Tuesday, November 8, 2016

50's Dance Will Rock and Roll

Princess Five is going to a fifties dance coming up that is girls choice. 

She wanted to ask someone and go because the school hasn't ever done a "sock hop" type dance before. She has been asking them to do it for sometime and was super excited when they chose to do that for their theme. 

Princess Five thought that since it was a 50's theme she wanted to ask her date in a fun way that related to the theme. She thought on it some and came up with a really cute idea. 

She made a poster and put rocks on it and bought a sushi roll and said, "Lets Rock and Roll at TWIRP" and delivered it. She knew he liked sushi and wanted a "Rock and Roll" theme so I thought she was really creative. 

She was really happy with his reply. He brought a boulder to our front yard and put it there with a note and a sushi roll. It said, "I'll see your sushi and raise you a rock and yes to twirp."

She thought it was a great way to get answered and she shared the roll with us and we enjoyed her sushi. 

I'll have to let you know how it goes for her. We are picking out some fun costumes.   

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