Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I Have No More Gall - Bladder That Is

Princess Two got up super early with me today and took me in to get my gall bladder removed.
We arrived right on time and got ready quite quickly. Everyone was so super and there were small miracles along the way that let me know God was watching over me.  
One of my good friends is an OR nurse and he is the one I call when I am going to a party and don't want to go alone. He said he would "take good care of me." and he did. 

The surgeon is the same one that did Princess Two's gallbladder surgery after she came home sick from her mission. Here is a link to that post. It was exactly four years ago this very week. 

I wrote a letter to the Pathologist explaining the rare parasite and hoped he could see if here were any living in the gallbladder that could explain my yellow eyes. 
The Dr. sent up half in saline and half in preservative just to give the Pathologist something "living" to look at if there are any in there. 

When getting ready for the operation, a nurse came in with a nurse in training and he introduced her but as you can imagine, I was nervous and tired so I didn't really listen to her name. 
He was charting on the computer and asked her how to spell her name and when she spelled it out, it hit me. She had the name of the woman in my "parasite" dream. The same dream where the lab guy I knew helped diagnose the parasite. 
That part had already come true as that lab worker was the one I gave the 8 inch parasite to that was finally diagnosed and I hadn't worked with him before that for the parasite. In the end of the dream, a lady (with this name) walked up to me.I was standing at the front of the hospital. She had something to do with getting more information on the parasites.
I looked at Princess Two and we were in awe at this event. Just then, the anesthesiologist walks in and shakes my daughters hand and talked to her like he knew her. I guess on Sunday, they met and talked as they were both talking to a mutual friend after Princess Five had a choir performance!
He knew where she worked and they visited for some time. He then introduced himself to me and told me that his brother had purchased my dear friend Ruth's husband's Eye Care business when they both died tragically in a car accident in NZ last year. Click here for a post about that.
I shared that my cousin happened to purchase the home of his brother who sold it to come and purchase the eye care business here! He knew my cousin and his family. It is such a small world!   

I did well in the surgery and my gallbladder looked fine which was good and bad as it may not be the cause of my problems then but good that the surgery went fine and hopefully I can start feeling better. I has nausea and lost my "coke" before getting some great anti-nausea IV drugs that made me loopy as anything. 

Throwing up my pain pill made it hard to get anything down and to control the pain until they got me something for the nausea and then re-administered my pain medication.

After that, I was great. I did have a horrible time breathing with the anesthesia until it wore off. I struggled lots for air and every time I would fall asleep, my O2 sats would plummet into the 70's. Princess Four was worried as when I got to the floor, I was blue and my lips were blue. She was concerned until I got some oxygen on and did some deep breathing but because I was struggling for air, I wouldn't let them give me anymore pain medication because I couldn't breath so I think that is why the pain got away from me causing the nausea. 

Once home, I am doing great. Not in much pain. Played a game with the girls and we watched a movie before bed. I took a 2 hour nap before that and ate as well. I am really feeling good so I think all the prayers and concern paid off! Thank you all for your prayers in my behalf. I continue to pray I have a quick recovery and feel better and that the pathologist can find something of worth in the end with all I have gone through, it would be nice to help others who are suffering as well.

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