Thursday, July 19, 2018

Spending Time Together on the Fourth - Birthday Boy and a Parade

This year, as you may know, I spent the fourth with Princess One and her family. I didn't post much about it as we were gone for a full week and I have been non-stop since getting home. 

Princess Five got her mission call to head out in a few months. Princess Four got super sick for the past few days and that meant Dr. visits and lots of mom attention and medicine. I also did her toenails and fingernails while she rested. We had some super good talks and she probably learned more about her mom than she ever wanted to know but she was asking questions so I was answering them. 

She has been considering going to Chiropractor school so we were discussion the options of where she could go and she wasn't sure she wanted to drop out of her planned school and career plan just yet so it was good "down time" for her to be able to ponder on things as she hasn't had any time since she got off the plane from Japan. 

Sometimes getting sick is our bodies way of telling us to slow down. I enjoyed the time with her but am a little stressed as I haven't started packing and I have over a weeks worth of blogs to write. I couldn't help share these cute pictures as I was cleaning off my SD cards, I keep thinking about how often I take video and pictures and then don't post them. 

The video is the first one on my new camera if I remember right. I am trying out the zoom features and sound so
it is a bit blurry and the camera person is a bit preoccupied with other things as you can clearly tell as I am asking Princess One about the wood stacks as they cut down one of the largest trees I have seen in my life last year. It has taken them almost the entire year to get it all cut and stacked and hauled off. It cost them thousands to get it cut and that was with them doing all the clean up work. 

Princess One was pregnant and had the two little ones and her husband works lots so the fact that they have gotten done what they did is wonderful. They have great plans for the future and I am excited to see what they will create in their cute yard. It was also Grand-Princes One's second birthday and his mom is the cleaver one. She used a watermelon and pineapple as the cake. We all loved it and he couldn't wait to dig in~! 

We had a wonderful time up at her house and hope to get back soon as we love spending time with her beautiful family! 

Here is a link about their big tree. Once again, I KNOW I took pictures of her big tree with my dad standing in front of it but after 15 minutes of searching, I can't find it on the blog

Maybe I didn't post it as happens very often. Either way, have a Blessed Day!  

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Princess Five and I searchign for Treasures

I am heading out for a 2 week vacation with a few of my girls. Sadly they all couldn't come but perhaps once we know the lay of the land, we can include them next time! It has been a choice as how to handle my blog during that time since I haven't really had any long vacations since starting to blog all those years ago. I would just blog ahead some and that has worked. I am trying to get that done but some of the posts will be short as I just took some videos along the way that I have been uploading. Others will be full blogs as I have the stuff to do it ready. 

I have been enjoying having the girls sort jewelry with me and we win sometimes and lose others but it has been enjoyable just sharing with you how I have found silver and gold for so many years now. I didn't know that other people did what I did and videotaped themselves. Some people may not like the videos of that type, but hopefully, they will be patient looking for the other types they do enjoy as I can't have lots of channels, putting them all on one makes my life so much easier! 

Enjoy this video of Princess Five and I sorting for gold and silver. We were a bit tired so the end may drag but such is life. Sometimes you have energy and other times you don't! 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Gratitude Refrigerator Moment - New Crisper Drawer

We have had our refrigerator for many years. It has to be over 20 as we purchased it when we bought our house. 

It has been a wonderful fridge and still works well. There have been a few sagging door issues as the girls hung and swung off of it but we bent it back up and it has been great. One of the crisper drawers got a crack in it as it is usually full of heavy fruit so I duct taped it many years back and it has worked but the other day, I thought to myself that it looked somewhat "ghetto" having a duct taped fridge part. 

I don't have the money right now for a new fridge and even if I did, I am the only one home so it really doesn't matter much. I keep it clean and it works great so I haven't thought much about it since that day. 

I went to the second hand store with one of my girls this week and would you believe that my exact crisper drawer was there for $1. It was so wonderful. It seems like every time I "think" about something in my life like that wish I would like to be better or fix, the exact thing I need shows up about a day or two later. 

I brought it home and washed it and then took a short video and swapped out the fruit and put the new one in the fridge and it has been so wonderful to be able to use a new drawer without being gentle on the handle as it was cracked. 

I know my Heavenly Father Loves me as He shows me daily in so many ways! 

Have a Blessed Day!  

Monday, July 16, 2018

Packing For A Gluten Free Trip - Gluten Free Snacks and food in Checked Suitcase

I haven't traveled much in the past few years with all the craziness of my mother living with me, passing away, Princess Fives roll over accident, new grandbabies being born etc. 

I was invited by Princess Three to DC for a work trip and to stay in her hotel and Princess Two decided to go along as the other girls have work and family. It has been many years since I have visited DC but thought it could be fun.

As we talked about the trip, I shared about family members and friends living along the East Coast that we could visit and we talked with some but the distances and length of the trip caused us to whittle the visiting down to DC and NY. I have two cousins that live in NY and one that lives in DC and we have plans to visit with them and I also have a cousin in Pennsylvania and a sister in law that also lives near NY in Pennsylvania but we aren't going to have the time to make the trips to visit them and hoped maybe they could come visit us in NY but some are doing a play and another is volunteering as a nurse at a camp so that didn't work out either. 

I am sad we won't be able to visit them and other friends and family near Boston but we are excited about our trip. 

I have been a bit worried due to my feet swelling during my yard sale but they are thankfully back to normal and I have been feeling better so I am hoping that the days are super hot and there is some cloud cover so we can enjoy our sight seeing without much stress and heat. I am still not regulating the heat and cold well but will let the girls do their thing if I can't keep up. 

Since I am gluten free, I can't just grab a pretzel or pizza slice so I decided to check a bag through with gluten free snacks and some apples so that I can have things I am able to eat with me. I really wish I could just order stuff and have it delivered to the hotel room. It would be cool if hotels offered those options for gluten free or special needs and I am sure the higher end places do but we are on a budget so this is how I opted to do it. 

I bought all sorts of Gluten free bars, gluten free beef jerkey, GF granola in different brands and flavors so that if I react to one, the girls can eat it and I can move on to another, GF freeze dried yogurt and berries for the protein and lastly, I am taking Isagenix shakes. They are gluten and soy free. I can't eat a whole shake as I have some blood sugar reactions or something but I usually drink 1/3 of the mix in water and drink so at least I will have fluids and vitamins and amino acids. 

I hope that I can keep my energy up the entire trip and feel good enough to enjoy the time I get with my girls in the big cities. I am looking forward to visiting family and am grateful to my cousin in NY who is allowing us to sleep in her apartment a block from Grand Central Station. It is a good location to nearly everything and I know having three people added to the small apartment can't be all that fun for her but I appreciate that she is willing to let us stay as I know we couldn't have afforded it normally. 

We have two Broadway shows booked and hope to be able to get into others if we can get tickets cheap and have seen what we want to visit in NY already. I love NY and have been several times but I have never actually gotten to see a Broadway show on Broadway.... I know our seats are probably not the best but it will still be amazing just being there. We are going to see Wicked and Phantom as they were the cheapest and none of us have seen Wicked before so that will be a new experience for us all. 

Anyway, I made a short video sharing the gluten free snacks and I hope you all enjoy a Gluten Free Blessed Day! 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Teaching Idea on Talents in a Group Setting - Makes You Feel Good

I had a friend teach a class in Sunday School at our church and she did this fun idea for her class. It was an adult class, but we all really enjoyed it and felt so good about ourselves after the class that I thought I would share the idea with you. 

She gave everyone a paper and pencil and asked them to write down their talents that they feel God gave them when they were born. Things that were easy for them or that they felt they did well or were just something effortless that others may struggle with. 

Some people numbered their lists, I found that I rarely number my lists as I usually just make lists of things I need to do and they aren't in any order of when or how they need to be done, they just all need to be done so I may do the fifth thing on the list first so I rarely number my lists and found that many of the others in the room did number theirs. It was just an interesting observation on my part showing how different people think...

I wrote down things that I feel I do well but didn't feel that I do any one of these things better than another so maybe that is why I didn't number them either as maybe in my mind that was giving more importance to one talent over another. 

Once everyone had their talents listed, she then had each person in the room list off two of their strongest talents. Then she had others in the room share what talents we thought that person had. I had something to share about each individual as I have known many of them for 20 years. It was interesting that they listed off things that we may have not known about them and we shared things we thought were talents that they hadn't thought of.... 

Of course, some of the compliments make people blush as in our society it isn't polite to just tell people what we love about them in a public setting unless someone is getting an award or something. I found that after we shared what we thought were there talents, they would ponder on it and then nod their head in agreement but usually with a "I hadn't thought of that" look on their faces 

We were running out of time when I got my turn as we all shared on each person so I just read off the top two things on my list and we moved to the last guy and just before the closing prayer, a woman jumped in and came back to me and said, "You have raised such wonderful girls, they are so kind to others, always looking for ways to help those in need and they are so non-judgmental, you have done a good job and being a good mom is one of your talents. 

I thanked her and the meeting ended, but I noticed that everyone left the meeting with a smile on their faces. I think sometimes we just need to hear positive, and what we are doing right, as so many times people focus on what we aren't doing right. It was a self esteem building exercise and made us all feel good and let us know how others see us in interactions. It was nice. 

I thought it would be a great lesson for girl scouts, boy scouts - bears, wolf, cub groups especially. Also young men and women's groups, church youth groups, school groups and primary aged groups and any class where the people know each other well. Maybe even in prison groups as they really could use some positives in their lives. Prisoners would probably really enjoy this exercise. 

I am grateful to my friend that felt inspired to use this for the lesson as it was such a positive for all involved. 

Have a Blessed and Talent Filled Day! 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Donating History to a Family History Genealogy Collection

As you know, if you read my blog, I do family history in a way. I do not do the genealogy portion where I collect data and information on people and put it into the graphs of family tree charts and documents. 

I collect pictures, documents, movies, audio files and histories on video etc. I have transferred over 180 super 8 mm movies to digital and given copies to my 50 cousins on my fathers side with a document that they can type their name in and find all the movies and portions they are in. I haven't given my mothers side the movies yet as I know I have some small 8 mm vhs movies and regular vhs movies that need to be transferred to digital and then I have LOTS of audio files for them. I am still working on copying over the last 150 cassette tapes out of about 1000 reel-to-reel, records, and audio cassettes. I got so overwhelmed by the amount of it that I stopped working on it as I still have many VHS and DVD's etc to sort, copy and organize as well as many bins of scanning and organizing. 

You can find posts on most of this stuff on my blog and I will try to link some here but I have been working on this for nearly 20 years. I can't believe the amount of stuff that I have sorted through and still have to do. 
Link to a project using artifacts and branding iron for a family reunion.

List of life history questions to get you started.

Family history vs genealogist - What I do.

Journaling - Writing history a bit each night.

Transferring cassettes and reel to reel to digital files

Sharing and organizing family photos.

Years ago, my mother fell and was trapped between her bed and dresser for two days before we found her. We moved her into a semi-assisted living after that time and when we cleaned out her house, I found this marriage certificate but am fairly sure it isn't anyone in our family line. 

She would often help the elderly clean out their homes and I am guessing she found this certificate in something she acquired through that. I contacted my sister who is into the genealogy portion of family history and she gave me a number to the LDS Family History Center where they organize and digitize any historical document they can find. I wanted to donated it to the center so if someone did want dates on a wedding, they could have this information. 

I got a different number that is just for donations but I must have called on a busy day and was on hold for over an hour. I thought maybe I would just google the name and see what I could find. I found the woman's name on and it could be here but there were a few other with the same name and similar Illinois births. I called my sister to see if she could do a few searches of her genealogy sites she uses and see if she could find a contributor to those names and see if they would like the documentation if this is their direct relative. If you get onto the LDS genealogy sites or ancestry, there is a spot where the person that gave the historical information can put their name so that others working on the same history lines can contact them and they can compare documents and dates etc. 

I don't know that we will find them but it is like a big puzzle. There are also Family History Centers all over the world that the Mormon / LDS / Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will help anyone search for their family names. The workers are volunteers and are trained in the best way to find names and people so if you ever want to know more on your family lines, just search for "family history center and your state or town" online and you can find the one nearest you. Most of the stuff is online now and you can just get into the site and start searching. There are some easy to follow and short family history tutorials on youtube that can help with this. 

This is an introduction video on a channel who has a "5 Minute Family Search" channel you can link to here. She gives short video tutorials (five minutes or less) on the program, how to do specific things, how to set up an account and has about 250 videos on everything you need to know. Even if you aren't looking to get into it super deep, it is just fun to search your immediate information and correct things if they are wrong etc. 

If you have a family member that has passed away, I know they would love to have the information that many would just throw away such as birth, death, and marriage certificates and you can upload audio files and video along with pictures attached to family members now so you can share items with others in the same line that may have been lost otherwise. 

So, if you have information on anyone that you aren't going to keep, watch the video and get the information on how to donate the information. Also, you may want to get on and just upload your own information and your family information along with current pictures so that if your kids or grandchildren ever need dates for things, they can just get online and find it. I know my sister gets tired of everyone calling her for dates and information for kids reports etc. This way, everyone can find it at their fingertips. 

Ok, more news. Stupid that in the video I didn't notice it was an Illinois State issued certificate. lol Then, I contacted my sister and she found a name of someone online that posted the information on this wedding online genealogy site and I emailed the person offering them the original certificate as I thought it would be cute framed with a wedding picture of them. 

Have a Family oriented Blessed Day! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Gratitude Story About the Yard Sale - Blessed Days

I shared a bit about my yard sale last weekend. I shared about my swollen feet, and blisters, and cracked heels. But, I really wanted to share with you my blessings as there were so many. 

The fact that I had the energy to do the yard sale at all is amazing. I was by myself and to take that on is huge. Most of the stuff weren't things I wanted, it was eBay stuff that I sold 20 years ago while I was married. I hadn't seen what was in the boxes for so long that people kept asking me what was in the boxes and I couldn't tell them so I told them to come back later and I would continue putting stuff out and so people came back and brought others and I had lots of repeat customers. 

I didn't put it in the paper and I put an add on the radio for my neighbor and I for Saturday but also didn't put it in the yard sale sites online. I said a prayer and printed up some signs and just put the bright signs around town for about 20 minutes and by the time I got home Friday morning, after putting up the signs, I had already had three people come and go. There was a guy there when I got back and my sweet neighbor sent her son out to watch my stuff for me. 

I had people all day with a little break in the middle of the day and then put it on a yard sale site and I had people sorting through the jewelry until after dark on Friday. I made over $800 on Friday and I didn't have any large items. I did sell a bunch of baseball cards for $75 and a new dehydrator for $50 and a projector for $50 and a set of skis, boots and poles for $50. Most of the rest of the stuff I sold for what I paid for it so I was SO grateful to have made that much. 

On Saturday, I had a neighbor having a sale one  street down and he said he would send people my way as he had his in the paper and I didn't. I sent people his way that saw my signs and put up a big sign sending them down to his house. I  went until about 2 p.m. and I made over $500 on Saturday! 

I couldn't believe that with all boxed items I could make so much and all the stuff that normally sells at my sales didn't sell. The clothes that were really cute didn't go because I didn't have time to fold them. At one point on Saturday, I started folding them and all these women then bought some clothes but I only folded about 20 items before it got to the point I couldn't fold anymore so I took all the clothes which many still had tags on them to the women shelter. 

We took two loads to a second hand store and I had a woman come at the end telling me about a lady that just left her abusive husband and has five kids nearly the same age as my children when I went through my divorce from an abusive husband. I gave her several things I wasn't going to sell but things I felt the family needed and also many of the household decorations including curtains. I also gave her a full matching bedding set and curtains that matched which I was surprised didn't sell as it was really nice and cotton. 

I had a friend come at the end and offer to take thing to the second hand store for me and he took a table and the massage chair to her house and then I filled the woman's car twice with dishes, pans, lamps, decorations, etc. I was SO grateful to be able to help someone in need and I TOTALLY understand where she is in her life. Her baby is 2 and mine was 2 and in diapers when I went through my divorce. The stories are so similar that it made me believe that God gives us experiences to be compassionate to others when they go through something similar. 

I made over $1350 in two days and helped many others with donated items and was able to clean out my garage and I still have many boxes that are now labeled with items that I looked up and can sell for well over what I could have gotten at a yard sale so I hope that I can get myself organized and put them online as I could use some funds to help pay for Princess Five's mission! 

I was SO blessed with a few dear friends that came over and helped just when I needed it. Melissa came and helped me pull out all my kids totes to get to the eBay stuff and then helped me pull out the tables and the boxes. Michelle came over and helped set some items out and brought me a shake knowing I couldn't leave my post as it was so busy. I also got a potty break thanks to her on Saturday. Greg helped take loads to donate in his truck and also the table and chair to the single mom. Princess Five showed up at the end to help me clean up after a full days work in another town, she drove the distance to help me sort, box and donate it all. Princess Four also helped the week before going through her stored stuff and helping me pull out boxes for the sale that were stuff the girls donated that were in the house. 

It was a great two days but it did take me a week for my feet swelling to go down, the blisters to heal and I still am fighting with one cracked heel but most of it is all better! I feel so blessed to have made so much on such little stuff. It was a blessing to have had that stuff stored in a way.... I still have stuff to go through and things to get rid of but things are getting better all the time! I am so grateful I am starting to have energy again! 

Have a Blessed day!