Friday, November 25, 2016

Not Exactly Thanksgiving Tradition Part 2 - Mowing the Lawn

After yesterdays post, I figured my weird Thanksgiving day posts were over, back to the normal. Today was anything but normal. It was a very sunny day which was nice as I have been having a storm or pressure headache nearly daily for 1 1/2 weeks now. 
I had someone mowing my lawn this year due to Princess Five's accident. She couldn't mow it, I have been fighting the headaches, gallbladder issues, thyroid issues, and the fatigue from the parasites along with being super busy with my mom, her death blah blah blah. 

I was SO grateful when "someone" paid to have my lawn mowed for the year. The people that mowed it did such an amazing job, my yard hasn't looked that good in years! Of course they stop mowing in September but actually did come in October when I shared that Princess Four was having her farewell. 
I looked out the window and the leaves finally had fallen from the "big tree" and I don't know why they take so long to fall but I have this problem every year that they don't fall until it snows and then I have a blanket of snow over the leaves, making them wet, then they make a mushy blanket and I have to rake very heavy leaves. 

When I looked out and noticed they weren't really "wet" yet, I asked Princess Three to help me mow them up as raking them takes forever and one year I hurt my shoulder and it hasn't been the same since. Since the mower hadn't been used all year, she couldn't get it started. I went out and got it going and it was so nice out, I mowed the lawn and it was still nice out so I sprayed some dandelions that were as yellow and fresh as on a spring or summers day. 

I can say that I have never mowed the lawn on Thanksgiving before. That is a first. As I mowed, I was listing all the things in my head that I am grateful for and there are so many things. I appreciate living in a free land, having a yard, having a working mower, not having had to mow all summer, being healthy enough to mow etc etc. 

I gave thanks for so many things today, but to me, it seemed like any other day as I am always listing what I am grateful for or saying "prayers" of gratitude.

The girls and I didn't do that traditional meal but did have some of the favorites from the day. 

We put up the tree with minimal ornaments as Grand-Princess and Prince are coming for Christmas so we put out our "kid" friendly stuffed animals and books so she can feel free to explore them. 

We put out the stockings as we will have almost everyone home for Christmas. Princess Four will of course not be joining us as she is on her mission but I have a stocking and gifts in a bag ready to send to her for the holiday. 

I bought a "turkey breast" but was sorely disappointed when it was 1/4 fat and for the price, I could have bought an entire turkey but thought the clean up would be easier with me heading out of town and then Surgery on Monday. I also didn't want to deal with leftover food I probably won't be able to eat for a week or two. 

I  loved having the girls here and getting to play some games and enjoyed them singing carols while playing the guitar and ukulele. They sounded so good but didn't want me to video tape them because they didn't get "ready" to go out but said they would let me video tape them tomorrow so hopefully that will happen with them getting ready to head home.  
My blog post may not be exciting on Monday or all week depending on how well the surgery goes. Wish me luck! I hope I don't need it but would appreciate it if you would keep me in your prayers! 

I hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and am sorry that I didn't post my original post where I wanted to give gratitude for you all. Hopefully, I can do that soon but please know I am grateful for everyone of you!       

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