doing proxy work for ancestors is very similar to Buddhism beliefs, so that was cool! And we just were able to explain a lot of things to her. Shout out to my Beautiful Bean for noticing our investigators needs. We really do learn at church!  

So... sorry I'm bad at making things short.... but I just love Yuka!!! The reason I started this huge story with free kimonos is because..... We got free kimonos from our beloved Nishino shimai! She is the bishops wife who lets us talk and sing at her class on the rare occasion!

We love her so much, and the feeling is mutual because she gave both of us one of her kimonos. Kimonos are a pretty big deal here. It's kinda like giving a foreign missionary your grandmothers silver and china. You just don't do it usually. They usually have meaning. Mine is pink, and perfect, and is for older, usually married women. It was from her cousin!

My companions has a deeper meaning. It is from her 20th birthday. That is when you become an adult, and you all wear kimonos, and take pictures. It's crazy. But she said since she is older, and can't go to America she wanted us to take them to America for her. IS THAT NOT THE CUTEST THING!!! Usually kimonos are long and have to be brought up, but my companion is so tall, it fits her like a glove. It was so cute. IJUST LOVE THIS WARD AND AREA SO MUCH!!!! 

This is probably my last week in Suehiro due to this being my 4th transfer here. I really don't want to transfer, and I might not, but I've been here for about 6 months..... Yep. Good thing I trust in God, and know he knows better than I do! I have learned a lot about the importance of Faith and Love. I have the best bean in the whole world. She teaches me daily. I Love the members here, and I am grateful that this is just a see you later! We have all of eternity to wear kimonos and eat sushi! 

This week consisted of going to teach English at Sister Nishinos class, and singing Jambalaya one last time, and doing hoedown throwdown. Doing splits with Sister Kumazaki. Lots of concert practice. Eikaiwa was nuts. Shout out Watanabe san bringing her husband. They are adorable! We went and saw a blue frozen waterfall today. Sang at the concert even though my comp got sick the day of. Gods power is real. He knows all of us. Love is so powerful. Christ and his Atonement can, and will help us change for the better. Always choose to repent! 

Post Concert.
We love the ward! 
We should be kimono models! 

The Nishino Bishop!
Nishino SHIMAI!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!
The Waterfall!
We went to a shrine! It was closed, but it worked out! 

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Hoe Down In Japan - Princess Four

Konnichiha! Genki? Look at all these beautiful people! Still beautiful as ever! So. Last week. Due to us baking cookies in a church oven that doesn't work very well, and watching our American friend Tim do Japanese Archery...... We had no time to email, but I'll just highlight the miracles that God is allowing me to see here every day! I have learned recently through zone conference that everything is given to us by God. We are so worthless, but He loves us more than anything! And, that is where our worth comes in. We can't earn or make or gain anything. It all comes from God! 

We were able to give Tim a Book of Mormon! He told his  senseis(teachers) that we were coming and they did a special ceremony for us. It was so cool seeing these people be so passionate about what they do. Kinda like missionaries and teaching the Gospel! 

YUKA SAN! Yesterday we were in ward..... what is the English word......... um.... Mission Leader Council? No that's not it..... ummmm we were taking to our ward mission leader about the work, and yuka san called. She set up an appointment with US! We are teaching her tonight after eating at our favorite curry and nan restaurant. We gave the 3 workers each a Nepali Book of Mormon! We tried to mark them with our favorite verses, but turns out they have different number systems.... we figured it out, but we really hope they read them! Shout out at Bone Shimai figuring out the numbers! 

We had zone conference, then splits, then I had Mission Leadership Council, then we had splits again...... so. My bean is awesome and wet on splits 3 days in a row. WE were exhausted, and our futons have never felt comfier..... but we were pretty wiped out! I learned about how important it is not just to work, but to work effectively. I also learned how important it is to stay focused and become consecrated in the work. I love this work. I don't ever want to go back! 


I just love church, and the gospel, and Jesus Christ, and the Sacrament. Something I learned this week, is that anyone can change. I also learned that Weaknesses and Sins are not the same thing. We don't need to repent for our weaknesses. God Will make us strong through our weakness, but we can become clean and forgiven through repenting of our sins. If you feel like you're not good enough, go take some vitamins, and remember God loves you more than you can imagine! We are imperfect, but Christ was perfect, and we can be perfected through him! 
Pictures: We are on a bridge.